New Age Of Summoners Chapter 224

212 Hope

"What is that technique?" one of the two masked disciples asked the other one.

"Don't know. But it sure looks powerful," The later one replied.

After that, they didn't talk anything and simply observed their vice-captain of the team.


As soon as he transformed into a 4-meter monster, Erick rushed at the Paulin and Ajax to tear them into pieces.

Ajax and Paulin looked at each other first and nodded their heads and rushed towards the incoming monster.

Paulin saw Ajax drink some potion, and after that, his strength increased tremendously, so he quickly related the potion to the strength potion.

However, he was surprised to see the increment in Ajax's strength.

A normal strength potion would not increase the strength of the consumer by that many realms, only a high level one could increase that much strength.

So, he was wondering from where did Ajax get that high-level strength potion.

But, he didn't think much about it as there was a much bigger problem right now.

Behind paulin, his elemental spirit, Glacious also rushed just like Slait who was running behind Ajax to attack the monster.

Ajax didn't use his Abyssal bloodline as he wanted to see whether his present skills were sufficient to kill the beast transformed from the human.

Moreover, he doesn't want to use the bloodline for every simple fight as it may turn insane from overusing the Abyssal bloodline.

Nevertheless, he wanted to use it only it was of utmost importance.



Soon they reached the beast and attacked it from either side.

Ajax took the left side, whereas Paulin took the right side of the beast.


Even though the beast was four meters in height, it's speed was very fast as it was easily able to defend from Ajax and Paulin's attack.

"Its body is very tough," Paulin said seriously after dodging the beast's hand.

After attacking for some time, they finally saw a problem as they were unable to make any wounds on the beast.

"Hahaha, After transforming into a beast, I may not be able to use any of my skills but my body becomes more sturdy and tough. Normals weapon can't do any damage to mu beast body," Erick laughed as he waved his hands to attack Paulin and Ajax.

"Really, let's see," Ajax stopped for a moment before taking out his bloodlust spear from the inventory.

"Huh?So, is the red spear a heaven grade weapon, Haha" Erick looked at Ajax in surprise for a moment, but after seeing the spear in his hand, he started laughing.

"Huh?" Ajax was puzzled at the beast before looking at the red spear in his hand.


Item name:- Bloodlust spear

Grade:-Low-level Heaven grade

After checking that it was a low-level Heaven grade spear, Ajax nodded his head and looked the beast in front of him and shook his head.

With the bloodlust spear in his hands, Ajax felt something he never felt before.

'It's like the spear is the extension of my hand,' Ajax like the feeling and rushed at the beast which was still laughing at him for taking out the bloodlust spear.

When Erick, who was in the beast form saw that Ajax was running at him with the red spear, he had a mocking expression on his beast face as though he didn't believe that the spear was powerful.

Still, he didn't take it lightly. He used his sturdy hand to catch Ajax, but he was unable to catch the Ajax who was using his level 2 cloud steps.

Ajax dodged all the attacks of the beast and reached very close to it and pierced the beast in the chest with his bloodlust spear.

He didn't forget to use his level 2 spear dao that could increase his piercing power by 30 percent.

As soon as the spear touched the chest of the beast, the spear started penetrating slowly into its chest.



However, before it could go any deeper, the beast waved its hand and slammed Ajax into a tree.

'Cough cough.'

Ajax stood up form the ground and coughed a mouthful of blood.

"Ajax, are you okay?"

Paulin asked Ajax worriedly.

Although he was surprised by every action of the Ajax, he got used to it by now and didn't ask anything to Ajax.

Nevertheless, he still cared for Ajax and asked about his health when he saw him coughing blood.

"I am good. Senior brother, could you manage him for some time alone?" Ajax asked Paulin after wiping his blood from his chin.


After saying that Paulin turned toward Erick and started attacking him along with Glacious and Slait.

"Necros, continue to help the senior brother Paulin from the shadows and Volcanis, ready to show yourself if he is any danger," Ajax ordered his elemental spirits who were hiding in the distance.

"Yes, summoning master," they both replied to their spirit contract.

'System, use the level-up energy orbs,'

After giving all his orders, he asked the system to use the energy orbs to increase his cultivation.

He didn't want to waste any more time and wanted to increase his cultivation even more before using the Abyssal bloodline.

Even though Abyssal bloodline could increase the levels of all the elemental spirits and spirit beasts, he was contracted with; he felt that they would be no use against that sturdy beast.

So, he chose this route to increase his strength quickly.


The host can't use the energy orbs presently.

"What? Why can't I use it?" Ajax was shocked and hurriedly asked as he saw that Paulin was barely managing himself against the 4-meter beast.


Since the host is under two boosts already, its impossible to use any energy orbs to increase his cultivation.

"Damn it," Ajax cursed himself for overestimating himself and was losing hope.

'Master, I just entered into the cursed Abyss. Please hang in there. I will reach soon,'

Just as he was about to lose his hope, he heard his first follower's voice and became excited.

Along with the hope, he got another idea which made him even more excited.

'If this bloodlust spear was a little more powerful, along with my spear dao, I can easily kill that beast before my two strength boosts disappear,' Ajax thought about the reason why his bloodlust spear was unable to pierce the body of the beast earlier.

So he got an idea of increasing the grade of the spear so that he could kill the beast.

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