New Age Of Summoners Chapter 223

211 Beast Transformation


In return to Erick's anger, Paulin laughed loudly looking at the injured assassin.

"Thanks Ajax for your help,"

Paulin turned to Ajax and thanked him.

When Paulin and Erick were fighting, Ajax was not standing idle, but he was helping Paulin by ordering Slait to create sand dunes to distract Erick.

After repeated sand dunes, Erick was finally distracted by a sand dune, and at that particular time, Paulin pierced his sword into Erick's hand.

"No problem," Ajax replied with a smile and looked at the angry Erick who took out a dazzling dagger.


Item name:- Killer dagger

Grade:-Peak earth grade

Soon, he got the system notification about the dagger in Erick's hands.

"Senior brother, be careful with that dagger," Ajax alert Paulin about the dagger.

Paulin nodded his head and looked at Erick.

"Now, die," Erick didn't waste any time as he rushed at Paulin to kill.

Now, he didn't want to play with him anymore and wanted to finish him quickly.

"Come," Paulin also didn't back down as he rushed at him with the sword in his hands.

Even though Paulin didn't have full confidence in killing Erick, he felt he had a small chance of winning if he plays his cards right.

So he didn't back down.

'I should help him,' Ajax felt uneasy when he saw Paulin rushing at Erick and thought about helping him.

'Necros, use your confuse ray when Erick attacks Paulin, do you understand?' Ajax suddenly thought of an idea and ordered Necros.

'Yes, summoning master,' Necros replied.

'Vocanis, be ready to help in anything uncertain happens,' Next, he ordered Volcanis.

Volcanic nodded his head in agreement.

"Come on Slait," Ajax ordered Slait to follow him to attack Erick.

As soon as he heard Ajax's order, Slait used his latest skill, Earth Clone, and rushed after Ajax.

"Finally, it's time to use the strength potion," Ajax took out the level 1 strength potion which he thought would be enough for facing Erick.



He quickly broke the top of the bottle and gulped the entire strength potion.

As soon as the strength potion entered into him, he felt a burning sensation, and it spread all over his body, making him feel light and sharp pain which subsided after a few seconds.

After the pain subsided, his strength started to rise once again.


His strength increment to the general realm took a few seconds, and finally, he entered into the Elite commander realm.

After that, his breakthroughs became easy and fast as he reached level 5 of the elite commander realm.

"Huh? Good," Ajax was shocked at the increment and felt satisfied as he rushed at Erick.


Just as Paulin and Erick were about to use their weapons against each other, a small dark light ray entered into Erick that made him pause his attack, but Paulin used that chance to cut his uninjured hand.

When Paulin slashed his sword with level 2 sword dao, the sword cut his hand just like tofu. There was no resistance from Erick's body when he cut through his hand.


After coming out of his daze, Erick loudly shouted as he felt great pain when his hand was detached from his body.


Some distance away from the fight,

"Eldest brother, that Pysho started his usual painful screams once again," Zak said to the Eldest brother with a small smile on his face.

"He is becoming more and more savage lately," Braylon shook his head at his youngest brother.

"Let him do his thing, we will do ours," Braylon said to other masked disciples after shaking his head.

"Yes, Eldest brother, However, two spirit cheetahs are trying to hunt a golden bear king. It's funny to watch, right?" one of the masked disciples said with a cunning smile.

"You mean that dead spirit cheetahs?" Braylon pointed his fingers to the minced spirit cheetahs bodies beside the golden bear king and said.


The masked disciple who was talking before got shocked by the scene he saw in front of him.

The two spirit cheetahs that were very aggressive earlier were slammed to death by the golden bear king and became flat.

Whereas the golden bear king was resting on the ground with a weak look on its face.

"Don't underestimate a near-death spirit beast, Haha" the Eldest brother, Braylon advised his teammates.

"Yes, Eldest brother,"

All of the masked disciples nodded their heads.

"Now, let's move and finish this golden bear king with our usual strategy," Braylon ordered as he moved towards the mid-level rank 4 spirit beast.

Soon, all the masked disciples rushed behind Braylon.


The two shadows that were following Erick reached the area where the fighting was going on between Erick and Paulin.

"Is it necessary for us to go and save him. Let that b*stard die, then we will finish them," one of the masked disciples said to another one.

"Let him suffer some time and use all his trump cards, then we will save him, hehe" the later masked disciple replied, seeing the injured Erick who was howling in pain.

"Hahaha," The first masked disciple laughed in reply.

Although they were from the same hall and in the same team, there was always some friction among them.

Erick was the one who had many arguments with his fellow teammates that made the other teammates take revenge on him someday.

Finally, the day came where he was suffering, and they were enjoying it.

Nevertheless, they didn't want him to die as they were his back-up. If he were to die, then they would be punished by the sect. So they just wanted to let him suffer for some time.



"Damn you brats, I will... I will....,"

Erect became very angry that he was unable to continue his sentence.

He suddenly stopped for a moment and calmed himself.

After calming himself, he closed his eyes and muttered something.

Soon his body started becoming bigger, and hair started to grow all over his body.

"What the hell!"

Ajax stopped his rushing and shouted, looking at the human transforming into a beast.

Paulin also jumped backwards increasing the distance between him and the Erick and observed the beast.

A new hand came out of the previously missing hand, but the new hand matched the growing beast body.

"Hahaha, now I will tear you into pieces before eating you," Erick's body grew to 4 meters before stopping.

Moreover, he said to Ajax and Paulin that he would tear them into pieces while laughing at them.

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