New Age Of Summoners Chapter 222

210 Paulins True Skill

"You run Ajax, I will cover for you,"

Even though his voice was cold, there was still a smile on Paulin's face when he said those words to Ajax.

Ajax felt something in his heart when he heard those words.

'Isn't it the scenario where I acted like him for my friends and wanted to sacrifice my life,' he felt warm in his heart thinking back to the same scene which happened a few months.

'However, here someone was willing to give up their life for me,' Ajax stopped asking Paulin any questions and stood beside him as though he was ready to face the enemy.

Ajax knew that Paulin would not back down now, so he wanted to help his senior brother that he met only a few months back and became more like a blood brother.

'If I used all my trumps cards, I can definitely defeat him alone,'

Previously Ajax didn't bother to use his trumps cards because he knew that there were many shadows at that time.

However, now he only sensed one masked disciple of the assassin sect.

"Yor leave Ajax, I will kill him and meet up with you soon,"

When he saw that Ajax also stopped running and wanted to fight beside him, he smiled a little and said.

"No, senior brother Paulin, you and I will take him out before we run once again. What do you say?" Ajax asked with a big smile on his face making Paulin also smile.

"Sure, let's kill this assassin sect b*stard," Paulin didn't say Ajax to run any longer as he also knew what kind of person Ajax was and he would not kill him even if he said.

"Hahaha, What happened? Why stopped all of a sudden?" Erick laughed as he looked at Ajax and Paulin, who stood in a fighting stance.

"Can't you run some more?" Erick asked them before continuing, "No problem, I will finish you quickly and join my team, Hahaha."

As soon as he finished his words, he laughed loudly and rushed at them.

"Ajax, summon your elemental spirit," Paulin said to Ajax before summoning his elemental spirit, Glacious.

Ajax also summoned his earth elemental spirit, Slait who had recently broken through to the level 4 elemental spirit commander.

As soon as the two elemental spirits appeared beside them, they used their defensive skills to block the incoming assassin attack.

Slait used level 3 Earth shield whereas Glacious used his level 2 Water/ice shield.

When Erick saw the elemental spirits, he was a little surprised.

According to the information they got, he already knew that they had elemental spirits, but there was no information about the strength of Elemental spirits. So when he saw the elemental spirit commander level elemental spirits, he was surprised.

"Defending my attack with the elemental spirit commander realm strength? Hahaha"

Nevertheless, he was not worried about them as he rushed at them while laughing.



As soon as he attacked the shield, he was blasted away by the impact and slammed into a tree.

'What a powerful skill,'

Erick stood up from the ground and started laughing, looking at the level 3 Earth shield that blasted him away.

"Ajax, cover me,"

Paulin asked Ajax and made some mysterious signs with his fingers and touched Ajax and others before running towards Erick.

As soon as Paulin touched him, Ajax felt a mysterious power was building inside him, and his strength increased one minor realm after another with insane speed.

Not only his strength but Slait's strength also increased at a visible speed.

It only took a few seconds before his increment in the strength stopped along with Slait and others.

Soon, he checked his strength which had stopped at the peak level 10 commander realm along with Slait who also had the same cultivation level as him.

As for Paulin and Glacious' strengths, they were successfully broken through to the elite commander realm.

'So, he went easy on me in the weekly spar,' he was shocked at the trump card of Paulin which could boost not only his own strength but also others.

When he saw the increments in Ajax and others, Erick felt fear in his heart.

However, when the increment stopped so quickly, he felt relieved.

"So, Hawkpelt family is still alive. Your head will give me another reward, Hahaha" Erick said with laughter as he looked at Paulin.

"For that, you should get out of here alive," Paulin took the sword from Glacious and rushed at Erick with his boosted elite commander realm strength.

"You are overestimating yourself Hawkfelt boy," Erick became angry.

The reason for his anger was until now there was not a single prey, he chose tried to attack him.

However, now his prey not only stopped running but also attacking him.


Paulin didn't bother with his words and continued rushing at him and slashed with the transparent sword in his hand.

Erick casually stopped the incoming sword with his dagger.


A crack appeared on the dagger before it shattered into pieces.

"Huh?" the assassin quickly dodgedwhen he saw the sword shattered his daggers with ease and said, "A level 2 sword dao?"

He quickly found how his sword could exhibit an abnormal strength and even broke his dagger.

Only a weapon dao could destroy another weapon which had greater strength than itself.

'Interesting, very interesting,' the previous anger tuned into excitement as he saw his prey was stronger than he thought.

However, Paulin didn't give any time and rushed at him with his sword slashing.

He acted this way because the boost could only last for some time, so he wanted to finish the fight quickly.

Erick didn't attack Paulin as he wanted to see the despair in his eyes before killing him.

'I will let you attack and feel the despair, hehe,' Erick laughed cunningly as his usual.

Whenever he kills his prey or target, he would make them feel utter despair and then kill them.

Now he wanted to use the same method despite his Eldest brother warning.


As he continued dodging one sword slash another, he was unable to dodge one attack which was pierced through his hand.



Paulin spun the pierced sword, which made Erick feel even more pain that made him shout loudly.

"You pest, I will kill you,"

Erick's excitement again turned into anger as he took out a dagger from his space ring, which was giving a dazzling light.

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