New Age Of Summoners Chapter 221

209 Erick

"Eldest brother Braylon, he is alone. Just let me finish this mission," the second strongest masked disciple from the ten-member unit asked Braylon.

"Okay. But don't play with him too long we have another mission to finish," Braylon nodded his head and agreed to Erick's suggestion.

"Thank you," Erick excitedly ran towards Ajax in an intent to slowly kill him unlike killing him in a single strike.

Although Erick had the strength of the peak level 10 elite commander realm strength, he doesn't want to kill anyone with a single slash; instead, he liked playing with his targets.

So, Braylon already advised him not to play long and finish it soon.

Nevertheless, Erick had some psychopathic mentality that playing with the weak targets until they beg him to kill them.

'They look like disciples from the assassin sect,' Ajax eyes turned bloodshed just thinking about that name.

'I didn't even settle my previous grudges with you but you are making me even angry with your assassinations,' With each passing second, he was turning insane slowly.

'Calm down, think before you act. Don't let your revenge control you. You control it,' As he was becoming bloodthirsty for revenge, a familiar voice sounded in his head, turning him into a sane person.

'Offffuu,' Ajax finally calmed down after hearing the familiar old voice and thanked it, but as usual, there was no reply from it.

As he turned back into a sane person, he observed that all the shadows stopped moving except for one shadow, who was still rushing towards him.


Name:- Errick

Strength:- Peak level 10 elite commander realm soldier.


Ajax was shocked to see the strength of the incoming assassin as he didn't expect that the assassin sect would send someone this powerful to kill a commander realm cultivator.

He quickly became alert and turned around to escape without hesitation.

He used his level 2 cloud steps and ran towards Paulin, who was fighting the spirit cheetahs.

"What the heck?"

Erick, who was rushing towards him was shocked that a commander realm soldier's speed was that fast.

However, he was not dejected at the fleeing Ajax; instead; he became excited as he felt great inside him and increased his speed to follow Ajax.

"Eldest brother, that boy starting running after seeing Erick. I think Erick wants to play this long. I suggest we go and kill that Golden bear king," Zak suggested Braylon tot kill the bear.

"You want its bloodline to breakthrough to the general realm, right? Sure,"Braylon nodded his head and continued, "However, I feel uncertain leaving a top mission in the hands of that Pyscho Erick."

"You two keep an eye on the Erick and Ajax. Rest of you follow me," Braylon ordered two masked disciples as a back for Erick and left with the rest of the masked disciples.

Everyone from the ten-member unit had a strength of level 10 elite commander realm, and some had a peak level 10 elite commander realm strength.

And the most powerful one among them, their leader, Braylon with the level 1 general realm strength.

So, Braylon thought, one peak level 10 elite commander and two level 10 elite commanders were enough to deal a level 4 commander realm kid.

'I should alert senior brother Paulin quickly,' Ajax thought as he ran towards Paulin.

Amidst his running, he slowly summoned his two strongest elemental spirits, who came out from the inner world in their human forms.

Soon, a demonic young man and a middle-aged man appeared in the distance as per his orders and secretly followed Ajax.

A demonic young man was the human form of Necros whereas the other one was Volcanis with a sword in his hand.

After cultivating for the past few days in the level 2 elemental paradise Necros had multiple breakthroughs and reached the peak level 10 of the Elemental spirit commander realm.

As for Volcanis, who didn't have any cultivation paradise only broke through to level 8 of the elemental spirit commander.

'Not bad, not bad,' Ajax nodded his head after checking their cultivation with a simple glance.

'However, it's still difficult to defeat him,' Ajax sighed as he continued muttering, 'Only if Darbaudr comes here on time, then I don't have to worry about these bunch of assassins.'

The first thing he did after he started his running was to contact his first follower, the Barbarian hunter Darbaudr to his rescue.

After he finished his official contract, his spirit cultivation was unlocked to elemental spirit commander and brought him an upgrade in some of his skills and a new skill that related to spirit cultivation which he thought was not much use before, but now he knew the true value of that skill.

The new skill was spirit contact. As long as he placed his spirit mark on anyone, he could contact them from any distance he wants.

However, there was a condition that it couldn't be used if he was trapped in some kind of barrier.

'But I think, he will take at least a few hours to come here. I should run towards the exit of the Cursed wilderness in order to minimize the distance between us,' Ajax planned as he ran towards Paulin.

"Senior brother Paulin, let's run,"

Soon he reached Paulin and alerted him.

Before Paulin could know what was happening, Ajax caught him and dragged Paulin along with him towards the exit of the cursed wilderness.

Paulin was ready to fight the spirit cheetahs didn't understand anything but started running with Ajax.

"Ajax, what is happening?" as he ran, Paulin asked Ajax.

"That damn assassin sect is trying to assassinate me once again," Ajax slowly said while signalling Volcanis and Necros to maintain some distance, so that Paulin could not see them.

Although they were in human form, Ajax still wanted them to remain in the shadows.

"Again?" Paulin raised his brows as he asked coldly.

"Yes, senior brother, previously when I ...," Ajax started explaining all the events that happened when he came out for his first solo mission except some things which he thought were not necessary.

"Those damn sects," After hearing everything, Paulin felt his blood boiling with anger.

All of a sudden, he stopped and turned around to face the incoming assassin.

"Senior brother Paulin,what are you doing?"

There was still some distance between them and the incoming assassin, so Ajax stopped and asked Paulin anxiously.

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