New Age Of Summoners Chapter 220

208 Upgrading Elemental Paradise

The Golden bear king was resting peacefully under a tree without any fear from the spirit beasts in the outer section.

As though it had accepted its fate that it would die soon.

Slowly it was feeling its consciousness was fading with each passing second.

The spirit cheetahs that were in waiting became excited at the weak spirit beast in front of them.

In the spirit beasts world, when non-bloodline spirit beasts consume a spirit beast with bloodline in its body, there would be a chance of mutation or gaining a small amount of purified bloodline.

So, the two spirit cheetahs were clearly excited.

'Roar roar.'

After waiting for a few moments, the two spirit cheetahs jumped at the golden bear king while roaring at it.

Although it was the stupidest thing to do when they were getting a free spirit beast body with a bloodline, most spirit beasts don't like to eat a spirit beast that was killed by others.

Moreover, they wanted to kill that Golden bear king with their claws.

Even though the Golden bear king was weakened a lot, it easily sensed the presence of two spirit cheetahs long ago.

But it was not bothered by them as it doesn't have any strength to move from its position.

Seeing the spirit cheetahs that were coming to it, it waited for them to come near it and simply waved its huge bear paw.

Among the two spirit cheetahs, one was unable to dodge the huge paw and knocked away a few meters.

As for the other spirit cheetah, it successfully dodged the paw and bit on its wound.


Feeling the pain from the bite, the golden bear king roared loudly that made the surrounding spirit beasts shiver.

"Eldest brother, what is it? Just that roar alone is making me shiver" one of the masked disciples asked hearing the roar from afar.

"Even I felt some fear hearing the roar of that spirit beasts. I think that spirit beast was on its last leg. Shall we try to kill it?" the eldest brother, Braylon said in a cunning smile.

"If the eldest brother is with us we can even take a rank 5 spirit beast. I think the roar we just head was from the Golden bear king," Zak with his top scouting skills about to find the spirit beast.

"Really? Then we should not miss the chance to kill it," Erick, the second strongest in the team said excitedly and continued, "What is its strength."

"We are very far from the golden bear king, so I am unable to say it's exact strength. However, it has less than rank 5 strength, so we can overwhelm with numbers and take it down," Zak explained everything he saw to the rest of the team.

"Okay then, let's take it down after we kill our target," Braylon said after thinking for a moment.

"Yes, let's kill that Ajax brat and next focus on the Golden bear king," the rest of the squad agreed to Braylon's suggestion.

On the spirit crane's back,

"Ajax, let's do this," As soon as he said that Paulin rushed towards the fight between the spirit beasts while jumping from the spirit crane.

However, Ajax didn't move as he was thinking about the wound on the golden bear king and how to heal it.

He couldn't use his life elemental spirit 'Spirus' openly in front of Paulin, and even if he did,he had a feeling that Spirus' healing skills would not be able to heal the golden bear king.

'System, can water from the spring of life save the life of living beings?'

Suddenly he thought about something and asked the System.



But the System suggests the host not to use the spring of life directly.

"Huh?" Ajax was puzzled for a moment and asked, "Why?"


A single drop of water from the spring of life contains an enormous life elemental energy. If the host used it directly on anyone, they would explode from the life energy from the spring of life.

"So, should I dilute it?" Ajax asked after knowing the shocking fact of the spring of life's water.


Use the ten drops of spiring of life to upgrade the mini lightning elemental paradise.

The System sent another notification suggesting to improve the mini-lightning elemental paradise.

"What are the benefits I get after I upgrade it with all the spring of life water?" Ajax asked as he didn't want to waste his reward without knowing.


The host doesn't have the permissions to know the upgrade effects before knowing them.


However, the host would definitely like the upgrade.

"Okay then, but I don't have time to wait for very long. Also, there are already Snow and Cerauno, who were cultivating in it. Doesn't the upgrade affect them?" Ajax agreed after the System's words on the holographic screen.

But he said that he didn't have any time as he thought it would take a long time for the up-gradation of the mini-lightning pool and also aked about the Snow and Cerauno.


The upgrade doesn't affect them. Instead, they will receive a boost in their cultivation speed with the upgrade.


As soon as the host upgrades the lightning elemental paradise, he could use the water from it immediately.

"Okay, do it," Ajax thought it was a good deal to improve the elemental paradise in return for the overpowered water of spring of life.


Consuming the ten drops of spring of life's water.


Wait for a few seconds..


Congratulations to host for upgrading the Mini-lightning pool.


Please check the inner world for more details.

"Huh?" Ajax was surprised and muttered, "Done already?"

Even though the System said it would not take time, Ajax believed that it would take at least a few minutes.

However, the upgrade was completed in a few seconds.

'Let's check the upgraded effects of the lightning elemental paradise,' Ajax thought.

Just as he was about to check it, a shadow came at him from the ground with two sharp daggers in his hands.

Without wasting any time, he forced the spirit crane to dodge the incoming attack and ordered it to land on the ground.

So, the spirit crane landed Ajax on the ground and escaped without looking back.

"What the ..," Ajax was speechless at the spirit crane, but he didn't pay any heed to it as many shadows were coming at him from various directions.

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