New Age Of Summoners Chapter 22

19 Rewards

Soon Ajax found himself back at the bottom of cursed abyss which is full of death energy.

"Phew, that was the close one", When he was returned to the cursed wilderness in one piece, he heaved a sigh of relief.

But to his surprise, this death energy is not corroding his body anymore.

"May because I have death essence of energy in my spirit consciousness, this death energy is not harming me, instead, its helping my body to become strong and tough", Ajax guessed right. If he stays in this cursed abyss long enough his body can become stronger, albeit it will take many years for that.


Congratulations to host for completing the trial with in five hours.


Changing the original 'S' rating to 'SSS'.


Host is being reward with highest possible rewards due to his 'SSS' trial rating, please with a second.


Main reward for the trial :-

Making the temporary system permanent.

Now, user can use various features of the system. So, please activate the system guide to know more.

Soon, Ajax got the system notification in his head along with the holographic screen infront of him, notifying him about the increased rating in clearing the trial and the reward.

"what???, now will the system permanently stay in my head??, although Ajax looked disappointed but he was happy with it.

He was disappointed because he thought that he already have a system but now the notification said,it is now turned permanent.

But the notifications didn't stop, they flooded one after another continuously.


Additional rewards for the tasks:-

Task 1:- Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.


Reward:- Medium grade spirit jade.

Task 2:- Save three elemental spirits.


Reward:- Egg of a high grade beast.

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.


Reward:- Medium grade upgrade stone.

Note:- All material rewards will be sent to the inventory.

"Ajax only know that the egg of a high grade beast is very valuable but he didn't know anything about 'Medium grade spirit jade' and 'Medium grade upgrade stone'.

Before checking the task rewards he wanted to get familiar with the system features.

With that thought he said 'System guide', in his mind silently.


System guide is activated.

All the information regarding the system is directly injected in the host's mind.

Just after Ajax heard this notification, he felt his mind is flooded with information and he is unable to breath with made him gasp for air.

"Phew", Soon he was able to breath properly which made him relief.

" ho, so the system has various features such as User interface, inventory, Exchange platform, Library etc .... ", soon realization appear on his face.

"But only user interface and inventory are unlocked for me. As for other features they are still in gray colour with a locked symbol on them", Ajax know what these user interface and inventory does.

" User interface feature helps to look at my stats, whereas inventory helps me store things in it", Soon he checked his user interface feature first.


Name :- Ajax

race :- human

Body force :- 1600 jin(+320 jin)

Essence of nature :-1000 units

Body cultivation :- Not started yet

Note:- Based on the body force of user, he has the strength of level 2 soldier.

Spirit cultivation :- Not started yet

Note:- Based on the essence of nature stored in user's body, he has the strength of level 5 spirit soldier.

Number of elemental spirits :- 3

Equipped items

1) Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- low grade artifact (Evolvable)

Effect :- 20% increase in user's defence

Special Skill :- Summon of dead (level 2)

Special skill :- Summon of dead (level 2)

Description :- Helps the user to summon 2 undead soldiers. (Upgradable).

Number of Summons available :- 2.

rating :- Not bad

Description :- It is the final product of sigmis, many years of hardwork and research.

The holograhic screen infront of him displayed all the details of him and the items.

But he got puzzled about body cultivation and spirit cultivation.

Even system didn't say anything about them so he left that topic for future and changed to next feature as his said 'Inventory', in his mind.

Soon 25 equal squares in which some are filled with items and some are empty are appeared in the holograhic screen.

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