New Age Of Summoners Chapter 219

207 Eldest Brother Braylon


Congratulations to the host, fire and water dual elemental paradise is rewarded.


Do you wish to build the dual elemental paradise in the inner world?


As though he was expecting for the system notification, Ajax accepted without any delay.

The reason he accepted the never-returning cave mission in the first place was for this reward.

So, he excitedly replied to the system.


Construction of the fire and water dual elemental paradise is started.

Remaining time to build:- 71 hours 59 minutes

Soon he got another system notification informing about the construction.

"72 hours? Okay, not a problem," he nodded his head as he thought 72 hours would be finished in a flash.

'However, I don't have any water elemental spirits to use this dual elemental paradise to its fullest, sigh,'

Next, he thought about the dual elemental of the elemental paradise that system gave him and sighed.

"Ajax, why are you sighing?" Paulin asked Ajax when he saw Ajax sigh all of a sudden.

"Huh? Nothing senior brother Paulin,"

Coming out of his thoughts, Ajax shook his head and replied.

"Okay. Since we completed the never-returning cave mission, should we go for our other mission?"

Paulin nodded his head and asked about their next mission.

"Sure senior brother. But what should we say about the Never-returning cave when we submit the mission?"

Although they know about the never-returning cave, what should they say about it in the mercenary guild?

"Haha, we will simply say we never entered the never returning cave and how wants that 20000 spirit stones when we already got tremendous rewards from the cave,"

Paulin laughed at Ajax and said his plan about the never-returning cave.

From the never-returning cave, they each got a weapon soul along with level 2 weapon dao.

Also, not to mention the separate rewards they got from the Zaglanath.

When they got these many rewards, why would they announce it to the world that would only make them targeted by all the top organisations?

Ajax also didn't want to get into any trouble and pretty much satisfied with the rewards which he got from the system and nodded his head.

"Come let's go and search for the spirit cheetah's lair," Paulin said as he climbed the spirit crane which was busy gulping the spirit stones.

However, it didn't mind as Paulin already promised that he would give more spirit stones after they get down from it.

Soon Ajax also mounted the spirit crane and started searching for a possible location of the spirit cheetah's liar.

They moved outwards from the middle section and travelled towards the outer section.

According to the data in the mission, the spirt cheetah's lair was located in the outside section of the cursed wilderness.

In reality, the mission of collecting an egg was not hard. The reason it was being assigned a 'B' danger rating was due to the fact that the spirit cheetahs live in groups with most of the spirit cheetahs having rank 4 strength.

Nevertheless, Ajax and Paulin wanted to try and complete the mission.

With blood rushing fights, one could break through their limits and achieve higher strength.

"Look, isn't that the target we are looking?"

As they were moving towards the outer section of the cursed wilderness, a group of 10 masked men saw the flying a spirit crane with two people sitting on it back which was pointed by one of them.

"Good job, Zak. Come let's get the target and impress the first elder, Haha," the eldest disciples of the first elder motivated is fellow disciples.

"Yes, Eldest brother."

All the disciples of the discipline hall nodded their heads.

Without wasting any more time, the group of assassins ran in the direction of Ajax and Paulin.

These bunch of disciples were very frustrated at not finding Ajax as they were searching for more than 12 hours, and when they saw their target came to them, they were excited and followed it.


Ajax doesn't know that some of the assassin sect disciples were following them as he continued to chat with Paulin relaxedly.

They were discussing the rewards they had gained in the never-returning cave as they search for the spirit cheetah's lair.

"Look, senior brother, there are two spirit cheetahs there," Amidst their chat and search, Ajax found two spirit cheetahs that were focusing on their prey.

"Let's wait and follow them to their lair," Paulin suggested and looked at the spirit cheetahs to observe their strength.

Among the two spirit cheetahs, one had the strength of a peak rank 3 spirit beast whereas the other one had low-level rank 4 strength.

However, what surprised them most was the spirit cheetahs were eyeing a peak mid-level rank 4 spirit beast that looked like a bear.

"Why is a Golden bear king lurking in the outer section of the cursed wilderness?" Paulin was surprised at the huge bear the looked like a huge boulder.

Generally, a golden bear king lives in the middle section of the cursed wilderness as they have the strength greater than their original rank from their bloodline and a sturdy body.

So, Paulin was surprised to see it in the outer section of the cursed wilderness.

"Maybe it was injured in a fight," Ajax concluded looking at a single bloody on its abdomen.

"Yes, that might be the case. What do you think should we do Ajax?" Paulin asked Ajax with a smile on his face.

"Huh?" Ajax was puzzled at Paulin but said, "Let's help it."

The reason he said those words were not from the sympathy for the Golder bear king nor any hate towards the spirit cheetahs.

It was merely to tame a powerful spirit beast like Golder bear king who had a powerful bloodline in it.

For every spirit beast that had a king in their name, they would possess some kind of bloodline in their body that gives them some additional skills or effects.

So, Ajax said to help the Golden bear king to kept it as his tamed spirit beast.

"Hahaha, I know, you would say that. Let test our new Weapon Daos on those spirit cheetahs," Paulin laughed and prepared to help the Golden bear king.

However, he was not that reckless to openly enter into a fight between spirit beasts.

So, they waited in the distance for the fight to start before they could help the Golden bear king.

"Eldest brother, they stopped moving and flying at the same distance for a while now. Looks like they were doing something," one of the masked disciples who was following Ajax's team said to his eldest brother.

"Oh, good work Zak. Your scouting skills are really helping more and more recently, Haha," the eldest brother praised Zak for his skills and laughed.

"Thank you Eldest brother for your praise," the masked disciple who was called as Zak smiled sheepishly and felt proud.

"What should we do now, eldest brother Braylon," another disciple from the ten-member squad asked the eldest brother with his name as though they were close.

"Let's wait for some time Erick, and see what they are planning. Then we will start our attack," Braylon, the eldest among all the ten members said to the masked disciple named, Erick.

Although Ajax and Paulin were keeping an eye on the spirit beasts in front of him,what they didn't know was someone was already keeping their eyes on them and were ready to take their life.

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