New Age Of Summoners Chapter 216

204 Worst Reward

They guessed that the previous participant was their Captain Edmond, so they were excited to know about the result of the reward.

"Huh?" the blurry human figure looked at them with a frown and asked, "Why do you show interest in another person's reward?"

"Because we think, he is our Captain, Hehe," Ajax laughed as he replied.

"That Esmond or Edmond guy is your Captain?" He asked as he thought for a moment.

"Yes, his name is Edmond, not Esmond," Paulin replied to correct his Captain's name.

"Actually, he was the first one to surprise me in this Zrochester province before you. Not only did he complete the trial but he also became a summoner at the age of around 40," The blurry human figure nodded his head as he revealed about the previous participant in the trial.

"What? Captain Edmond was summoner?"

Both Ajax and Paulin were thunderstruck by the words of the Blurry human figure.

Although Ajax stayed with the Hazegroove mercenary squad for only a few weeks, he didn't expect that Edmond was a summoner.

Even the system didn't say about it.

So he was startled by the fact the Edmond was a summoner all along this time.

Paulin was taken aback by those words even more than Ajax as he stayed with Edmond for a few years now, and he still didn't know it.

"No need to worry. Although he became a summoner, he shouldn't say to anybody about it until a specific time. Even if he wanted to say, he can't say it, Keke," the black smoke figure slowly came out, revealing his face clearly.

He looked in his late twenties with a handsome face, an average build that was covered by a black robe.

There was no difference between him and an average human except for two horns that looked majestic, which added a devilish look to his handsome face.

"Why can't he say?"

Although they were surprised by the handsome face that was just revealed, Ajax asked about his doubt.

"Before taking a reward from me, there was vow you have to take in order to not reveal about anything this cave," the man with the majestic horns paused for a second and asked, "I know you have a doubt about why this trial can't be announced to the outside world right?"


Both of them asked with a confused expression on their faces.

In general, the one who creates the trial wants to know about their existence to the outside world.

So that many participants could come and complete it.

However, the complete opposite was happening here. So they asked to know why it was like that.

"This trial is only for fated ones," the handsome man's reply made them speechless.

For any trial ground or inheritance ground, it would take many years or many decades to get someone to enter if they were unknown to the outside world.

Many of the inheritance grounds would reveal themselves to be noticed by the outside world at some point in time so that they could get some participants.

However, in this trial ground, the participant should not reveal anything about the cave by swearing a vow.

Nevertheless, they stopped asking him any questions.

Soon, Ajax found a reward that he thought was useful for him.

"I want this," he pointed at the reward and asked the handsome man.

"Do you really want that? According to me, it was the worst reward among all those that were present in the list. Also, it was impossible for them to survive in Zrochester province. Even if they did, you would not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour, keke," the handsome man explained many disadvantages of the reward that Ajax chose.

"But still, I want them," Ajax was very stubborn in choosing the same reward even after he heard about it.

"Ok, here take this," the handsome man shook his head as he waved his hand.

A small bag and a gourd came out of the black smoke and landed in Ajax's hands.

"The small bag contains the seeds of 100 types of High-level alchemy herbs whereas the gourd contains 10 drops of water from the spring of life,"he explained after giving Ajax his rewards.

From the many items in the list, Ajax chose the reward 'Seeds of various high-level alchemy herbs and water from the spring of life that can be used to grow the seeds'.

As soon as he saw the reward, he chose this reward immediately.

For the time being, he did not lack anything.

For weapons, he had Bloodlust spear and the small inheritance sword. Cultivation techniques, spirit cultivation techniques, and he recently gained a sword technique, So he chose that reward.

With that seeds, he could create his own pills in the future.

However, the most important reason he chose that reward was to plant them in his inner world and get free passive essence of nature from the inner world.

As for the disadvantages that the handsome man said, that was not a problem for him as he could make them survive in his inner world, and no one would know where he was cultivating the high-level plants.

Since no one knows where he was cultivating the herbs, how could anyone attack him?

He felt satisfied with the reward because he could quickly become a high-level alchemist with all the high-level herbs, which were impossible to grow in the Zrochester Province since these plants need high purity of essence of nature.

Ajax quickly stored the two items into his inventory.

After settling Ajax's rewards, the handsome man turned towards Paulin to grant him his selected reward.

"You have to stay strong and should endure the pain when we start the forceful dream awakening. You know the process to contract the elemental spirit, right?" he advised Paulin to stay strong and asked a question at the end of the sentence.

"Yes," Paulin nodded his head.

"Good. You will enter the elemental spirit world in your spirit consciousness form, try to find an elemental spirit within 3 hours for you enter; otherwise, your spirit consciousness will receive a serious backlash. Do you understand what I am saying?" the handsome man explained about the process called Forceful dream awakening and the time limit for him to form a contract with an elemental spirit.

"Now, let's start," he placed his hands on Paulin's head, who sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.

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