New Age Of Summoners Chapter 215

203 Choosing Rewards

"So, you are saying that this spear had reached the legendary grade?" Ajax asked with a question mark on his face, which also had a hint of shock on it.

Just like artifacts, the weapons were also categorized into five grades. They were mortal, earth, heaven, legendary and Mythical.

With mortal grade being the least powerful and mythical level was the more powerful.

In Zrochester province, the appearance of heaven grade weapons would make a surprise as it was a very rare thing, and if it were a legendary grade weapon, a war would happen.

In the entire history of Zrochester province, only once a legendary weapon appeared, which caused a bloody war that cost many lives.

So, when he suddenly heard that the spear which entered into him reached a minimum of legendary grade, he was shocked and asked once again to confirm.


Yes, it reached a minimum legendary grade in its peak form.


Do you want to store it?

After the system confirmed the grade, it once again asked Ajax.

"Store it," Ajax confirmed to store the spear soul.

Although he was not sure about its particular use, he guessed that he could use it on the bloodlust spear.

As soon as he confirmed it, the spear soul in his spirit consciousness form was captured by some mysterious force and disappeared all of a sudden.


The spear soul was successfully captured and stored in the inventory.

'I should go out and check the particular use of it quickly,'

He wanted to check the uses of that spear soul but could not use the inventory feature when he was in the spirit consciousness form, so he thought to quickly exit his spirit consciousness.

'I expected my sword dao would reach level 2 first but spear dao overtook it,'

When he exited his spirit consciousness, Ajax thought about his sword dao that had peaked in level 1 and shook his head.

Nevertheless, he was happy with the level 2 spear dao.

"Congratulations boy, you have successfully passed the trial, Keke."

As soon as he came out of his spirit consciousness, Ajax heard the blurry human figure's voice with his ghostly laugh.

He already concluded that the never-returning cave was some kind of trial or inheritance ground when he was in his spirit consciousness and gained the rewards every time he destroyed a spear.

He didn't bother with the blurry figure and looked at Paulin, who was looking at him with a worried expression.

Seeing him wake up, Paulin's worried expression immediately turned into a happy as he already knew that Ajax gained something similar to what he gained,

"Congratulations, Ajax,"

So he was very happy for him and came towards him while congratulating him.

"Thank you and congratulations to you too, senior brother," Ajax thank and wished him the same.

Although they didn't say anything about rewards they gained from the trial, they could guess they were very good at their current stage.

Seeing them, congratulating each other and talking some non-sense like they were in some park, the blurry human figure scoffed at them and came towards them.

"Enough of your little chit-chat," the blurry figure shouted loudly.

However, they simply glanced at him and continued their discussions about the experiences in their spirit consciousness.

"So, you want no rewards for completing the trial,"

Since they were ignoring him, he used the word 'rewards' to get their attention.

As soon as they heard that, both Ajax and Paulin quickly turned their heads towards him without wasting any time.

"Keke," the blurry human figure's ghostly laugh resounded in the cave.

"Do you not want to know about this trial?" after laughing for a moment, the blurry figure asked him with a mysterious voice.

"Didn't you say that you will say about all the things after we comprehend the weapon markings on the wall?" instead of answering him, Ajax replied with a question of his own.

"I will start, Keke," the blurry human figure didn't act mysterious anymore and continued, "before that, I will show you a list of rewards pick anyone from the list."

After he finished his words, two scrolls came out from the black smoke that was surrounding the blurry human and hovered in front of Ajax and Paulin.

"What in the world am I seeing?"

Both Ajax and Paulin were shocked to see the rewards that were listed on the scroll.

They were shocked because there were many valuable items in the list that would raise turmoil if the word gets out about these rewards.

There were many martial techniques, weapons, pills, arrays, and many more. And what was more shocking was that all the items in the scroll were Heaven grade.

Seeing the list of items in the scroll, they felt they want all, but according to the blurry human figure, they could take only one.

So they suppressed their shock and carefully looked at the item they needed more for their current self.

"I want this,"

Soon, Paulin pointed at one of the rewards in the scroll and asked the blurry human figure.

"Huh? So you want to become a Summoner?" the blurry human figure didn't feel shocked nor surprised as he knew that becoming a summoner was a dream of many.

"However, there was no 100 percent guarantee that you could awaken your first official elemental spirit, Do you still want it?" the blurry human figure asked as he looked at Paulin to confirmed his reward.

The reward Paulin chose was 'A chance to become an official summoner.' So the blurry human figure asked and explained about the reward clearly.


Still, Paulin didn't hesitate and nodded his head as he confirmed his reward.

He didn't hesitate to choose the chance to become a summoner because he didn't want to regret his life thinking about it ever again in his life.

"Even if there is only a 1 percent chance I would have still chosen the same reward," Paulin said while smiling at the blurry figure.

"Why all the humans were like this. The previous participant also has chosen the same reward. Hey, brat what reward do you want?" the blurry human figure nodded his head Paulin and looked at Ajax to ask for his reward.

"The previous participant choose the same reward? What was the result then?" Both Ajax and Paulin hurriedly asked the blurry figure about the result of the previous participant and were excited to know that.

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