New Age Of Summoners Chapter 213

201 Paulins Sword Dao



Paulin swung his sword one slash after another continuously until he felt tired and stopped hitting it.

With each slash, something was forming in him, and it continued until he stopped.


As soon as he stopped his swinging, he froze for a moment as he felt his previously gained comprehension from the weapon marking increased all of a sudden, and with a 'Kacha' sound, he successfully entered the level 1 sword dao.

'Th..this is ..,' Paulin was speechless as he unknowingly entered into sword dao.


He started laughing all of a sudden and all his tiredness from the earlier swinging of his sword.

'Just hitting this sword made me enter the sword dao. What a miraculous thing it is!'

He was speechless for a second at how easily he gained the entry into the sword dao and praised the sword in mid-air.

As he looked at the sword hovering in the air, his eyes flashed with brilliance, took a Glacious sword, and started hitting it.

Who doesn't want a free comprehension into a particular weapon dao, when they could just get it by hitting that particular weapon.

So he didn't waste any time and started his swinging.

However, after each swing, he would stop and sense, gaining comprehension into his sword dao.

Despite the fact that he was getting a free comprehension into the sword doa, he didn't know who made it stop in mid-air.

But he didn't think about it and would not care about it either as he was looking at the juicy sword in front of him.

He soon gained level 1 sword dao to strike the sword that was still idle.

'I think my attack power increased by a small amount,' Although he could not precisely tell how much his attack power with the sword had increased, he felt the increase making him feel happy.

Like Ajax's sword dao, which was a fast type and would increase his attack power by 20 percent, Paulin gained the comprehension into the power type sword dao, which would increase his attack power by 20 percent.

Due to the increase in his attack power, he became excited, increased the number of attacks, and continuously slashed it.

After a few minutes of swinging and slashing, small cracks appeared on the sword along with the comprehension he was gaining with each strike was also increased.

When he made his sword dao to the medium grade level 1, the sword suddenly dodged his attack and flew a small distance away from him.

"What the heck!"

Paulin was shocked at the sudden movement from the sword and became alert.

Although he became alert, he didn't have his earlier fear as he had two reasons for that.

The first reason was that he gained a comprehension into the sword dao, which even reached middle-grade level 1.

And the second reason was that the sword was covered in cracks.

So, he was confident about winning against the transparent sword this time.

He didn't give it any time as he rushed after the sword that was just moved away from him and slashed it.

However, Paulin underestimated the cracked sword a little bit.

The sword suddenly rushed at him with lightning speed. In return, Paulin used his sword to attack as his sword dao was about attack power, so he wanted to use it instead of defending himself.


Both sides ended up in a stalemate as the transparent sword, and the sword in Paulin's hand clashed.

Although they ended up in a stalemate, both parties didn't back down; instead, they forced one another.

'Kacha cacha.'

They were at it for a few moments before sounds of breaking came from the transparent sword as the earlier cracks became larger and larger.

Seeing this, Paulin used even more strength to force the transparent sword back.



Paulin shouted as he increased his attack power to his peak form, which made the transparent sword break all of a sudden.


As soon as it was broken, Paulin heaved a long sigh and went to his elemental spirit, who was recovering his earlier wounds.


A small speck of light from the broken pieces of the sword entered into him, and his sword dao successfully broke through to level 2 of the sword dao.

'Hahaha,' Paulin was over the moon as he sensed the break-through in his sword dao.

As he was feeling happy, the broken pieces were attracted together and formed back into the same transparent sword he fought earlier.

"What the ," before he could say anything, the transparent sword rushed towards him three times faster than before.

He didn't waste any time and slashed his sword at it.

However, to his surprise, the transparent sword entered into the sword he was using.

As soon as it entered Glacious's swords in Paulin's hand, the sword started to shake, and it shined brightly, making his sight unclear.

It only shined for a moment before the light covering it disappeared. Only then, Paulin was able to see the changes that were made to the sword in his hand.

Previously the sword in his hand was a transparent one with a light blue background with a white line on it.

However, now it had changed into a dark blue color without a hint of white color in it.

Also, it exuded a powerful aura from it, which would make non-sword dao cultivators shiver.

'But this is not my sword,'

Paulin shook his head and thought, 'I can use it when required until then let Glacious use it.'

With that thought, he returned to his elemental spirit, which was completely healed and looked at his sword in his summoning master's hand.

"What are you looking at? I will give it to you. Don't worry," Paulin was speechless when he saw Glacious, who was staring at his sword in Paulin's hand and replied.

"No no master. I was practicing the sword from a few years in the elemental spirit world but I was unable to enter the sword dao. However, just looking at that sword, I feel, if I practice with that sword, I can learn a sword dao in a few days," Glacious hurriedly explained.

"Huh? Elemental spirits can also learn weapons dao too," Paulin asked him in confusion.

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