New Age Of Summoners Chapter 212

200 Blurry Human Figure Helps



Ajax's sword broke the two long spears with his 20 percent attacking speed from the level 1 sword dao.

'It was easier than I thought,' Ajax mumbled after breaking the last two long spears.

As he cut them, two small specks entered into him along with two system notifications.


The host gains a small amount of comprehension into the spear dao.



He didn't check them properly and felt the ecstasy of the comprehension.

'Still, it's not enough to break through to level 2 in the spear dao.'

Amidst his ecstasy, he frowned a little and mumbled.

He felt that he reached the peak of level 1, and some kind of barrier was obstructing him from breaking through to level 2 in the spear dao.

'Sigh it's really very time-consuming to make a breakthrough in the weapon dao,' Ajax sighed at the spear dao, but he knew it was already good that he made a lot of progress in the spear dao.

As he was pondering, all the idle broken pieces of spear moved and attracted to each other.

They soon combined into a single giant spear which looked even mightier than before, making him feel some ominous feeling in his heart.

'Now, I have to fight this thing?' looking a the majestic long transparent spear, Ajax's jaw dropped.

Just looking at it made him fear then how could he fight it.

It was not Ajax's fault to fear as the spear exuded a might aura from it, which suppressed his sword.

However, the good thing was the materialized giant spear didn't attack him as soon as it was formed and waited for him to adjust to the suppression he was feeling from it.

Seeing that it was attacking, Ajax took his time to close his eyes and stabilized the suppression he was feeling from it.

Although it took only a few moments to stabilize the spear's suppression, he felt like his spear dao received some kind of boost from it.

However, he was still unable to break through to level 2 in the spear dao.

'I just need a little push for both of my weapons dao to reach level 2 in their respective dao,' He thought as he looked at the mighty spear in front of him, which was waiting for him to get used to the aura it released.


As Ajax fought Heaven's destroyer spear in his spirit consciousness, the blurry human figure watched him with a puzzled look on its blurry face.

'What the heck! This kid is still alive even after he entered into his spear. Did he win against the spear? No, it's impossible for him to tame that spear,' the blurry figure continuously questioned and answered himself.

Nevertheless, he was feeling shocked with each passing second when he looked at the Ajax, who was showing a frown from time to time.


Suddenly a pained voice resounded in the cave, which made the blurry human figure shift his attention from Ajax.

The pained cry was from Paulin, who was fighting a sword in his spirit consciousness and was clearly at a disadvantage.

'I guess, I should help him...sigh,' the figure sighed as it moved close to Paulin, who was making some pained noises.

Although he doesn't know what was happening in other spirit consciousness, the blurry figure could guess it was bad.

However, that was not the reason he was helping Paulin.

He was helping Paulin because he swore that he would help him to Ajax before Ajax went into his spirit consciousness form.

Soon, he went near Paulin, placed his hand, and mumbled something that was impossible to hear.

As he mumbled something, some of the black mist that was surrounding him entered into Paulin's spirit consciousness.

After he did that, he went back to his original position in the corner of the cave.

'Sigh...For the first time in my entire life, I broke a rule that I set for myself,' the blurry human figure paused for a moment and looked at Ajax and continued, "Maybe I was hoping something when I swore to help him, keke."

At the end of his words, the blurry human figure revealed his usual ghostly laugh as he looked at Ajax.


Inside Paulin's spirit consciousness,

'Am I going to die?' Paulin, who was in his spirit consciousness form, slowly looked at the Sword that was coming at him.

His body was full of holes as though that sword was pierced through his spirit consciousness form many times, which made him shouted in pain.

Beside him, his elemental spirit Glacious was in an even more terrible state with cuts all over its body and was unconscious.

Even though it had the strength of the elemental spirit commander, he couldn't utilize his entire strength in his summoning master's spirit consciousness.

So he could not fight the sword, which had a minimum of level 2 sword dao.

If one's spirit consciousness form were destroyed, it would not lead them to their death; instead, it would make them enter into a comatose state.

Unless they were treated with high-grade medicines, that cultivator couldn't turn back into his normal state. Such a state was almost equal to death or even worse than death.

So, Paulin thought that he was going to die from the attack of the sword.

Just as the sword was about to slash his spirit consciousness form, Paulin suddenly felt some foreign energy enter into his and his elemental spirit body recovering all the wounds.

The black energy didn't stop there but also restricted the movements of the incoming sword.

Seeing the mighty sword that played him for a while, stop in mid-air suddenly, Paulin felt relaxed and sighed.

Without wasting any time, he quickly checked the wounds on his elemental spirit, which were recovering very fast, and then he checked the sword, which was still hovering in mid-air.

He took the sword form Glacious and slashed it at the mid-air hovering sword with all his might.

To his surprise, he could not destroy it and felt it was impossible to destroy it.

On the contrary, he felt something was budding in him, but he didn't bother to check it as his first priority now was to destroy the sword before it could move again.

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