New Age Of Summoners Chapter 211

199 Understanding The spear




The sword wave easily cut through the two long spears, which were around 3 meters away from Ajax.

As soon as the long spears were damaged, they turned into two small specks of light, each one from a long spear and entered into Ajax's spirit consciousness form.


The host gains a small amount of comprehension into the spear dao.


The host gains a small amount of comprehension into the spear dao.

Seeing the two system notifications, instead of feeling happy, he was dejected.

His dejected expression was that he didn't get a breakthrough in either of his weapons dao.

'No wonder, people say that cultivating a weapon dao to the peak is really time-consuming,' However, when he thought about the people who were willing to dedicate years to just increase their comprehension by a little in the weapon dao, he felt better and content with the small increase in his comprehension.

As he was checking his gains from round 2, just like before, the broken long spear four pieces turned in four long spears causing Ajax to feel both happy and anxious.

He was happy as he could gain a small comprehension with each long spear he destroyed and felt anxious as he thought the limit of the long spear's multiply ability when destroyed.

Nevertheless, he didn't want to accept his defeat without reaching his limits and quickly started to plan his battle strategy on how to fight the four long spears.

'I should focus on destroying one of the spears at the same defend the other three,' He concluded to focus on one spear before attacking other spears.

With that thought in his mind, he stood on the fighting stance and focused on a single spear while maintaining an eye on the other three spears.

The spears rushed at him with their usual movements to pierce his spirit consciousness form.

Ajax already felt the pain of spear piercing though is hand, and he didn't want to get pierced by the spear in his spirit consciousness form.

Although he was used to enduring the pain, the pain he felt in his spiritual consciousness form was worst when compared to all the pains he had gone through from his childhood.

So, he wanted never to get pierced by them again when he concentrated on one spear and kept his other eye on the remaining three long spears.


All the four longs spears rushed at the Ajax, who stood with a resolved look on his face and waited for the right moment to attack.



Ajax used his fastest sword dao to deflected the three of the four incoming spears and slashed at the last spear he focused on and broke it into two pieces.


The host gains a small amount of comprehension into the spear dao.

Just as he cut the spear into two, a small speck of light entered into his spirit consciousness form, and he got the system notification immediately.

However, he didn't check it as he was focused on the two pieces of the long spear he just cut as he wanted to know whether it would generate into two long spears or not.

"Uff," Ajax released a sigh when he saw the broken pieces were just hovering in the air without showing any movement making him relieved.

'20 percent attack speed is a good effect,' Next, he praised the effect of the level 1 sword dao.

He was able to deflect the three long spears due to his 20 percent attack speed from the level 1 sword dao.

He didn't spend his time on pondering and focused on the battle with the spears.



Although he could not destroy another long spear, he was able to deflect all the three spears with ease this time as his comprehension in both the weapons dao increased a little after he managed to cut a spear earlier.

Also, since there was one less spear on the opposite side, his fighting became a little easier compared to the earlier round of four spears.

'My movements are becoming smooth and my understanding in handling the sword is much better than before,' As the fight with the three spears was not too easy nor too overpowered, Ajax felt excited and waited for the spears to attack him as he stood at the same place in his fighting stance.

He never moved from his place as it would become more complicated if he moved and surrounded by the three spears from all the directions.

Ajax always maintained the three spears in one direction so he could easily concentrate and defend himself from their sneak attacks.

Soon another round of rushing spears started, and Ajax waited for them to come near him before using his 20 percent attack speed and destroying one of them while deflecting the other two spears.


As usual, he got the system notification but didn't bother to look at it and enjoyed the feeling of gaining the comprehension into the spear dao.

Although it lasted only for a moment, he enjoyed the feeling of it before looking at the two spears with greedy eyes.

He turned into greedy as the two long spears could probably help him reach level 2 of the spear dao with two specks of light from them.

'Once I get to level 2 in the spear dao and use the Bloodlust spear to attack, who will stand a chance against me, Hehe,' Ajax cunningly laughed, which didn't suit him well.

Instead of waiting for them to rush at him, he took the initiative to rush at them this time.

Seeing the rushing Ajax, the two long spears increased their speed in spinning and rushed at him.

'Huh? So, you are also excited at me. Then come,' Ajax sensed some kind of excitement for them as they rushed to him and smiled.

He didn't feel anxious anymore as his confidence increased with each spear he took down along with each small increment in his spear dao.

The increment in the spear dao didn't only increase the piercing power but also his understanding of the spears, so he was able to sense that the spears were clearly excited, when they saw him rushed towards them.

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