New Age Of Summoners Chapter 210

198 Spear Dao

In Ajax's spirit consciousness,

'If you want a fight, then come,' Ajax looked at the long spear and motioned it to attack him.


When it saw his gesture, the long spear rotated for a moment and rushed towards him while spinning itself.

As it spun very rapidly, some kind of force generated at the tip of the long spear that made Ajax grip his sword tightly.

'Come,' he silently waited for the spear to come near him as though he was waiting for something.


Ajax waited until the long spear came near him before dodging it with an inch and slashed at the joint between the spearhead and the handle.


Due to his attack in which he used his sword dao to increase his attack speed, the long transparent spear broke into two.

"Success," Ajax excitedly shouted when he saw his idea worked on dealing with the long spear.

However, his excitement didn't last long as he saw the two parts of the spear, which he just cut, started growing and formed into two complete spears.

Seeing the two spears, Ajax was shocked as he didn't expect the long spear to have the ability to multiply.

As soon as the two long spears formed, Ajax became very serious as he knew he couldn't take the long spear lightly anymore.


Ajax, who was pondering how to defeat that thing, suddenly saw a small light sparkle enter into his spirit consciousness form as he got a series of system notifications.


A small speck of spear dao entered the host's consciousness.


Congratulations to the host for comprehending the spear dao.


Please check the spear dao details in the user interface.

"I really wanted something like this now, Hahaha" Ajax laughed when he saw the system notifications, and he desired to fight the spear increased.

The reason for his desire to fight was very simple. He observed that the more he fight the spear, the more comprehension into the spear dao he gets.

Without any delay in his time, he quickly checked his user interface.

Soon a holographic screen appeared with all his data on it.

He didn't check all the data, but he focused on the Spear dao in the Weapons dao section.


Weapon Dao:- Spear Dao (level 1)


Effect:- a 20 percent increase in piercing power with all spear type attacks.

Description:- Whenever the host uses a spear, it will gain a tornado effect, and the piercing power of that spear will increase by 20 percent.

"A tornado type? No wonder, it always spins while attacking," Ajax was not surprised in the type of spear dao he gained as the long transparent spear attacked him while spinning around itself.

Similar to the various sword type dao, spears also have many types of dao. Among them, the tornado type spear dao was one.

'However, that 20 percent increase in the piercing was too powerful,'


As he was pondering about the effect of the spear dao he learned, the two long spears rushed at him with lightning speed.


However, the sword in his hand automatically made him dodge the incoming spear attacks.

Nevertheless, he was unable to dodge one of the spears completely.

That spear pierced through his hand, making him cry in pain.

"Damn you spears. I was just checking my new spear dao," Although Ajax said that, he knew he was careless for a moment in checking the spear dao.

But, it was important for him to know what his spear dao could do.

So he didn't regret checking the information about the spear dao he gained.

On the contrary, he was itching to try his new spear dao against the two long spears, which was once again coming on their way to pierce him.

'Although I don't have a spear to try my new spear dao, I can use the knowledge of it against the spears,' Ajax thought in his head.

The thing he wanted to do now was to use both weapons dao in two steps.

In step one, he wanted to use the spear dao to predict the incoming spears' attacks, and in the second step, he would use his fastest-type sword dao to slash them.

"If my plan goes well, then I will gain both spear dao and sword dao," He assumed as he looked at the two incoming spears.

Soon, he concentrated on the spears and used the knowledge of spear do to predict their movement and readied himself with the sword using his sword dao.

As though they sensed something, the long spears seemed excited as they increased their speed and shot towards him.

Like before, he waited for them to come near him so that he could take advantage and destroy them.



However, the long spears' speed was very fast that he was barely able to deflect them with his sword.

'If I have not learned the sword dao I would have long lost the single spear not to mention two spears with increased speed,' Ajax was glad that he learned the sword dao by practicing the entire night.

What Ajax thought was absolutely right. If not for his sword dao, his spirit consciousness form was destroyed with just a single long spear with the normal speed.

Although he could have used his elemental spirits to fight them, they were not in his spirit consciousness at the moment and were cultivating in the inner world.

So he had only his little sword and his fast type sword dao to rely on.

Moreover, he tried to transport his elemental spirits from the inner world, but he was unable to do that.

'I should not always rely on my elemental spirits. It's just a long transparent spear, and I can fight this,' Ajax motivated himself and closed his eyes for a moment.

At the same time, the long spears prepared their next piercing attacks.

They rushed towards him at the same speed as their earlier attacks while maintaining their spinning action.

However, before they could reach Ajax, he opened his eyes, and with his full attack speed, he slashed at them.

A sword wave that looked much bigger and powerful than the sword wave he created to impress Cerauno in the elemental spirit world appeared when he slashed now.

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