New Age Of Summoners Chapter 21

18 Completing The Trial

As Usual the holographic screen appeared infront of him with the pendent's information which made him shocked.


Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- low grade artifact (Evolvable)

Effect :- 20% increase in user's defence

Special Skill :- Summon of dead (level 2)

rating :- Not bad

Description :- It is the final product of sigmis, many years of hardwork and research.

"Wow, This artifact helps in boosting my stats. But what is this skill???, Ajax wondered what is the use of this skill, so he concentrated on it for more information. To his surprise his really showed the information

Special skill :- Summon of dead (level 2)

Description :- Helps the user to summon 2 undead soldiers. (Upgradable).

Number of Summons available :- 2.

"whoa, that skeletons I killed when I am running towards the exit are the summon of this pendant, it's cool..! ", Ajax overjoyed with this pendant.

Amidst his joy, the energy barrier imprisoning the elemental spirits disappeared and the three elemental spirits came towards him.


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Progress (52/100) , incomplete

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Progress (3/3) , complete

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.

Progress (1/1) , Completed

Remaining time :- 7 hours 57 minutes.

As soon as they got released, a voice is heard from the small altar inside the cave,

"Who dares to lay hands on my servants and release my slaves".

That voice is slow but very powerful. Just by the voice anyone can guess that it's a very powerful being.

" Human, can you please form a contract with me",the red coloured elemental spirit bowed as he continued,"before that being comes here".

seeing the red coloured elemental spirit, the remaining black and green coloured elemental spirits soon followed the same and requested for the contract.

"What?? ", Ajax shocked to see the elemental spirits bowing him to form the contract.

" Please human, there is no time for us, will you accept us as your servants", Seeing the shocked Ajax they request again.

"ok", seeing their pained expressions, he know something is not right, so he accepted quickly.

As soon as he said that, the three elemental spirits turned into red, green and black colours respectively and entered his spirit consciousness.

Before he check his spirit consciousness a portal appeared just before the altar.

From the portal, an eerie figure fully covered in black smoke slowly came out.

'I need to get out of here soon', with that he turned around to the exit only to see that the exit is covered with Black smoke.

"You can't escape now, human brat", said that figure in the black smoke

'Is it over for me??? ', with that thought, he lost all his hope to escape.

But in his hopeless situation his eyes laid on the small pile of spirit stones.

Soon he ran towards them and began collecting them.

"What will you do with them when your about to die??Hahahaha ", seeing that, Ajax is collecting the spirit stones, that figure in black smoke made fun of him and started laughing.

But what it doesn't know is Ajax just now completed his task 1 with that pile of spirit stones.


Collected 50 spirit stones


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Progress (102/100) , incomplete

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Progress (3/3) , incomplete

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.

Progress (1/1) , Completed

Remaining time :- 7 hours 54 minutes.


Congratulations for host to completing the given tasks before the time.

Trial completion rating :- S


Reward is being calculated. Please wait for some time for it.


transporting the host from the trial world to real world.

Ajax got many notifications notifying him of the completion of tasks and giving a rating for that trial and about rewand.

But the final notification is the only thing which made him more happier than other notifications.

Soon, Ajax started to disappear.

"What??, How can he disappear like that? ? What king of magic trick is it??? ", the figure in black smoke shocked to see that the disappearing Ajax waving at him with a smile on his face.

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