New Age Of Summoners Chapter 209

197 Guild Master And Rulf 2

"Yes," Hearing Rulf's confirmation, the guild master nodded his head in agreement.

"But guild master, didn't you say that Edmond didn't complete the mission. Also, he returned to deregister the mission the next day," Rulf was confused and asked his doubts.

"I only said, he didn't submit that mission as accomplished," the guild master said as he shook his head at Rulf who didn't understand his exact words from back then.

"Huh?" Rulf looked at the guild master for more explanation.

"He completed the mystery behind the Never-returning cave, but he didn't announce it the world as though something was obstructing him from saying about the never-returning cave,"

The old guild master paused for a second before continuing, "By his words from back then he never admitted that he finished the mission, but his actions said another story."

"So, this is a good thing for all the humans, right?" Rulf was excited as the never-returning cave could increase the cultivation of an individual.

When Edmond took the mission, he was only an Elite commander realm cultivator. Still, after a few months, his abilities drastically improved, which made him admired by most of the mercenaries.

"Oh Rulf, you still didn't understand it," the old guild master shook his head at the foolish follower.

Rulf's excitement disappeared at the guild master's serious words.

"After Edmond left the mercenary guild, I asked him about the never-returning cave to which he answered 'If you find a cultivator with my abilities, then you will know', after that he didn't answer any of my questions,"

The old man sighed as he explained the exact words from Edmond from the past.

"How dare he, he didn't say even to you who asked him personally?" Rulf became angry after hearing the explanation of the guild master.

According to him, his master was the greatest among all, so he was willingly following him from his childhood.

By following the guild master, he became from a weak, powerless child to one of the top cultivators.

So when he heard that Edmond didn't explain the mystery behind the Never-returning cave, even when his master asked personally, he was enraged.

"It's not his fault. I didn't saw any arrogance nor disrespect in him when he said those words, but some other reason made him unable to say the mystery behind the cave,"

"From then on, I tried to find a candidate with the same abilities of the Edmond before he took that Never-returning cave mission. However, it was impossible to find another one like Edmond who had the battle prowess higher than his peer with the same cultivation level," the guild master finally sighed.

It was a known fact that only the cultivator below the general realm could enter the cave, so the guild master was unable to find a cultivator below the general realm who had the abilities of the old Edmond.

"Why don't I force Edmond to reveal the mystery behind the Never-returning cave, which will benefit the entire human race against other races," Rulf said with an evil smile on his face.

"Stop that evil smile on your face, it doesn't suit you," the guild master mocked Rulf about his evil smile which didn't suit him at all with his innocent-looking face.

"Alos, do you think, you can force him to reveal his secrets?" The guild master didn't give any chance for Rulf before mocking once again.

"Why can't I make him reveal?" Rulf asked with confusion.

According to him, Edmond had a level 5 or 6 general realm strength where he had recently broken through to the elite general realm. So he was confident about making Edmond reveal the mystery behind the Never-returning cave.

"Haha, you will be shocked if you knew his background, but you don't go in his way," the guild master laughed as he shook his head.

"Master, what is his backgr,"

"Just leave that matter for now. Let's discuss the 'Strongest Five' event. How are the preparations going on?"

Before Rulf could finish his words, the guild master stood up from his chair and interjected Rulf's words but changing the subject to 'The strongest five' event that was conducted by them.

"Yes, guild master. I have arranged all the things for the event; However, due to the sudden sightings of the demon servants, I put the event on hold," Rulf didn't ask about Edmond's background and explained about the event's preparation.

"Good. Put the event in hold until we clear the appeared demon servants. Also, take some rest. You are looking way too tired," The guild master nodded his head and advised Rulf to take some rest.

"Yes, Guildmaster," Rulf took his master's advice and left the room slowly.

Although Rulf called the old man as guild master most of the time, they were a master-follower pair.

However, their bond was more than that.

Originally, Rulf was an orphan who was always bullied by other children.

One day, the guild master noticed him while passing through his village and took pity on him.

He gave him food and taught various cultivation and fighting techniques.

Seeing the care of the guild master towards him, he saw his father in the guild master who was passed away when he was eight years old.

So, he didn't go against the guild master's words until now. Whatever the guild master says, he would do it gladly without any hesitation.

'What are you planning now Edmond, by sending two young ones int the never-returning cave?' After Rulf left his room, the guild master silently thought in his head.

'Since you sent them into the cave, that shows you are confident in them. I will see what will they do after they return. Will they do the same thing as you did in the past?' the guild master continued to think about the never-returning cave that he was obsessed with, for a few years now.

Although he wasted so much time trying to solve the secret behind the never-returning cave, he thought it was worth the time for him.


Outside the Guildmaster's room,

'I wonder what is the background of Edmond that made even the guild master to not to reveal?' Rulf, who left the guild master's room, pondered about the background of Edmond along the way to his room.

'Is it really powerful? The guild master has only a few opponents in the Zrochestor province. So, Edmond might be from one of those few opponents' sects or families,' he shook his head and left to the room.

Those opponents were mostly the grand elders of the sects and people from the Royal family.

So, Rulf immediately related Edmond to those people and stopped thinking about Edmond since he couldn't really make him reveal the secrets about the cave if he was related to those people.

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