New Age Of Summoners Chapter 207

195 Heavens Destroyer Spear


The blurry human figure was utterly shocked by the thing that materialized from the weapon marking that Ajax was selected.

'How did he even comprehend that thing?

Its initial interest turned into shock and continued thinking, 'Although it was only the basic form of that weapon, still a commander realm cultivator can't comprehend it.'

Its ghostly laugh was disappeared entirely, and his thinking was also in turmoil when he saw the shocking event of a long transparent spear materialized from the weapon making in front of Ajax.

After the long spear was formed, it rushed into Ajax's spirit consciousness without wasting any time.


As soon as it entered into him, Ajax shouted in pain and rolled on the ground.

Within a few seconds, the pain disappeared as Ajax opened his eyes and looked at Paulin.

On Paulin's face, he had a frown.

Also, the blurry human figure was watching them from the corner of the cave.

'What's happening to Senior brother Paulin?' Ajax asked the blurry human figure which he was unable to see clearly due to the distance between them.

'Keke, Hey, boy. First, look after yourselves then worry about others,' the blurry human figure replied with its usual ghostly laugh.

When it saw Ajax open his eyes, he was surprised a little and returned to its usual self as it replied with its 'Keke' laugh.

"Huh?" Ajax didn't understand what that figure was talking but looked at Paulin whose frown was increasing with each passing second and worried.

'You will die if you don't check your spirit consciousness, Keke,' seeing Ajax, who was still alive the blurry human figure puzzled and said Ajax to check his spirit consciousness.

Although he heard the figure's word, Ajax didn't pay any heed to it and still watched Paulin and wanted to help him.

But the problem was he didn't have a clue about what was happening with his senior brother Paulin.

'Should I just wake him up?' Ajax quickly rejected his idea of waking Paulin up fearing it might harm his brother even more.

'He is fine, just focus on your spirit consciousness,' the blurry human figure became angry that Ajax didn't pay any attention to his earlier words and still worrying about Paulin.

"Huh?" just as the blurry human figure finished his words, Ajax felt something move in his spirit consciousness, but he looked at the figure as though he was expecting something from him.

'Ok ok, I will swear that I will help your senior brother if you check your spirit consciousness,' seeing the stubborn look on Ajax's face, the blurry human figure finally swore to help Paulin.

As soon as he heard those words, he quickly checked his spirit consciousness without wasting any time.

'What a pity, even though you managed to materialize the basic form of Heaven's destroyer spear, you might not be able to tame its will,'

After seeing the Ajax, who closed his eyes to check his spirit consciousness, the blurry human figure sighed in a very low voice.

In his spirit consciousness, Ajax saw a long transparent spear that was hovering in the air.

Not only he saw the long transparent spear but also his tiny sword which was almost invisible in front of the spear.

'Where did this thing come from?' Just like Paulin, Ajax was also confused at the sudden appearance of a transparent spear which was two meters long.

'But it looks powerful and cool,' he thought as he looked at the appearance of the spear.

'Tring tick'

As he was observing the long transparent spear, it started attacking his almost invisible sword.

However, to his surprise, the little sword quickly defended the piercing attacks of the long spear.



The long spear continued its piercing attacks whereas the little sword continued defending.

Seeing the fight between the weapons, Ajax felt like he was comprehending something from their attacks.

'Since that figure swore to help Paulin, I will try to comprehend something from their attacks,'

Although he didn't believe the blurry human figure, he felt that there was no need for him to swore to Ajax to check his own spirit consciousness.

Ajax felt like he comprehended something from the weapon marking he chose earlier, but he still didn't know what it was.

However, one thing was for sure. The blurry figure was trying to help him in comprehending the weapon marking.

So he took his time to observe attacks of both weapons.

Earlier, when he was comprehending the mysteries behind the weapon marking, he gained a basic understanding of the Piercing force.

'Concentrate the entire body force and transfer it to the tip of the weapon,' was the basic understanding he gained from the weapon marking.

Now when he looked at the long transparent spear's piercing attacks, they increased his previously gained comprehension from the weapon marking.

'Huh?' as the comprehension of the spear dao in his head increased, he felt the mightiness of the spear and how better he could use his bloodlust spear even more.

Along with the spear dao, which was slowly forming inside his head, the sword dao that was already reached level 1 also increased as he gained the comprehension from the little sword's defending attacks. Albeit, it was very slow compared to the spear dao.

However, Ajax was not dejected at the slow comprehension in his sword dao; instead, he felt happy as he was able to comprehend the spear dao at a rapid pace.

As time passed, the piercing attacks from the long spear increased and gained a small upper hand against the little sword.

As the intensity of the piercing attacks increased the comprehension, he gained in the spear dao also increased.

'I think, I should help the little sword; otherwise, it will be destroyed by the mighty transparent spear,'

Ajax could guess what would happen if his little sword was destroyed.

'It would definitely come for me after it destroys the little sword,'

So without hesitation, he used his essence of nature along with his level sword dao, he took called the little sword into his hands.

Hearing the summon from Ajax, the little sword force a powerful slash and rush into Ajax's hand.

Along the way, the few inches sword turned into the size of a regular sword and landed in Ajax's hands.

'If you want a fight, then come,' Ajax looked at the long spear and motioned it to attack him.

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