New Age Of Summoners Chapter 206

194 Transparent Sword

Seeing the rushing Paulin, the blurry human figure shook its head as though it was looking at an idiot.

At the other end, Paulin sliced his sword through the body of the blurry human figure without any hesitation.

However, the sword passed through the gaseous body of the blurry human figure as though there was nothing in front of him.

'You can't do anything to me. Likewise, I can't do anything to you. So you better start comprehending the weapon markings; otherwise, you will end up like them, keke,' the figure said the words and disappeared with his ghostly laugh.


Both Paulin and Ajax was shocked by the words of the demon being that just disappeared before saying them to comprehend the sword markings.

They looked at each other faces first and nodded their heads before walking towards a wall.

All the walls in the caves were drawn by some weapon markings, so they search for a suitable and easy to comprehend marking to finish the task given by the demon in the form of a blurry human figure.

They searched for some time before selecting a weapon marking separately, which they felt confident in comprehending the marking quickly.

Paulin selected a shallow marking which was barely visible because he thought that the marking must be easy to comprehend as it was the smallest one among all the weapon markings.

Whereas Ajax took a different approach in selecting a weapon marking.

He selected a small but depth marking.

Both of them sat and started observing and tried to comprehend the mysteries behind the markings.

Slowly, they were immersed in comprehending the weapon markings.

In the corner, the blurry figure observed them.

'Let's see, will these kids comprehend or accompany me for the rest of their lives, keke,' the figure silently mumbled to itself seeing Ajax and Paulin who were comprehending the weapon markings.

Seconds after seconds passed by,

Soon seconds were turned into minutes.

Minutes turned into an hour.

However, there was no movement from either Ajax or Paulin.


As they were comprehended the weapon markings, in the outer section of the Curse Wilderness, some of the masked disciples were resting and talking about something.

"Eldest senior brother, why is the first elder very serious about killing a commander realm brat," a short masked figure asked another disciple who looked like a leader of their 10 unit team.

"Yes Eldest senior brother, to kill a commander realm brat, our master sent nine elite commander realm and a level 1 general realm cultivator. Is it necessary?" another disciple asked the same person that the first masked disciple asked the question to.

"Just follow the plan. There is no need to ask unnecessary questions. You only need to remember one thing. Killing that brat gives you the greatest reward you could ever imagine,"

However, to the previous two questions, the Eldest senior brother replied with an expressionless face before covering his face with the assassin sect mask.

"Sure, Eldest senior brother," seeing the expressionless face, all the nine disciples suppressed their curiosity and nodded their heads.

"Let's go. According to the information we got, that brat went towards the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness, so we have to find him before the members of other halls find him," the Eldest senior brother ordered the rest of the masked disciples.

These masked disciples were the members of the discipline hall of the assassin sect who were on a search for Ajax on the order of the First Elder.

In the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness, this was not the only group that was searching for Ajax.

All the remaining eleven halls of the assassin sect started their search for Ajax on the order of their respective Hall Elder.


Unbeknownst to this, Ajax was peacefully comprehending the dao behind the weapon marking that was on the cave's wall.

After a couple of hours, something happened, which made the blurry figure that was watching Ajax and Paulin from the one corner of the cave surprised.

A transparent sword came out of the shallow weapon marking and hovered in front of Paulin for a moment before directly rushing into his chest.

After it entered into him, a frown was formed on Paulin's face as though he was feeling something inside him.

'Keke, interesting, interesting. One a couple of hours and he awakened the weapon stored inside the weapon marking. Much better than the one who returned alive from my abode a few years ago,' the blurry human figure laughed and said interesting a couple of times.

Moreover, it compared Paulin with someone with the past.

Inside Paulin's consciousness,

As soon as the transparent sword entered into his spirit consciousness, Paulin quickly checked his spirit consciousness only to see a transparent sword hovering in the air, opposite to his contracted elemental spirit.

"Huh?" Paulin was confused about the sudden appearance of a sword in his spirit consciousness.

However, he felt a small connection with the transparent sword as though it was communication with him.

'How did this sword entered into my spirit consciousness?'


As he was thinking about the sword and the connection with it, the sword rushed towards him in an attempt to slash him.

Paulin, who was in a spirit consciousness form, felt an ominous feeling seeing the incoming sword.

A spirit consciousness form was one in which anybody cultivator or spirit cultivator could observe his spirit consciousness.

'Glacious, Stop it,'

Before the sword could reach him, he ordered his elemental spirit Glacious to stop it.

In a spirit consciousness form, the cultivator would be in his weakest form with no cultivation or any strength to protect himself. So he didn't hesitate to order his elemental spirit to stop the sword that was rushing towards him.

Hearing the command form his summoning master the Water/Ice dual elemental spirit moved fastly and tried to hold the hilt of the transparent sword.

Although he caught to hilt of the sword, Glacious was still unable to stop it.

He was being pulled along with the sword towards his summoning master.

'What the heck!'

Seeing the sword that was pulling his contracted elemental spirit along with it, Paulin was shocked.

As it was interestingly watched Paulin who was facing the weapon that entered into his spirit consciousness, the figure observed another surprising thing happening from the weapon marking that Ajax was selected.


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