New Age Of Summoners Chapter 203

191 Shameless Spirit Crane

"One spirit crane is enough for both of us, anyway," Paulin nodded his head not forcing Ajax to tame a spirit crane.

After a few minutes, the unconscious spirit crane woke up and checked its surroundings.

Seeing the Paulin in the distance, the spirit crane moved towards him without any fear.

"What a cute bird I tamed, Hahaha," Paulin laughed while looking at the spirit crane that was coming towards him slowly.

"Yeah," Ajax nodded his head but found something weird about the actions of the Spirit crane in front of him.

In general, after a spirit beast was tamed, it would not be friendly very quickly with the one who tamed it.

However, the spirit crane that Paulin tamed showed a friendly sign very quickly as it came hopped to them.

So, he immediately checked the details about it.


Spirit beast:- Spirit Crane

Strength:-Mid-level Rank 3

Description:- A spirit bird that likes to fly freely and doesn't want to be tamed by anyone.

'There doesn't seem anything wrong with it,' Ajax thought.

Even after seeing the information, Ajax felt something was wrong.

As Ajax was busy pondering about the behaviour of the spirit crane, it came near to Paulin slowly.

"Hahaha," Paulin raised his hand to pet his newly tamed spirit crane.

However, before he could even place his hand to caress the spirit crane, it pecked Paulin with its sharp beak.

Paulin, who was defenseless, was unable to dodge its beak.

Even though he didn't dodge, the spirit crane didn't use much force in that peck.

So, it only left a small cut on him.

After its peck, the spirit crane sat beside him like a normal pet.

"Senior brother Paulin, you got some crazy crane, Hahaha," Ajax was unable to stop his laugh when he saw how spirit crane showed an attitude but still sat beside Paulin.

"..." Paulin became speechless at Ajax's words and looked at the spirit crane that sat beside him like a loyal pet.

It was not very hard to find why the spirit crane pecked him even after a spirit contract was formed.

The fact was, the forceful contract made the spirit crane angry, and it just wanted to vent some of its anger on the one who made that forceful contract with it.

He once again tried to touch it, but the spirit crane didn't say anything and allowed him to caress its feathers.

"See, it's easy to handle," Paulin took out some water spirit stones and let it eat them.

Seeing the water spirit stones, the spirit crane quickly swallowed in one gulp and looked at Paulin for more.

One more use of spirit stones was, it could be used as food for spirit beasts.

The type of food that could allow those spirit beasts to increase their strength upon consuming a specific number of spirit stones.

As the rank of the spirit beasts was high, then the number of sprit stones required was also high.

So, when Paulin gave it a water spirit stone, then it put away its arrogant attitude and looked at Paulin with an innocent look.

"Sure, but let us fly with you," taking out more spirit stones from his space ring, Paulin asked slowly.

Although it was his tamed spirit beast, seeing its attitude, Paulin baited it with water spirit stones.

The spirit crane stopped for a moment and looked at Ajax before nodding its head.

"That's good. Here, take these for now and I will give more afterward," Paulin only gave it two spirit stones and said he would give more after they reach their destination.

It quickly gulped down the two spirit stones and unfolded its large wings, indicating them to sit behind it.

Now, it's Ajax's turn to become speechless at the shamelessness of the spirit crane.

Nevertheless, he walked towards the crane and sat on its back with Paulin.

Immediately after they mounted on it, the spirit crane flew into the sky and travelled towards the middle section of the Curse Wilderness on Paulin's order.


As Ajax and Paulin were flying towards the middle section of the Curse Wilderness, there was a commotion in various halls of the Assassin sect.

In the Mission hall,

"Third Elder, there is news about that boy that you asked us to look out for," a masked disciple said in a low voice while bowing respectfully.

"Really?" the third elder, stood up from his seat and asked excitedly.

"Yes Elder. According to the information, the boy entered into the Cursed Wilderness along with another boy on a mission from the mercenary guild," the masked disciple explained in the same low voice.

"Take 10 elite commander realm assassin along with you and finish that boy and bring his head," the third elder said after thinking for a moment.

"Yes Elder," the masked realm disciple disappeared from the mission hall after replying.

'If not for that expected Demon world invasion, I would have gone myself to kill that brat,' The third elder thought to himself after his personal disciple disappeared from the mission hall.

Earlier, all the elders in the assassin sect got an emergency notice saying not to leave the assassin sect grounds due to the possible invasion of the Demon world.

So, he was unable to leave the assassin sect at the moment.

'Still, it not a problem with my eldest personal disciple leading the mission. With his recently elevated general realm strength, he could easily finish the mission,'

Nevertheless, he was not worried that the mission would fail, as it was personally leading by his strongest and oldest personal disciple along with ten elite commander realm assassins.

The third elder's eyes shone with brilliance as he thought about this; If the mission was successful, then he could get back his recognition back from the headquarters.

So, he went to his seat and started his meditation.


In the discipline hall,

"Damn it, third elder. How dare to act as you don't know anything about headquarters ' mission," The first elder angrily shouted, making his personal disciples shiver.

'I am always good with you and took care of you. Still, you didn't tell me about the missions you were doing for the past few years,' he became angrier with each passing second.

In the assassin sect, the first elder thought that he was the leader of all the elders, but now, there was someone who he took care of, for the past few years that secretly completed the missions from the headquarters.


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