New Age Of Summoners Chapter 202

190 Spirit Crane

"I thought, she was a good one but..,"

"Ajax, no need to become angry at her, it was her passive skill which will hypnotize anyone she talks to if they are careless for even one moment," Paulin sighed while saying about the hypnotizing skill.

"Huh?" Ajax didn't understand it entirely as he thought, 'How could there be a passive Hypnotizing skill.'

"I think I should say the complete story then," Paulin looked at Ajax's confusion and explained, "She was forced to enter an evil cultivator's inheritance ground and without knowing how she was granted a passive technique in that inheritance ground."

When he heard Paulin's words, Ajax's cold expression softened as it was a cruel thing to force someone to enter an evil cultivator's inheritance ground even after knowing it was an evil ground.

In a regular inheritance ground, who test the participants with specific tests and after qualifying, the participants could take the inheritance or reject it.

However, in an evil cultivator's inheritance ground, the owner of that ground would make them go to specific tests, and the qualifying participants were forcedly given the inheritance.

As for those who were failed in the tests, would never return from the inheritance ground.

"Since she was forced by the fire sword sect, she unwilling survived all the tests in that evil inheritance ground and forcedly given a hypnotizing technique which automatically hypnotizes all the people who have low cultivation than her. However, if you stay focused, then you will not be affected by it," Paulin slowly explained all about her Blood rose.

"So, the reason she left the fire sword sect was because of this, right?" Ajax asked Paulin as he was being told by Paulin earlier that no one knows the exact reason why she left the fire sword sect.

"No, after that incident, she stayed in the sect for more than a year. However, one day she suddenly disappeared and appeared in the Goldcrest town and formed her own mercenary squad," Paulin said, looking into the direction Rosa went earlier with her squad.

Ajax nodded his head and stopped thinking about those things.

"Ajax, we will go for your mission first," After resting for some more time, Paulin stood up and suggested investigating the Never-returning cave located in the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness.

"Sure," Ajax agreed without thinking much as he knew that it would be easier for them to complete the collecting egg mission when they were returning from the middle section of the cursed wilderness.

As they entered the Cursed Wilderness, they heard the loud noises and roar of various spirit beasts.

Nevertheless, since this was still the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness, they didn't feel any fear and traveled deeper.

As they were moved deeper and deeper, the noises of spirit beasts intensified.

After some time, they encountered a few spirit birds that looked like cranes but much more prominent in size and looked very beautiful.

"Senior Brother, how about we tame a spirit bird for us to traveled faster?" Ajax suggested Paulin about taming a spirit bird as it was easier for them to fly across the sky and enter the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness sooner without wasting any time.


Looking at the bunch of Spirit cranes that had a strength of low-level rank 3 spirit beasts, Paulin agreed instantly as he knew how much time consuming for them to travel to the Goldcrest town and the Curse Wilderness.

"Senior brother, how about we tame that spirit crane which had the highest strength among all the spirit cranes?" Ajax pointed at a spirit crane which stronger than other spirit cranes and asked Paulin.

"Let's tame it," As soon as he agreed, Paulin rushed towards the spirit cranes while summoning his elemental spirit, Glacious.


Seeing someone rushing towards them, all the spirit cranes hurriedly flew into the sky.

However, before the strongest Spirit crane could reach the sky, Paulin's elemental spirit used his commander realm skill 'Cavalry' and caught that spirit crane mid-air.

As for Paulin, he appeared behind the caught spirit crane and knocked it down with a simple punch.

After it was knocked down, Paulin dusted his hands as a sign of victory.

Without wasting any time, Paulin made his elemental spirit leave his grip from the unconscious spirit crane.

Paulin placed his hand on the spirit crane and entered into its spirit consciousness to imprint his spirit.

"It's done, Ajax. Now we have a mount to fly in the sky,"

Soon, he removed his hand and looked at Paulin with a little smile and asked.

Ajax was flabbergasted at the sight of Paulin's simple taming skill.

'He used only a few moments to catch it, knock it and tame it,' Ajax thought and learned a new trick to tame spirit beasts in the future.

However, he knew that the whole process was simple because of the weak fighting prowess of the spirit crane.

In general, spirit cranes were the peaceful spirit beast that didn't like fighting.

Whenever a fight occurs in their surroundings, the first thing they do was to fly away.

If a spirit crane had rank 3 strength, that didn't really mean it had the strength to fight against another rank 3 spirit beast or a commander realm cultivator.

In spirit cranes case, the rank 3 represents that he had the flying speed of a rank 3 spirit bird.

That was the main reason why Paulin caught the spirit crane so easily.

Furthermore, Paulin and that spirit crane had the same elemental affinity, so the spirit imprint was placed easily by him in its spirit consciousness.

"Let's wait for some time until our spirit crane wakes up," Paulin suggested Ajax wait for some time.

Ajax nodded his head and sat under a tree.

"Why don't we catch another spirit crane for you?" seeing the sitting Ajax, Paulin said slowly.

"No need senior brother, one is enough for both of us," Ajax straightaway rejected Paulin's idea.

He already had more than enough spirit beasts in his inner world. Almost all of them were flying type except the mutated triple-eyed Black Fox, so he rejected the idea of taming another flying type spirit beast at present.


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