New Age Of Summoners Chapter 201

189 Evil Skills

While both the captains of the top 2 mercenary squads discussed the regions to clear, all the mercenaries from both the squads stood behind the captains and discussed their own things with one another.

"Members of the Demon Killer squad, let's move," Henriet led his squad members and went in the direction of the Cursed Abyss.

Whereas the members from the Blood Rose squad went in the direction of Cursed Wilderness.


"Senior Brother Paulin, you seem close to those captains," As they were moving towards the Cursed Wilderness, Ajax asked Paulin slowly.

"Yes, I know them from when I was 5 or 6 years old," Paulin stopped for a moment and thought for a second before answering Ajax.

"Oh," Ajax nodded his head.

"Do you want to know about them? I mean how they got their titles?" Seeing the hesitating Ajax, Paulin asked with a little smile as usual.

"Yes," Ajax wanted to know about them after seeing their modest behaviors even when they were standing in the top position.

"Sir Henriet, got the title of 'The Demon Killer' when he entered into the demon world through a portal that appeared a few years back," Paulin stopped for a few seconds as though he was trying to find some right words to describe Henriet, but he couldn't find any.

However, he continued, "When everyone thought that he had died, he surprisingly came back with heavy injuries with few demon servants heads that had the strength of the general realm."

"What? He entered the demon world and even killed high-grade demon servants?" Ajax's respect towards The Demon Killer, Henriet, increased by another fold.

"After that event, he became from a rogue cultivator to a top mercenary and even formed a mercenary squad by his title which he eventually made into the number 1 squad in the whole Zrochester Province," Paulin explained how the title 'The Demon Killer' and that squad formed with a respectful tone.

"Before he became a top mercenary, Sir Henriet was a rogue cultivator?" Ajax was even more shocked by the newly revealed fact.

"Yes, however, he was very close to Edmond. So that's how I was close to them," Paulin stopped all of a sudden when he said those words.

Seeing that his Senior brother became silent suddenly, Ajax looked at his surroundings but didn't find anyone.

"So, what about Madam Rosa,"

However, he noticed something in Paulin's expression as though he didn't want to say about his past.

So, Ajax tried to divert the topic by asking about the Blood Rose.

"Madam Blood rose was once a disciple of the Fire sword sect. However, no one knows the exact details why she left the sect and formed the 'Blood Rose' mercenary squad no one knows," Paulin increased his speed after he answered what he knew about the Madam Blood Rose.

'What? An ex-disciple of the fire sword sect?' Ajax became even more shocked at the background of the Captain of the Blood Rose mercenary squad.

Ajax found it more confusing and shocking at the backgrounds of the top 3 mercenary squads' top captains.

Also, what he found most confusing among them was there might be bad Blood between Captain Edmond and Fire sword sect, but here from the way, Rosa called Edmond like she was close with him.

'Looks like something much bigger than I thought had happened in the past,' Ajax head spinning just thinking about it. So he stopped thinking and increased his speed to catch up with Paulin.

After running for a few hours, they finally reached the outer section of theCursed Wilderness.

'Ajax, let's take a small break before continuing our mission,' Paulin found a tree and sat under it to take some rest.

Likewise, Ajax also found a tree and sat.

Although they could run for another few hours with their current strength, Paulin wanted to stay in their peak form when they entered the cursed wilderness.

Furthermore, there were sightings of demon servants in the cursed wilderness and cursed abyss, so he wanted to be in his top form to face any unwanted sneak attacks.

Ajax also knew about this, so he also took a small nap keeping an eye on his surroundings.


After a few minutes, Rosa, along with her squad, consisting of 3 men and two women appeared at the exact location of Ajax and Paulin's resting place.

Seeing the movement in their surroundings, Ajax and Paulin immediately woke and looked at the incoming mercenaries.

'Big sister Rosa,' Ajax greeted her respectfully even before Paulin.

"Big sister," Paulin also followed suit and greeted her.

"You young ones are faster and sensitivity towards your surroundings than I thought?" Rosa praised their speed and attention to their surroundings.

"Do you want to join my squad temporarily to clear those Demon servants?" Rosa winking her eye invited them to join her squad temporarily.


"We are good, Big sister. We wanted to experience some battles in the wild, so we can't join your team," Before Ajax could say something, Paulin rejected her straight away without giving any face.

However, there was a smile on his face when he rejected her, which made her surprised.

"You have finally grown into a big man, Little brother Paulin," Rosa smiled at Paulin and looked at Ajax for a second and left with a smile on her face.

"What happened, Senior brother Paulin?"

After she left, Ajax shook his head and looked at his surroundings as he asked Paulin.

"She has a special technique that she got from an inheritance ground which can hypnotize anyone if they are careless for a moment," Paulin explained about the weird state Ajax entered earlier.

"So, I was hypnotized by her earlier?" Hearing this, his previous respect for her decreased a lot.

In this world, there was a separate category for some skills that were called as Evil skills.

Under these skills, there were many skills which were hated by Human and would not accept those who cultivated them into society.

Unless you had sufficient strength, the humans who call themselves righteous would hunt you down.

Hypnotizing skills were the top among those evil skills.

So, when he heard that the Blood Rose hypnotized him, his face became cold.

"I thought, she was a good one but..,"


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