New Age Of Summoners Chapter 20

17 Artifacts

But something unexpected happened before the black robed skeleton can finish it's ultimate fireball .

A small dark red coloured fireball hit the skeleton exactly where Ajax previously made a dent on it's back.

With that black robed skeleton was blasted towards the Ajax with it's face (AKA skull) buried in the ground.

Before the black robed skeleton can stand up, without wasting any time Ajax landed a heavy punch with his other hand which is not swollen, in the dent which is larger than before.

Small red coloured fireball which came from the red coloured elemental spirit did a lot of damage to the black robed skeleton. Now, when Ajax used his heavy punch, then the skeleton's bones are shattered.


Killed one elite undead soldier (Mage)

Experience gained :- Zero

Note:- As per the trial rules, any monsters killed in the trial will not give any experience.


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Progress (52/100) , incomplete

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Progress (0/3) , incomplete

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.

Progress (1/1) , Completed

Remaining time :- 8 hours 01 minutes.

When he saw the remaining time, ajax heaved a sigh of relief. Because he completed the task 3 and can complete the task 2 soon. As for the task 1 he can search for the spirit stone containing death energy slowly.

Soon the shattered elite undead soldier disappeared leaving behind some items.

Instead of taking them, he went to where the three elemental spirits are imprisoned.

Seeing Ajax walking towards them, the red coloured elemental spirit and others bowed and said

"Thanks for saying us human".

" No, no, no., you are the one who saved me with that small dark red fireball", Ajax knew if it isn't for that small fireball, he would have died by now. So he said that modestly.

"No human, you the reason for the energy barrier to weaken, so that I can send that small fireball at the skeleton", replied politely.

" What??, but I didn't do anything to that energy barrier", Ajax replied puzzled.

"This energy barrier which imprisoned us is needed the stability, which is maintained by that black robed skeleton hand gestures. But when you distracted him, the stability of this energy barrier is gone. Therefore you saved us by distracting him, For that we are very grateful to you, human", replied the female green coloured elemental spirit politely.

"oh.", understanding that words from the green elemental spirit, Ajax nodded his head not knowing what to, then he asked,

"But the energy barrier is still there imprisoning you???? should I do anything to remove it??, Ajax asked regarding the energy barrier.

" You don't need to do anything regarding the energy barrier, since the black robed skeleton died, then this will disappear in a few minutes ", answered the black coloured elemental being.

" Ok then, I will rest here untill the energy barrier is disappeared", Saying that, he turned towards the items left behind by the black robed skeleton.

Because he didn't get any notification saying him that he completed the task 2, he have to wait untill the energy barrier disappeared and check his progress with task 2.

All three elemental spirits just nodded their transparent heads in reply.

Soon Ajax came to the items left behind by the black robed skeleton.

First he picked the black robe from the ground.


item name :- Sigmis Black robe

grade :- Low level defensive artifact


Rating :- useless

Soon he got the information relating the black robe on the holographic screen.

"What???,system can help me in identifying the item also??? "

"This black robe is the artifaft that elder boron mentioned in his stories??",

Ajax got shock after shock, " so that means artifacts are real and the stories are also real then. But it's damaged making it's rating useless".

Ajax simply threw it aside since it's useless to him anyways.

Next he picked the black coloured rhombus shaped pendant.

As Usual the holographic screen appeared infront of him with the pendent's information which made him shocked.

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