New Age Of Summoners Chapter 2

2 Shadow

After all the children left the ground only Ajax and elder boron are standing on the open ground.

"Ajax, do you have anything to say about nightmares to me? ", asked elder born slowly.

" yes elder, I think my training should increase, lately the intensity of the nightmares are increasing", said Ajax hurriedly.

"There is no need to increase your training.."

"But my nightmares??", before elder finished his sentence Ajax interjected in panic.

" No need to worry, I have a solution, that's why I ask you to wait" said the elder

"Really" Ajax asked quickly.

" Yes, come to my room tomorrow morning by 5 A.M. I will take you to a place", said the elder mysteriously.

"Where", Ajax asked expectedly.

"What's the hurry, You will know tomorrow. So be ready and don't be late", elder reminded him once again.

" Ok then elder, I will return to my room now", by saying that he run off quickly in the direction of orphanage.

Elder stood there watching the silhouette of Ajax and mumbled something.

As soon as Ajax reached his room, he friends Damon and Hector who are waiting for him said "Ajax come quickly, otherwise we will miss our dinner if we go late".

Ajax also know that if you go late there will be no food for you that night, so he hurriedly washed his face and rushed to the dinning hall.

Although the food given to them is not good it's not bad either. It's better than most common people that only eat brown bread and congee.

But it is still not enough to make up for their training, so they did some miscellaneous works like cutting wood, selling animal skins they hunted, etc and earn some money for nutritious food.

Also , all children who are above 15 years old should leave the orphanage regardless whether they enlisted to military or not.

Most people settle as commoners in their life, some are enlisted to military.

After eating their food, everyone went to their rooms. In silver orphanage one room is allocated to four members.

In Ajax's room, other three members are Damon, Hector and Jason. With Jason being eldest(nine years old) others are of same age as Ajax.

All four members are very close and cared for one another.

"Ajax, what that old monster said to you today after we left the ground", asked Jason

Actually Jason has same body force as others

so Elder boron regularly made Jason to work more exercise ( of course except Ajax) so he name the elder as old monster. Although he called him old monster he didn't hate him because he know he will have to leave the orphanage earlier than others so elder boron is trying to increase his body force by making him do more exercises.

"Nothing, he just wants me to do more exercise tomorrow", Ajax said nonchalantly.

" Ajax, do you know that you are a little monster", shouted all other roommates at once.

They all know that Ajax's nightmare situation since they are all roommates, and also know he has to do more exercise than others to suppress it but he still wants to do more training, they don't know whether to cry or laugh.

"It's making me sick just thinking about all your exercise routine, and you are still fine after all that exercises, ok then good night", Hector said wait a puking action and went to sleep.

" Good night " said others also and went to sleep.

"Good night" Ajax also went to sleep after saying that.

In the middle of the night, Ajax made sounds in his sleep due to nightmares which make him wake up several times in his sleep.

At some point of time one shadow came to his room silently moving on the floor and soon took the shape of silhouette and touched several points on his body.

As soon as the shadow finished touching Ajax's pained face returned to normal and slept peacefully.

"It's intensity increased sooner than expected, next plan should be done quickly then", muttered the shadow and dissolved in the floor and soon disappeared

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