New Age Of Summoners Chapter 199

187 The Demon World

Both Ajax and Paulin were shocked due to the fact that their Captain didn't mention about these missions.

Bountiful missions were the missions with a high reward that have less danger rating. So no one would miss these missions.

'Why didn't Captain Edmond say anything about these bountiful missions?'

Generally, all the mercenaries would rush for those missions, so they were puzzled at Edmond's thinking.

However, they know that Edmond already knew about these bountiful missions.

'I wonder, what Captain Edmond was thinking by sending all me and senior brother Paulin to complete the missions,' Ajax thought in his mind but didn't say it out loud.

"Big sister, what are these bountiful missions about?" Paulin asked about the missions.

"It's related to The Demon world" The blood rose, said with a serious look on her face.

"The Demon world?"

Ajax and Paulin shivered at her words.

They know something about the Demon world, so hearing about it made them shiver unconsciously.

The Demon World was one of The Human World's most significant and worst enemy.

The Demon World was ruled by the Demon King, who had 12 apostles.

Those 12 apostles were the ones that carry attacks on other worlds regularly to hunt humans.

Some people say that human bodies were the best delicacies for demons.

While some other people say that human flesh was the most valuable treasure for them to break through their cultivations.

So, the 12 demon king's apostles carry attacks on the human world with their demon servants army.

"Yes, there are suspected sightings of many demon servants in the cursed abyss and cursed wilderness," Henriet looked serious as he explained the missions,

"Also, according to the mercenary guild, there is a chance of a portal that connecting the demon world and the human world."

"So, for every demon servant you kill, there will be some contribution points. The more you kill the more you earn and also the contribution points vary with the strength of the demon servants" After Henriet, Rosa said about the contribution points.

"What? A portal connecting the demon world and the human world?" At first, they were shocked, but then again, they were excited as they could get some rewards for killing the demon servants.

"But, how will the mercenary guild record our kills?" Ajax asked the question, as this was his first time participating in Bountiful missions.

"By this," hearing the silly question, Henriet laughed a little before pointing to his wrist.

There was a black coloured bracelet that had some unique runes that made it look beautiful on his wrist.

"This is called Data collector Bracelet, which can collect all the data of your kills. However, you have to let it absorb a small part of the demon servant you killed to convert to killing into contribution points," After pointing at the bracelet, he explained about it and how to use it.

Seeing how the top captains were behaving and explaining things to him, Ajax's respect towards them increased once again.

In the beginning, he thought they would be arrogant and belittle them, but after seeing their casual behaviour, he felt all his initial thoughts were wrong.

"You should go and collect your Bracelets and start the mission soon," the top mercenary squad captains and their teams left after talking for a few minutes.

"Ajax, let's go and finish our task," After they left, Paulin said to Ajax.

"Our task? what about bountiful missions?" Ajax asked Paulin, wondering why his senior brother was not caring about the bountiful missions.

"I know what you are thinking, greedy little brother," seeing the disappointing look on Ajax, Paulin replied with a light tap on Ajax's head.

"Ouch," Ajax cried with him when Paulin hit him.

"We will take a 'B+' danger rating mission from the cursed wilderness or cursed abyss. While we are at it, we will complete the bountiful missions, if possible," Paulin explained with a small smile on his face and turned towards the mission board and started walking.

"Hurray," Ajax exclaimed with joy and rushed after Paulin to collect the mission board's mission.

Due to the bountiful missions, there were not mercenaries in front of the mission board.

So, they were at ease in selecting a mission, and calmly looked at the huge board that was full of missions.

Without wasting any time, they looked at the 'B+' danger rating section for their mission.

Mission 1):- Collect the egg of a peak rank 4 spirit cheetah.

Reward:- A chance to enter the battle hall of the royal family along with 10000 spirit stones

Danger rating:- B+

Mission2):- Need ten underworld death lotuses

Reward:-10000 Spirit stones

Danger rating:- B+





Mission 10):- Enter the middle section of the cursed wilderness and find the secret behind the Never-returning cave.

Reward:- 20000 Spirit stones

Danger rating:- B+ (Not accurate)

"What do you think, should we pick, Ajax?"

There was precisely 10 B+ danger rating mission on the mission board.

After seeing all the missions, Paulin asked Ajax for his opinion.

"Although I don't know what to pick, I know which we shouldn't pick," Instead of picking the mission, Ajax replied Paulin and said, "That last one, we shouldn't pick it."

"Huh?" Paulin looked at the last mission and nodded his head.

Since the mission had a chance of having a higher danger rating, they better not risk it.

As they don't have sufficient strength to complete an 'A' danger rating missions, he ultimately rejected the 10th mission.

"Then, what about the first mission. It looks decent and we can complete with some effort," Paulin suggested taking the very first mission on the list.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at the mission and nodded his head in agreement.

Just as they took that mission, a system notification chimed in his head.


Anew mission is generated in the quest tab. Please check it.

"What the heck," Ajax, who was very interested in the system generated missions in the past; however, now he cursed at the mission generated by the system.

The reason was, he could guess that what that mission would be.

Most of the missions were related to his present situations, so according to the situation now, he felt some horrible premonition from the generated mission.

"Please heavens. Let my assumptions be wrong," Ajax prayed as he opened the quest tab.



7000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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