New Age Of Summoners Chapter 198

186 Top 3 Mercenary Squads

After rushing out from Edmond's room, Ajax directly went outside of their residence building to meet up with Paulin.

'Where is he?'

However, he didn't find Paulin there, so he waited for some time, assuming that he was still in his room.

As expected, after a few minutes of waiting, Ajax finally saw Paulin came out of their residence building hurriedly.

"Sorry, Ajax, I had some things to pack for our mission," Paulin apologized Ajax for his late arrival.

"No need for a sorry, senior brother Paulin. I just came here," Ajax replied with a smile.

"Ajax, you don't need to act politely," seeing Ajax behave politely and respectfully towards him, Paulin felt uncomfortable.

Ajax respected Paulin a lot for his politeness and calmness. And he helps a lot to his junior brothers.

Every time he talked with Paulin, Ajax would maintain a certain degree of respect in his voice.

"Ok, senior brother Paulin," Ajax laughed loudly, agreeing with Paulin and moved towards the Mercenary guild.

"By the way, did you prepare clothes and necessary things for our mission, Ajax,"

Along the way, Paulin asked Ajax about his things, seeing that Ajax didn't prepare anything for the mission.

"I always have some extra set of clothes in my space ring along with some dried rations to eat in the wilderness," Ajax replied as he was pointing to the space ring on his index finger.

After his trip to the first mission in the cursed wilderness, Ajax felt the need for extra clothes.

So, from then, he would store some extra set of clothes along with some food in his space ring.

Soon, they reached the Mercenary guild building.

"Brother Paulin, why is this place fully packed with cultivators and mercenaries? Did we come to a market place ?"

When they reached the gate of the mercenary guild building, many people came in and out, which made Ajax think it was a marketplace.

Although there would always be a rush in front of the mercenary guild building every day, it was larger than usual.

Saying it larger was somewhat wrong, though.

To be more accurate, the crowd in front of the mercenary guild building was three times more than usual.

"I think, maybe there is something going in the mercenary guild," Paulin replied and went towards the gate.

Seeing the badges on their chests, all the surrounding people gave them a way to walk without making their entry difficult in the crowd.

These badges were only given to the top mercenary squads with their squad logo on them.

After entering the building, they went straight to the mission board to pick their first 'B+' danger rating mission.

However, before they reach the mission board, they saw some mercenaries with two different attires.

"Hello, Sir Demon Killer"

"Hello, Madam Blood Rose"

Seeing them, Paulin stopped and greeted two mercenaries with each different attire.

While greeting them, Paulin was very respectful.

"Hello, Sir Demon Killer and Madam Blood rose,"

Seeing Paulin greet them respectfully, Ajax also bowed a little and greeted.

Although he didn't know them, he heard their names somewhere.

But he didn't bother to know about their details, as he was busy with his things lately.

"Huh? Little Paulin?" Both the middle-aged man and the mid-aged woman turned and looked at Paulin and were surprised.

"How are you, Little Paulin," Both of them asked at the same time with a smile on their faces.

"I am good, How are you Sir and Maam?" Paulin asked them respectfully.

"As you see, I am good and strong," The middle-aged man called 'The Demon Killer' replied, showing his muscular biceps.

"Stop calling me Madam, Little Paulin. Call me big sis like you did when you were little," The middle-aged lady called 'The Blood Rose' looked hurt and scolded Paulin jokingly.

Seeing her behave like this, Paulin was speechless.

"So, he is the new recruit of your Hazegroove squad. Not bad, not bad," The Demon Killer looked at Ajax and nodded his head, approving his strength.

"Thanks, Sir Demon killer "

Ajax hurried thanked him for his praise.

Although he didn't know precisely who they were, judging from how they called Paulin and how Paulin showed respect towards them, Ajax acted politely.

"I think, he doesn't know us, right little brother?" seeing the look on Ajax's face, The Blood Rose smiled coyly as she called him, a little brother.

"His name is Ajax, Ajax they are..,"

"Let me introduce myself to the young fellow," Before Paulin could introduce them to Ajax, The Demon Killer interrupted him and continued saying,

"My name is Henriet, I am the Captain of number one mercenary squad 'The Demon Killer' and she is the captain of number two mercenary squad 'The Blood Rose' squad. As for her real name, you better hear from her, otherwise, she will fight with me just for saying her name."

'So, they are the top two mercenary squads above Hazegroove squad,' Ajax remembered about the squads.

There are many mercenary squads in the guild, but only a few reached the top by completing some of the top missions. And among the many squads, The Demon Killer, The Blood Rose, and The Hazegroove mercenary squads are the ones that reached Top 3.

"Henriet, stop with your nonsense. My name is Rosa," Rosa glared at Henriet before saying her name to Ajax.

"Nice to meet you, Sir and Madam," Ajax bowed and replied.

After bowing, Ajax looked the mercenaries behind the two top mercenary squads captains.

There were six men and four women behind them.

All of them had scars and cut on their bodies.

By looking at them, he could say that they don't belong to the normal mercenary category.

"Big sister, why are there so many people here and most importantly what are you doing here?" Paulin asked after introductions with Ajax was over.

"You don't know?" Rosa, the titled Blood rose, looked at Paulin with confusion.

"This Edmond is becoming careless about his present and future, by still mulling over his past," Henriet, the titled Demon Killer, shook his head at Edmond's carelessness.

"All the mercenaries and rogue cultivators are rushing here because some bountiful missions are announced by the Mercenary guild," the female captain said slowly.

"Bountiful missions?"

Ajax and Paulin were shocked when they heard Rosa's words.


7000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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