New Age Of Summoners Chapter 197

185 Story

Just as they exited Edmond's room, Ajax stooped all of a sudden as he remembered something.

"Senior Brother Paulin, I have something to say to Captain Edmond. I will meet you outside," Ajax said to Paulin, who was also stopped seeing Akax halt in his tracks.

"Sure, I have to go to my room first anyway. See you outside," Paulin replied before moving upstairs.

Without any delay, Ajax returned to Edmond's room.

"Huh? Ajax, what happened. Do you need something," seeing Ajax, who just left his room, returned in a hurry, Edmond questioned immediately.

"Nothing Captain Edmond," Ajax stopped for a moment before taking a long breath he continued, "I have something I want to give you."

"Huh?" Edmond was puzzled but became happy and asked in a curious voice, "What is it?"

Edmond became excited not because he thought Ajax would give something valuable, but because he was receiving something from Ajax, in whom he saw his son.

Which father wouldn't be excited, receiving something from his son.

"Here, I want to give this fruit to you," Ajax took out a huge fruit from his inner world but acted as he took it out from his space ring.

"Huh? What is it, Ajax" Edmond took the huge fruit into his hand and observed it.

"Th..this," As he observed it keenly, he was shocked by the huge fruit in his hand.

"Ajax, where did you get this?" He was still unable to suppress his shock as he asked Ajax.

"Huh? Captain Edmond, Do you know what this fruit is?" Ajax was shocked inwards but didn't show it out and act as he didn't have any knowledge about the fruit.

"First, tell me where did you find it?" Edmond didn't reply to Ajax's question; instead, he asked about its whereabouts.

"I found it in the cursed wilderness when I went on a mission earlier. During that time, I not only found the Longevity fruits but also this fruit which was very small and so I used a special technique to preserve the whole tree. Just today, it detached itself from the plant, which I assumed the fruit became ripe" Ajax looked at Edmond's face and continued,

"And I thought it to give you since I don't whether it was usefulor not."

Seeing the serious look on Edmond's face, Ajax explained the story he prepared earlier slowly.

"Really? Do you know a special technique to carry living plants on you?" Another shock raised in Edmond's heart.

The techniques that could allow one to carry living plants on them were scarce and valuable. So he was shocked by Ajax's unique technique.

"But, when we met, you said you didn't remember anything?" A frown formed on Edmond's face as he asked Ajax with a serious expression.

"I don't know, how but when I started cultivating, this special technique appeared in my head mysteriously," Ajax planned all the questions that Edmond would ask, so he answered them with shuttering.

They continued their question and answer session for a while until Edmond stopped asking any more questions.

Although Ajax answered all the questions without any delay, Edmond was still not convinced.

Nevertheless, he stopped asking any more questions causing Ajax's anxious heart to calm down.

"Captian Edmond, what is this fruit and what it is used for?" seeing the silent Edmond, Ajax asked some questions about the huge fruit.

Despite the fact, he knew about the fruit name and its uses; he asked those questions to divert the topic from asking more questions about him.

"Hmm," Edmond didn't find strange that Ajax didn't know about the fruit as it was a rare fruit that was only found in a few places in the curse wilderness.

If one didn't have sufficient luck, it was almost impossible to find these types of fruits.

"This huge fruit is called Monster peach, that is grown in only a few places and almost impossible to find," Edmond explained his explanation about the fruit.

"Also, you did a good thing by not consuming the fruit. Otherwise, you would have died. Listen carefully, in the future, if you find any more fruits, don't consume it without knowing its use," Suddenly, Edmond warned Ajax about eating some fruits.

"What? Eating this fruit would have cost me my life?" Ajax was utterly shocked by this new revelation.

Even though the system said it could only be used by the general realm cultivators or above, he didn't seriously think that this fruit could take his life, if h tried eating it.

"Yes, the energy in this fruit was barely manageable by the level 1 general realm cultivator. If you consumed it, your body would have exploded like a spirit watermelon by the energy in the fruit," Edmond replied to Ajax's shock.

'I will never try any funny with fruits,' Ajax swore in his head and decided to follow the system words carefully.

"As for the use, I think it will not be of any use for you anytime soon. But the fruit's efficiency will start leaking, once the 24 hours are completed," Edmond explained the use of the fruit which Ajax knows already.

"Ajax, I need this fruit, if you agree, then I will take it with other treasures. What do you say?" Edmond asked with a face full of expectations.

"No need for any treasures, Captain Edmond. I wanted to give this fruit to you anyway. If it is useful to you, then use it," Ajax immediately rejected any treasures as he owed Captian Edmond a great deal already.

"How can I take this valuable item without giving anything," Edmond shook his head and asked Ajax.

"I owe you too much already, Captian Edmond. So there is no need for any treasures," Ajax said with a smile and hurriedly ran away from his room.

'Kids nowadays are full of energy,' Edmond shook his head at the running Ajax.

While saying this, the corner of his eyes glistened a little.

'With this fruit in my hand, I can save much time in increasing my strength and the mission will hasten by a few weeks, Hahaha,' As he muttered looking at the fruit in his hand, Edmond started laughing at the end of his muttering.

"At that time, I will see who comes in my way," Edmond went back to his cultivation before eating the fruit in a few bites.


7000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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