New Age Of Summoners Chapter 196

184 Official Contracted Skills

"System, show my interface," Ajax asked the system to show his interface, which he had not seen for some time now.


Name:- Ajax


Body Cultivation:- Level 4 commander realm

Spirit cultivation:-Level 1 spirit commander realm (Unlocked)

Specialty:- Dark Elementalist

Title:- Alchemy maniac

Skills:- Spatial blades, Dark claw, Shadow clone.

Elemental spirits

Official:- 2

Unofficial:- 6

Spirit beasts:- 5

Soon, a holographic screen appeared in front of Ajax.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded, seeing at his initial details as there was nothing new, he doesn't know.

"Huh?" the first change he noticed was his spirit cultivation, which was previously locked was now unlocked.

Due to him not having any official contracts, his spirit cultivation was locked as soon as he was broken through to the spirit commander realm.

Since he had formed an official contract with an elemental spirit, it was now unlocked.


Next, he found what he wanted to see in the skills section.

In the skills section, there were two new skills that he thought were awakened by his official contract.

"First, Dark claw," he focused on the skill spirit merging.


Skill name:- Dark claw (Level 1)

Skill description:- When the host uses this skill, his hand will be covered by the dark elemental energy and transform his hand into a demon claw-like structure. This skill can be used to both attack and block enemy attacks.

Upgrade:- Kill 100 dark elemental beings with the dark claw to upgrade the skill to level 2.

"Huh?" Ajax raised his brow when he looked at the information about his first skill and thought, 'It's just an average skill.'

He thought that the skills, he gets from the official contract were some high-level ones, but he was disappointed with this dark claw, he awakened from forming the contract with Nite.

Although it was not mentioned in the information relating to the skill, he could guess it was related to Nite as he had both dark and beast elements.

'Anyway, it better than not having any skill,' soon, he consoled himself with the skill.

During the weekly spar with Paulin, Ajax faced the problem of not having sufficient techniques or skills. So he thought that having some skills were better than not having any.

Next, he focused on his second skill, which he thought the skill was from Dabrus as the skill had Shadow in its name.


Skill name:- Shadow clone (level 1)

Skill description:- When the host uses this skill, his Shadow comes to life and fights along with him.

Note:- The Shadow has only 50 percent of the host's strength.

Upgrade:- Absorb the shadows of 100 beings that the host had killed by himself.

"Hmm," Ajax looked at the skill and nodded as his initial expectations were decreased.

When there were no expectations, even a low-level reward would make one satisfied.

However, with huge expectations comes a huge disappointment.

He didn't have any expectations for his second skill, so he was satisfied with the skill.

'But, the level-ups for these skills will take time,' he looked at the Upgrade section and shook his head.

As he was shaking his head, he suddenly thought of something and looked into his spirit consciousness.

In the spirit consciousness, there were energy orbs, one big and two small.

'With the addition of another orb, now I have an instant five minor realms level-up boost, Haha,' his earlier disappoint vanished thinking about the energy orbs.

These energy orbs were non-other than the level-up boosts he would get for completing the 'A' or above danger rating missions with the clearance rating of at least 'A.'

He got one big energy orb that could increase a three minor realm and a small one that would increase a single minor realm from his trip to the five elemental world.

In this trip to the Elemental spirit world, he got another small energy orb.

Combining all the energy orbs, he could instantly level up to level 9 commander realm from his level 4 commander realm cultivation.

However, he rejected using those energy orbs as Udo already suspects him as a demonic cultivator. If he used those energy orbs and leveled up to level 9 commander realm, even Edmond would not stop Udo from harming him.

'Knock Knock,'

Just as he was in his thoughts, a knocking sound came waving him up from those thoughts.

'It must be Paulin,' While thinking in his head, Ajax went to the door and opened it.

"Ajax, are you ready?" As expected, the one who tapped his door was non-other than his senior brother Paulin.

"Yes. I am all ready, senior brother Paulin," Ajax replied with a smile.

"Good. Come we will go and meet Captain Edmond," Paulin replied the smile as usual.

Soon, Ajax and Paulin went downstairs and then to their Captain's room.

The door to the Captain's room was half-opened.

"Captain Edmond, are you there?"

Paulin asked, standing in front of Edmond's room.

Although the door was half-opened, they didn't enter the room without asking first.

"Come in," Edmond's voice came from inside the room, saying them to enter the room.

Only after Edmond told them to enter, they entered the room.

"So, it's finally time for you guys to do some missions and increase the ranking of our Hazegroove mercenary squad," Seeing them, Edmond said seriously without wasting any time. He continued, "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Captain Edmond,"

Both Ajax and Paulin replied attentively in unison, which made Edmond smile in his heart.

"Both of you should complete three 'B+' danger rating missions from the mission board of the mercenary guild before the champion's contest starts," Edmond said while looking seriously into their eyes.

"We will try our best," Paulin said loudly as a reply to Edmond's task.

"What about you, Ajax," Edmond asked, looking at Ajax, who didn't answer anything.

"We will complete all the three missions before the champions contest," Ajax replied confidently.

"Good," Seeing the confident look in their eyes, Edmond was satisfied.

"However, one thing you shouldn't forget. Be careful.Don't let a moment of carelessness cost your life," Edmond warned them one final time and stood up from his bed.

"Now, you can go and pick a mission and complete it before taking some rest for your next mission. Repeat the process until you complete your three missions," Edmond said them to pick their mission from the mercenary guild.

"Yes, Captain," Both of them replied before running out of Edmond's room.


7000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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