New Age Of Summoners Chapter 195

183 Settling The New Elemental Spirits

Ajax didn't ponder much as he already had someone in his head to level up.

"Bane, come here," he called the Poison elemental spirit to come near to him.

With a wave, he took out two elemental spirit stones(Elite soldier stone and Commander realm stones) and casually tossed those stones to the poison elemental spirit, Bane.

That's right. He picked the poison elemental spirit, Bane, to level up to the commander realm.

For this, he had two reasons.

The first one was that it's hard for the Poison elemental spirit to level up as there were very few Poison elemental essences of nature in the surroundings.

Without sufficient essence of nature, an elemental spirit could not break through a single minor realm, much less a major breakthrough.

The second reason was an auxiliary elemental spirit which had a major realm advantage while using its poisonous attack. (At present only one skill was awakened, but the Poison in that attack could kill a level 1 elite soldier realm cultivators).

So, he chose Bane to level up to the elemental spirit commander to gain an advantage over the higher realm cultivators.

"I am will send to my inner world, use those two stones to break through to the Elemental spirit commander realm," Ajax explained about a few details about the inner world as he tossed the elemental spirit stones to Bane.

When they heard about the Inner world, they were astonished and at the same time, excited.

"Yes, summoning master," However, Bane was not so excited about going into the inner world.

According to their summoning master's words, the essence of nature was purer than the present world they were staying in. So he wanted to see how purer the Poison elemental essence of nature in the inner world.

In the Zrochestor province, the essence of nature of basic elements was impure, much less his Poison elemental essence of nature.

So it didn't pique his interest, but what he was interested in the elemental spirit stones his hand.

'With these stones, I can easily reach the commander realm. I think I didn't form the unofficial contract in vain,' Bane thought in his head, and his earlier small hope turned big with his summoning master.

Ajax quickly sent Bane into the inner world and looked at his remaining elemental spirits.

"You don't need to feel sad, I have something for you," Ajax said, looking at their sad expressions.

Ajax knew why they were sad, as he gave the direct upgrade chance to Bane, and left them alone.

However, Ajax already thought about everything on how to upgrade everyone.

"I have given him the upgrade stones to him because he didn't have a suitable cultivation area at present," Ajax slowly said, looking at their expressions, which were changing slowly with his words.

With giving time for them to ask any questions, he continued, "I have suitable cultivation areas for you, which are called Elemental paradise in the same inner world, I have explained earlier."

The sad expressions on the elemental spirits turned into a puzzle as they didn't understand a thing about Elemental paradise.

"I think, it's better for you to feel the elemental paradise for yourselves. Then you will understand," Ajax didn't bother wasting his time explaining the greatness about the elemental paradise and directly waved his hand and transported them into his inner world.

As soon as they entered the inner world, they looked at their surroundings.

They saw three elemental spirits cultivating not far from their position.

They were shocked to see that their summoning master already had elemental spirits.

However, they didn't think about it much as another thing attracted them.

Nite and Dabrus were attracted to an area that was exuding a rich dark elemental essence of nature.

In that, the majority of the area was already filled by spirit beasts and one dark elemental spirit.

Without disturbing any dark elemental being, the newly contracted official elemental spirits entered the dark elemental paradise and started their cultivation, which they long waited for.

Whereas Cerauno was attracted by a small pond that was filled with flashes of lightning.

In the center of the pond, a bird that looked like a Hawk was cultivating with partial immersion in that lightning-filled water.

Seeing his new friends settled in a packed cultivation area, Cerauno felt much better at his new cultivation area, which was being used by only one spirit beast.

Similar to Nite and Dabrus, he went into the mini lightning pond without disturbing Snow.

'What a pure essence of nature!'

This was the only thought in their minds when they started cultivating in the elemental paradises.


Seeing the behaviors of his newly contracted elemental spirits, Ajax smirk and laughed a little.

His old elemental spirits saw the entry of new elemental spirits into the inner world, but they didn't bother them.

As they already knew that their summoning master would have more elemental spirits in the future. So they focused on cultivating and wanted to improve their cultivation as much as possible.

But the sad thing was that the newly enter elemental spirits have suitable cultivation ground, whereas there was nothing for them.

However, they were not demotivated, and their wish to increase their cultivation without using any elemental paradise had increased.

'I should try to complete more missions to get more elemental paradises for all types of elemental spirits so that they can progress their cultivation at the same pace,'

Ajax felt terrible for not creating an elemental paradise for his earlier elemental spirits.

Although he had a chance to create one elemental paradise, he used that chance for creating the poison type elemental paradise.

However, he had his reasons to do so.

Among them, the most important one was it would be easier for his basic elemental type spirits (Fire, Water, Land, Air, and Life) to increase their cultivation in the inner world without using any type ofElemental paradise.

However, it was different for Bane, who was a poison type of elemental spirit.

'I will build more elemental paradises for them,' Ajax swore in his heart to construct more elemental paradises in the inner world.

After settling his newly contracted elemental spirits, Ajax looked at the new skills that he awakened by forming official contracts with Elemental spirits.


7000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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