New Age Of Summoners Chapter 194

182 Monster Peach Ripens

It was a common thing for humans to become greedy at the lucrative rewards. So they don't think much for killing others to get those rewards.

Hence, the sect master of the assassin sect predicted that there would be some internal war between the fellow elders for the headquarters' rewards.

So, he warned everyone not to fight internally.

"Yes, first elder," All the elders nodded their heads in agreement.

However, in their hearts, they thought differently.

Seeing those two-faced elders, the second elder shook his head as he knew what they would do if anyone comes in their way.

"Okay then. The meeting is over," the first elder thundered and left the meeting Hall in a hurry.

All the elders also left one by one. Each with their own plans in their hearts.


Back in the Ajax's room, Ajax opened his eyes unwillingly.

Although he slept on his bed this whole time, his spirit consciousness was traveled to the elemental spirit world.

Not only did he travel to the elemental spirit world, but he also formed an official contract with two elemental spirits and two unofficial contracts with two auxiliary elemental spirits.

After forming all the contracts, Ajax felt mentally tired and wanted to sleep some more.

However, he had to wake up and meet up with Edmond, who would assign a mission for him and Paulin from the mercenary guild's mission board.

Unwillingly, he woke up and freshened up quickly.

"I think, I have sometime before Edmond can call me," Ajax sat on his bed and thought to check his rewards from the Elemental spirit worlds before Edmond could send Paulin or Lewis to inform him.

However, just he was about to sort out his rewards; he got two system notifications in his head.


The monster peach has ripened.


Consume it within 24 hours. Otherwise, the peach will lose its effectiveness and become a normal peach.

"What?" he was shocked by the sudden system notification.

The monster peach was a fruit that had the ability to increase amajor realm for a cultivator and a rank for spirit beasts.

But the condition was that the consumer should have the strength of a general realm or a rank 5 cultivation for a spirit beast.

And the most important thing was that the fruit would have the effect for only 24 hours, which caused Ajax to be anxious as he didn't have sufficient strength to use it on himself or couldn't consume his spirit beasts as they don't have rank 5 strength.

'Should I use it on Darbdaur?' He thought of the Barbarian, who was the only have that have general realm cultivation in his team.

However, he shook his head, rejecting the idea of using the monster peach on the Barbarian as it won't have any effect on him because his cultivation was sealed.

After thinking for a moment, he only thought of giving Edmond fruit as he had the general realm cultivation.

'But the problem is how should I explain about its origin?' he thought for some time before coming up with an idea.

'Although it was a lame idea, Captain Edmond won't ask for my secrets anyway. So I think this would work,' Ajax agreed to his own idea and became self-content.

'Now, let's see the rewards from this trip,' Ajax became excited when he thought of his gains in the elemental spirit world.

"I will first construct a poison elemental paradise for Bane since I promised him to help in his mutation," without hesitation, he said, "System, construct a poison elemental paradise for me."

He had a chance of constructing an elemental paradise of his own choice, so he ordered the system to construct an elemental poison paradise.


Poison elemental paradise can't be constructed as it belongs to an auxiliary type element.

"What? Didn't you say I can construct an elemental paradise of my own choice?" Ajax asked worriedly, along with a hint of anger in his voice.


The host needs to arrange some special requirements to construct an auxiliary elemental paradise.

"What special requirements? Also, why there were no such special requirements when I asked you to construct the lightning elemental paradise?" Ajax asked the system calmly, controlling his anger.

He got used to the system's random bullsh*t, so he was able to keep his anger in check.


The host provided nearly 1000 liters for the construction of the mini thunder pool.

"Huh?" Ajax nodded his head understanding what system meant and asked, "What should I do for you to construct a poison elemental paradise?"


It's very simple.

The host needs to collect three types of poisons.


Higher the collected poisons grade, then higher will be the elemental paradise grade.

"Sure, I will find it soon," Ajax just wanted an elemental paradise first, later he could upgrade it grade 2 elemental paradises with his another reward from a recent mission he completed in the elemental spirit world.

He thought, collecting three types of poisons was an easy thing, so he left that construction of the elemental paradise for the time being.

Next, he summoned his elemental spirits, whom he recently contracted.

As soon as he summoned four wisps of energy came out from his spirit consciousness and formed four elemental spirits in front of him.

Nite, the dark/beast dual-type elemental spirit, Level 6 elemental spirit soldier. (official)

Dabrus, the dark type elemental spirit, Level 6 elemental spirit soldier. (official)

Bane, the poison type elemental spirit, Level 1 elemental spirit soldier. (unofficial)

Cerauno, the lightning type elemental spirit, Level 1 elemental spirit soldier. (Unofficial)

He was satisfied with the four elemental spirits with their skills and element types.

"We pay our respects to the summoning master," As soon as they were summoned, all four elemental spirits greeted Ajax respectfully.

Ajax nodded his head in reply.

'Let's see how many elemental spirit stones I have in my inventory,' Ajax forgets something important and checks his inventory to upgrade his elemental spirits with the elemental spirit stones.


Elemental spirit stones

Elite Soldier x 1

Commander realm x 2

"With these, I can directly upgrade any of level 1elemental spirit soldier elemental spirit to level 1 of the commander realm" As he thought, he looked at the four elemental spirits to pick one elemental spirit to level up.


7000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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