New Age Of Summoners Chapter 193

181 Lucrative Rewards

However, the third elder didn't believe it, though. Since the child escaped from the massacre was less than 15 years old. And the brat from the Hazegroove mercenary squad already reached the peak elite soldier realm by the time he got the mission.

Nevertheless, the third elder didn't care about that, since he was getting a reward for the mission, he sent his disciples to kill the boy named Ajax, who took a mission alone in the Cursed Abyss.

On the contrary, things didn't go as he expected.

All his personal disciples went missing in the Cursed Abyss, leaving the mission incomplete, and his target returned safely to the Goldcrest town.

'Sigh...Damn those five main families I am going to show you the real hell when you start that bloody revolution,' The third elder thought in his mind as he assumed that the reason behind the missing of his personal disciple team was related to five main families.

More than his care for his disciples, his anger towards them was increased because it cost him his rewards from the headquarters.

'So, the headquarters thought I am no longer reliable..sigh,' the third elder sighed.

It was not his first time doing the Headquarters' secret missions, so he knew how they would reward him if he completed their mission.

'But now, I will actively take this mission into my hands and prove them I can complete their missions,'

After a few moments of sighing, his confidence boosted, thinking that, if he completes any of the missions, he will get more secret missions from the headquarters.

"As for the reward for this mission, it was a chance to enter into the Evil underworld spring to cultivate for a week," Even the first elder's voice shook when he announced the reward for the mission.


"A chance to cultivate in the Evil underworld spring?"

"For a week?"

All the elders were shocked at the reward for killing a recently entered commander realm brat.

Even the second elder who was rarely shown interested in anything was excited a little and nodded his head.

Only the third elder shook his head silently as this was the least reward he got in his many secret missions.

'I don't care about that spring anymore, as it won't be any use to me anyway. However I should complete the mission to prove them my worth,' he thought silently and wondered about the second mission.

"Huh?" the first elder frowned a little seeing the scroll he was holding and continued saying,

"There is a note under the mission if any cube forms after killing him, then the reward will be multiplied 3 times and will be given an outer elder position in the headquarters."

"What the heck! Is it really real?" the seventh elder stood up and asked loudly, forgetting that he was asking that question to the first elder.

"Huh?" the first elder looked at the elder who asked him the question and smiled.

"S..sorry first elder. I was excited earlier. Please forgive me for my impudence,"

Seeing that devil's smile, the seventh elder shuddered before apologizing him with a bow.

"Don't need to be so formal, junior elder, we are all from the same sect, right? Even I was shocked by the reward," The first elder said, accepting the apology.

When the first elder confirmed the reward, all the elders' eyes shone with greed and swore that they would complete the mission at any cost.

Soon after that, the first elder burned the scroll and took out another scroll from his space ring and started reading it aloud.

"Find a youth around 15 years old and has an elemental affinity with three or more than three elements and bring him to the headquarters," the first elder read at a normal pace; however, when he reached the end, his voice stopped in his throat.

"What happened, first elder?"

"Is there something wrong with the reward?"

"I think it was an impossible mission with some terrible condition,"

All the elders asked, seeing the first elder stopped reading the mission details all of a sudden.

"Huh? It's nothing. I was shocked by this mission's reward even more than earlier," he stabilized himself before announcing the reward for the second mission.

"The reward for the mission is that the Headquarters will owe them a favor which they can ask anything. As long as it was reasonable, the headquarters will not reject it. And they will be given a chance to enter the treasure hall of the Headquarters and can pick any item from it," his voice became shakier as he read it.


All the elders became speechless with the back to back shocking rewards from the second mission.

"Am I dreaming?"

Some of the elders said as they pinched themselves to test.

But the pain really brought them back and said that it was all true and they were not dreaming.

Among all the elders, the first elder, along with the second and the third elder, were the first ones to calm down from the shocks.

"Although the rewards seem lucrative, the mission was almost impossible to complete," the second elder shook his head at the impossible mission.

Although it seemed simple, it was impossible to find a dual elemental affinity cultivator, much less three or more than three elemental affinity cultivators.

Hearing the second elder's words, all the elders stopped thinking about the rewards and started thinking about the mission.

"Why is headquarters even issuing this mission?"

"Are they making fools by giving us an impossible mission?"

Some elders got angry and shouted to express their dissatisfaction at the headquarters.

However, if anyone from the headquarters would have present here, no one would even make noise much less show their dissatisfaction towards the headquarters.

"Stop it," the first elder just said a word which made the meeting hall silent once again.

"Headquarters knows what they are doing. If you want the reward then complete the mission. And one more thing both the missions were to be completed secretly without alerting the other sects and most importantly the royal family," After finishing his words, the first elder burned the scroll in his hand.

"Aside from that, there was a small warning from the sect leader that no one should kill any of the elder or disciples of our sect while you were completing the missions," the first elder said slowly after burning the scroll in his hand.


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