New Age Of Summoners Chapter 192

180 Two Missions

Hearing those words, all the elders nodded their heads.

Although defeating the top sects might be more comfortable for the main families if they were defending, however, when they were in the attacking, winning against them was almost impossible.

Because every top sect was protected by a mid-level rank six array formation, which would defend all the attacks from a level 5 elite general realm cultivators and below.

In all the Zrochester province, the elite general realm cultivators could be counted on two fingers.

So, as long as they were defending, even the royal family, who had the highest power in the province, couldn't go an all-out war with any of the top sects.

Not only top sects, but main families also had a rank 6 array, albeit, it was only a low-level among the rank 6 arrays.

"However, the reason we gathered here today has nothing to do with the five main families," The first elder said after the meeting hall was calmed down.



Some elders shouted 'What?' in shock, whereas others raised their brows with a 'Huh?'

"I reason we gathered here today is to announce a mission to all the sect elders," The first elder said without bothering the elders' shocked reactions.

"What?If it was a mission, then why don't you place it in the third elder's hands," The second elder, who had almost the same strength as that of the first elder said with irritation on his face.

In the assassin set, every elder manages a hall that had its own operations.

For example, the first elder manages the discipline hall, which maintains order in the sect between the assassin sect's disciples from killing each other.

Whereas, the mission hall was operated by the third elder who assigns the danger rating and rewards for the incoming missions.

So, when the second elder heard that the meeting was about a mission, he said those words.

"If it is a simple mission, I would have done that gladly. However, it is not as simple as you think," the first elder said with a gentle smile on his face.

Seeing the gentle smile, except for the second elder, all others have shivered.

All the elders know that the first elder was not a person with a carefree attitude. He remembers even the slightest thing that irritates him and plays with those who caused those most insignificant things.

Seeing the smile, the second didn't speak and waited for the first elder's remaining words.

"The mission was from the headquarters," Looking at the silent meeting hall, the first elder nodded his head and slowly said.

However, to the remaining elders, those words sounded like a rumble of thunder in their ears.

Headquarters was a mysterious place for them that could increase their cultivation speed and, at the same time, kill them if they went against the rules set by it without any hesitation.

All the elders looked at the first elder to know more details about the mission.

Since the mission was from the headquarters, the rewards would be even higher, so they were excited to know more about the mission.

However, on the third elder's face, a frown was formed hearing those words.

'Don't tell me it was related to the earlier missions,' As the mission hall head, he did two secret missions from the headquarters in the past few months which were not even known by the first elder.

Despite the fact he took two missions from the headquarters, he was unable to complete them, and the rewards he was promised were also not given.

He thought this mission was given to all the elders since he was not reliable in completing the mission.

'Sigh I should have gone to complete the first mission, then I would have become more powerful than the first elder,' the third elder shook his head.

A few months back, he got a secret mission from the headquarters that he had to find an item by killing all the children from the Volar city.

Since there were not many high-level cultivators in that city, he didn't take it seriously.

Nevertheless, he sent his personal disciples who were extremely loyal to him for that mission.

Even after killing all the children below the age of 14 in the city, they didn't find any item that was said to be appeared after killing the child.

After observing clearly, one of his personal disciples was disappeared without a trace.

"Third elder, what are you thinking?" seeing him space out into thin air, the first elder asked him.

"Nothing nothing,"

Stopping his train of thoughts about the past, the third elder shook his head as it was nothing.

"We have two missions. Not one but two," The first elder started speaking, stressing out that there were two missions from the headquarters.

All the elders were excited when they heard there were two missions.

Any random mission from the headquarters would have a decent reward. So they were obviously excited about the missions.

"There is a boy with that Edmond guy from the Hazegroove family, you know right?. We have to assassinate that boy without alerting that Edmond," the first elder opened a scroll from his space ring and read the details on it before explaining it out.

The second and third elders nodded their heads as though they remembered something from the past.

As for the other elders, they thought for a moment and nodded their heads.

"The mission has to complete before that kid reaches the royal capital for the champions contest," The first elder stroking his white beard announced the time limit for the first mission.

"Isn't there more than two months before the champions contest starts?" some of the elders discussed the time and calmed down as there was more than enough time to complete the mission.

However, some of the elders thought about the reason behind killing that boy, which they were unable to find out.

Unlike them, the third elder had some idea about the mission.

According to the second mission he got from the headquarters, a child had escaped from the massacre and survived.

So, he had to kill that brat from the Hazegroove mercenary squad who appeared out of nowhere.

In the mission, he got, it was said that there was a small chance that this Hazegroove squad brat was the child that escaped the massacre.


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