New Age Of Summoners Chapter 190

178 Sword Wave

'Whatever, I only have that one technique to display anyway. If he didn't like it, then the last thing that will happen is not getting a contract with Cerauno,' Ajax thought in his mind, as he finally decided to showcase his sword technique that was converted from a sword move.

However, deep down in his heart, Ajax had a small hope that he could impress the lightning elemental spirit with his single sword technique.

Taking a deep breath, Ajax closed his eyes and tried to remember the images that were flashed in his head when he received the small sword's inheritance.

After a few seconds, he opened his eyes, which shone with confidence.

'Is it me or my eyes playing with me?' seeing the confident look in Ajax's eyes, Cerauo and Prophis thought in their heads individually.


Ajax slashed the sword horizontally with all his power.

As soon as he slashed the lightning sword, it sliced through the air very smoothly and a small wave as emitted by the slash, which traveled 2-3 meters before disappearing.

"What?" Cerauno and Prophis were shocked to see the small wave which traveled 2-3 meters.

They were shocked because that sword move was very fluent and sliced through the air very smoothly, and most importantly, that sword move was able to create a sword wave which, only peak level 1 sword dao cultivator could do it.

Even then, they could only release the sword wave up to less than 2 meters.

However, Ajax was able to form a sword wave that could travel more than 2 meters with only a level 1 sword dao.

So, they were shocked.

Not only them, but even Ajax was also shocked by his own sword technique.

Because he doesn't know he would be able to create a sword wave.

If he knows he would not have worried much about forming a contract with the lightning elemental spirit.

It's not Ajax's fault for not knowing about sword wave, as he didn't use his sword attack after he successfully set foot into the sword dao.

After he entered into the sword dao with the 100th perfect slash of his mountain splitting sword technique, he didn't use it again as he was entered into the elemental spirit world in his sleep.

So when he used the sword technique now with his full focus, he was able o create a sword wave, which made other elemental spirits shocked.

"How is it? Are you impressed?"

Coming out of his thoughts, Ajax turned to Cerauno and asked with a small smile.

"Of course I am impressed but I am wondering how you were able to form a sword wave that could travel more than two meters with only Basic level 1 sword dao?" Cerauno walked towards Ajax, agreeing that he was impressed and asked a question.

"Hehe," Ajax gave a small laugh as a reply to Cerauno.

Seeing that Ajax was not saying anything about his secret, Cerauno also didn't bother asking him.

'I think, he will explain it after I form a contract with him,' Cerauno thought that since he would be his contracted elemental spirit, then he should explain the secret behind his sword dao to increase his strength anyway. So Cerauno didn't bother him.

Instead, he bowed to Ajax and said, "I am willing to form a contract with you."

Most of the elemental spirits won't go against their words. When Ajax completed the task given by Cerauno, he was willing to form a contract with Ajax without any hesitation.

'Hurray!' Ajax was over the moon when he saw the actions of Cerauno and went to him.

"No need to bow," Ajax said to Cerauno with modest.

He respected Cerauno for his strength, so he stooped him from bowing.

Cerauno was not a normal elemental spirit. He was an auxiliary elemental spirit who cultivated Sword dao to level 2.

With all these abilities, Ajax's respect for him increased a lot.

"So Cerauno, will that the elemental spirits can learn different Daos just like humans and other humanoid beings," he asked Cerauno about his earlier doubts.

"Although it is rare for an elemental spirit to learn a specific sword dao, it's not an impossible thing,"

Cerauno explained Ajax's question and continued, "Some elemental spirits in the elemental spirit world enter into hibernation to pass their boring time in here, whereas some elemental spirits started practicing with weapons to overcome their boring time."

"Eventually, among them, some elemental spirits managed to learn a weapon dao that they were focusing on," Cerauno stopped his explanation.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head in understanding.

"And among them, Cerauno was one of a few elemental spirits who managed to learn a sword dao (Fast type)," Prophis came towards them and praised Cerauno with envy.

"So, what type of weapon did you practice with? Prophis," Ajax asked the space elemental spirit, Prophis.

"I practised with," Before he could finish his words, Ajax got a system notifications in his head.


The host only left 5 minutes more to leave the elemental spirit world.


Complete the missions before that.

Seeing the system notifications, Ajax became anxious and turned to Cerauno.

"Cerauno, there is no time. Come, let's form the contract quickly," Ajax babbled, urging Cerauno to come forward.

Hearing Ajax's anxious voice, Prophis stopped speaking and looked at his surroundings to know the reason for his anxiousness.

But he didn't find anyone.

Cerauno came forward, stood in front of Ajax, and let him enter into his spirit consciousness to place a spirit mark.

'Huh? It's just like Snow's spirit consciousness but its way peaceful than Snow's which was fierce,' After entering into Cerauno's spirit consciousness, Ajax remembered Snow as they both belonged to lightning elemental. Still, their spirit consciousness looked way too different.

One was peaceful, whereas another one was violet.

Without wasting any time, Ajax placed a spiritual mark in the peaceful spirit consciousness before coming out.

As soon as he came out, the system notifications rang once again.


Special mission:- Form a contract with an elemental spirit is completed.

Reward:- The system will help the host regarding the space elemental spirit.


Do you want to use the reward now?

"Yes," without any hesitation, Ajax chose to use the reward.


7000 power stones/ week= 3 chapters/day for the Next week

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