New Age Of Summoners Chapter 188

176 Elemental Spirit: Cerauno

"I want you to find an Elemental spirit and convince it to form an unofficial contract with me, and then I will say about how to form an official contract," Ajax asked politely.

He didn't want Prophis to think that he was using him to form a contract with an elemental spirit, so he acted politely.


Hearing Ajax's words, Prophis looked at him for a moment before nodding his head.

"But if you go back on your words, I will let you know about my anger," Prophis looked at Ajax and warned him.

After warning him, Prophis waved his hand.

Soon a portal appeared in front of him.

"Let's go," Prophis turned to Ajax and said.

"You three, stay here until we come back," Ajax said to his contracted elemental spirits before entering the portal with Prophis.


Somewhere in the elemental spirit world,

A place that was rumbled continuously with thunders and flashes of lightning.

Suddenly a 2-meter portal appeared amidst those thunders and flashes of lightning.

From the portal, an elemental spirit that had a silver-colored cloak behind his back and the same colored mask on his face, which was expressionless.

Behind that elemental spirit stood a young man with a black hair and handsome face.

"Huh? A thunder elemental region?" Ajax asked Prophis with a surprised look.

"Yes, I placed a mark in this elemental region to teleport, because he was an acquaintance of me who always wanted to leave the elemental spirit world," Prophis said nonchalantly.

"Oh! An acquaintance?" Ajax was slowly beginning to understand that elemental sprits were also having some similarities like humans.

"We meet once and battle with each other. And approved the strength of each other," saying that Prophis moved towards a cave surrounded by flashes of lightning and bolts of thunder.

"Cerauno, come out," Prophis shouted in the direction of the cave.

After a few moments, an elemental spirit appeared in front of Prophis out of nowhere.

'What a speed!' seeing the speed of the elemental spirit that appeared in front of Prophis, Ajax exclaimed silently.

"Hey there, Prophis. Why did you come here? Do you need any help?" The lightning elemental spirit didn't give any time for Prophis to speak and instead asked many questions.

"Look, I brought a summoning master here," Pointing at Ajax, Prophis said to the lightning elemental spirit.

"Huh? Why did you bring him here?" Cerauno, the lightning elemental spirit, asked, raising a brow.

He thought that if a summoning master came, Prophis would have long formed a contract with him. Why would he bring him here?

"I brought him here so that you can form a contract with him and leave this elemental spirit world that you hate," Prophis said the reason he brought Ajax to this lightning elemental region.

"Huh? To form a contract? Then why didn't you forming a contract with him?" Cerauno asked his doubts about bringing Ajax to his region when Prophis had the chance to form a contract with him.

"Let me explain to you clearly. He can't form an official contract now as he doesn't have sufficient strength. Only an unofficial contract is available, so I brought him here since you wanted to leave this elemental spirit world very badly," Prophis explained everything about Ajax.

"Okay, I agree to from an unofficial contract with you on one condition," After hearing about everything that happened at the space elemental region and Ajax's promise about mutation, Cerauno agreed with one condition.

"What condition?" Ajax asked excitedly.

Since he was going to form a contract with another auxiliary elemental spirit, he was excited and asked about the condition.

That's right; the Lightning elemental spirit also falls under auxiliary elemental spirits.

The lightning elemental spirits were almost the same level as space elemental spirits but not equal.

"I want to test your battle prowess," Cerauno said without thinking much.

Even though he was okay with any contract, he wants to form that contract with a strong summoning master. So he wanted to test the battle prowess of the Ajax.

Hearing this, Ajax didn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

"What? Already scared?" seeing his facial expressions, Cerauno mocked Ajax.

"Don't you know, I didn't have a shed of cultivation in this spirit consciousness form," Ajax replied with a mock from his side as a courtesy.

"I know that. I will not use my skill and only use my physical strength, and if you want, I can even give you a weapon," Cerauno nodded his head as he explained.

"Okay," Ajax agreed.

Although he didn't know the exact physical strength of the lightning elemental spirit, he had some confidence that he could win the battle with a weapon.

'I hope I can use my recently learned sword technique here,' Ajax thought and asked Cerauno, "I want a sword to fight."

Before he entered this dream awakening, he managed to learn a sword technique and successfully comprehended a level 1 fastest type sword dao.

Even though his sword dao was only level 1, it could boost his attacking power by 20 percent, so he asked a sword to fight against the lightning elemental spirit.

"A sword? Good," Cerauno nodded his head and formed a lightning bolt in his hand.

After it formed, he casually mumbled something, and the lightning in his turned into a sword.

The converted sword looked completely white except for its hilt, which had a hint of purple color.

"Take it," Cerauno tossed the sword at Ajax asked him to take it.

Ajax caught the hilt of the sword felt some light shocks from it.

"You will feel some shocks, take a few moments to adjust to it," Cerauno explained Ajax about the shocks from the sword.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head and tried to analyze the sword with the help of the system.


Item name:- Basic Lightning Sword

Description:- A sword made from a lightning bolt by the Lightning elemental spirit, Cerauno.

Effects:- A small numbing sensation for a few moments to the one who holds it.

'Woah! So he can form weapons from the lightning bolts. How useful,' Ajax praised Cerauno's skill at making weapons.

'Is this his first skill?' Ajax thought about the fundamental skills of the elemental spirits, which were awakened own their own and looked at Cerauno to find his information.



3000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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