New Age Of Summoners Chapter 187

175 New Special Mission

Space elemental spirit hesitated for a second before asking, "Do you really have a way to mutate an elemental spirit?"

"Yes, but it will take time though," Ajax was somewhat excited when he heard space elemental spirit's words.

He thought that he could form a contract with another auxiliary elemental spirit, so of course, he was excited.

"Okay," Prophis nodded his head and said, "My second condition to form a contract with you is I want an official contract."

"Huh?" Ajax didn't expect that space elemental spirit's second condition was to form an official contract.

However, he needs to wait until he reached the general realm to form another official contract.

So without any choice, Ajax replied, "Sorry, I can't form an official contract with you at the moment."

He sighed at missing an easy chance to form a contract with an auxiliary elemental spirit.

"I am not willing to form an unofficial contract with you," space elemental spirit also shook his head.

"Why do you need an official contract?" Ajax asked as he didn't know the actual difference between the official and unofficial contracts yet.

"You don't know?" Prophis asked Ajax confusedly.

The reason for his confusion was how anyone could become a summoning master without knowing the actual difference between an official and an unofficial contract.

Bane, the poison elemental spirit, also puzzled at Ajax's question.

Even his own officially contracted elemental spirits were puzzled at their Summoning master, who doesn't know the summoning's fundamental question.

"I really don't," Ajax embarrassedly replied.

As no one said anything about the official and unofficial contract differences, he didn't know about it.

"Sigh...I wonder how you became a summoning master" the space elemental spirit looked at Ajax and sighed as he explained,

"An official elemental spirit can erase the spiritual imprint in his/her spirit consciousness by the summoning master whereas unofficial elemental spirits can't."

When he heard Prophis's words, Ajax was shocked.

"However, erasing the spiritual imprint on his/her spirit consciousness will take away all their cultivation along with imprint," Prophis continued his explanation seeing Ajax's dumbfounded expression.

"What? Official elemental spirits can erase the spiritual imprint placed by summoning masters?" Ajax was still in the shock with official and unofficial contract thing.

However, he soon managed to recover from his shock.

'So, that's why Dabrus and Nite actively formed an official contract with me,' He found another reason for his easy contract process.

"So where will those elemental spirits that erased the spiritual imprint would go?" Ajax asked Prophis.

"All the elemental spirits that erased the spiritual imprint will be brought to the elemental spirit world," Prophis explained.

"So you are not willing to form an unofficial contract because of this," Ajax finally understood the real importance between the official and unofficial elemental spirits.

Official elemental spirits could leave their summoning masters at the cost of their cultivation, whereas unofficial elemental spirits were bund to the summoning master until their death.

"Yes, I only want to form an official contract," Prophis replied seriously about his choice.

"Okay then, However, if I want to form a contract with you in the future, how can I find you?" Ajax said after thinking for a moment.

How could he leave a space elemental spirit that was agreed to form a contract with him that easily?

So he wanted to ask him if there was any way to find him when Ajax visits the elemental spirit when he reaches the general realm.

When he reaches the general realm, he could form an official contract, so he asked with some hope.

"Huh?" Prophis looked at Ajax's face, which was filled with some hope but shook his head as he said, "There is no way. Let's leave that to fate."

Hearing his words, Ajax felt disappointed.

Amidst his disappointment, a system notification came, which puzzled him.


A new system mission is generated in the quest tab. Please check.

Ajax quickly looked at the quest tab with some hope.

He was expectant because the system would always help him at the most crucial point.


Special mission:- Form a contract with an elemental spirit.

Reward:- The system will help the host regarding the space elemental spirit.

Time limit:-30 minutes

Danger rating:- none

Description:- The host has only 30 minutes left to remain in the elemental spirit world, so complete the special mission as soon as possible.

'What? The system will help me regarding Prophis?' Ajax's earlier disappointment disappeared into thin air, and excitement filled in his face.

'But the problem is how to find an elemental spirit that is willing to form an unofficial contract with me in 30 minutes,' However, he doesn't have enough time to search for an elemental spirit.

Even if he finds one, he had to convince that elemental spirit to form an unofficial contract with him.

'It's impossible I think. This system is only showing me some hope before throwing me into the abyss of despair,' Ajax shook his and checked his surroundings for something that could help him form a contract with an elemental spirit quickly.

As he was checking on his surroundings, his eyes landed on the space elemental spirit, Prophis, standing in front of a 2-meter portal.

'Let's see what skill it has,' Ajax thought in his head as he prayed and check his information, "Please, it should have some kind of teleportation skill."


Elemental spirit name:- Prophis

Element type:- Space (Auxiliary type)

Cultivation:- Level 1 elemental spirit soldier


1) Teleport (Level 1)

Skill description:- An ordinary space type skill that can create a portal to another place that was already marked by the elemental spirit.

Limitations:- Can teleport three times a day, and only three beings can travel through the portal.

Remaining teleportations:- 2/3 times

"Yes," Ajax excitedly shouted, making all the elemental spirits look at him with a puzzle.

Seeing he was being looked like an idiot, Ajax calmed and looked at the space elemental spirit.

"If you want to form an official contract with me, I have a way for that," Ajax slowly said to Prophis and continued speaking, "However, I need a small help first."

"Sure, what is it?" Like any other elemental spirits, Prophis also wanted to leave this elemental spirit world.

However, he only wanted to form an official contract, so when Ajax said, he had a way to form an official contract, Prophis asked what the help he needed was.


3000 power stones = 3 chapters/day

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