New Age Of Summoners Chapter 186

174 Special Mission Completed

According to him, it was impossible to do, as it required a very rich elemental area for a mutation to occur.

"Human, don't fool me. It's an impossible thing to do, as there are only a few areas with poison elemental essence of nature in the outside world," Bane, who was silent for some time, shook his head. and replied Ajax coldly.

"If you want an elemental area that was suitable for you, I have it," Ajax didn't slow down with his words, as he replied confidently, making that poison elemental spirit falter for his words.

"Hahaha, Human, what are you trying to do? It's an impossible thing for you to have a Poisonous elemental region," seeing that his slave was poached away by a human's words, Prophis laughed loudly.

Hearing Prophis words, Bane once again shook his head, as it was an impossible thing for a human to have it.

It was a general fact that humans couldn't withstand the most dangerous poisons, so they directly concluded it as an impossible thing.

"Okay then, if you don't believe me then I will leave," Ajax shook his head and turned to look at his two contracted elemental spirits and continued saying, "Let's go."

Ajax turned around and walked out of the space elemental region.

Although he turned, he walked rather slowly, hoping that the poison elemental spirit reconsiders his offer.


As expected, the poison elemental spirit stopped Ajax.

"What?" Ajax asked irritatedly, but he was only showing it out. However, inside his heart, he was laughing that his trick was working as he expected.

"Can you swear on your summoning profession, that you will help me mutate after I form a contract with you?" Bane looked at Prophis before looking at Ajax and asked him to swear.

Although the swearing doesn't have any effect on summoning masters or any of their elemental spirits, they would not swear on it carelessly.

Because for a summoning master, summoning was an honor that they would not take it lightly.

"I swear that I will help the poison elemental spirit to mutate in the future," Ajax didn't hesitate for a second before swearing loudly.

In actuality, Ajax had a way to help elemental spirits to mutate.

When Dabrus and Nite said about mutation, Ajax immediately thought of Elemental paradises in his Inner World.

At present, he only had Lightning and Dark Elemental paradises in his inner world system feature.

However, he had another chance to create any other elemental paradise that he didn't use for creating a useful elemental paradise in the future.

To his surprise, he finally found the chance to create an elemental paradise.

Ajax was willing to swear on the summoning profession because elemental paradise had a certain chance of mutating any spirit beasts or elemental spirits that cultivate in it for a long time.

Seeing that Ajax didn't hesitate to swear on summoning, Bane canceled his elemental skill 'Poison mist' and moved towards Ajax.

"Wait, I can make you mutate even quicker than that human," Prophis, looking at the poison elemental spirit's back, quickly said.

However, his words didn't stop Bane from leaving.

Bane soon reached Ajax and stood before him and said, "I hope you keep your promise."

"I will," Ajax replied and placed his hand on the chest of the poison elemental spirit.

Within a few seconds, Ajax got some system notifications informing about the success of forming a contract.


Congratulations to the host for successfully forming a contract with an Auxiliary type elemental spirit.


Special mission:- Form a contract with any of the auxiliary elemental spirits is completed.

Description:- A real summoning master should have an ability to form a contract with any elemental spirit regardless of the elemental.

Rewards:- 1) A level up for any type of grade 1 elemental paradise.

2)A Chance to draw a lottery that has a 60 percent chance to win a specialty.

'Yes,' Ajax shouted in his head when he saw the information on the holographic screen.

'With the first reward, I can directly upgrade the poisonous type elemental paradise to grade 2 which will increase Bane's chances of mutation,' he planned about how to mutate his first auxiliary elemental spirit.

When he formed an unofficial contract with the poison-type elemental spirit, he sensed some of Bane's memories.

In those memories, he was always attacked by the other auxiliary spirits and was scolded continuously by them as he shouldn't be called an auxiliary elemental spirit.

Furthermore, they used to say that it was an insult to other auxiliary elemental spirits by calling the poison type elemental spirit as an auxiliary elemental spirit.

From then on, Bane always wanted only one thing in his life.

That he wanted to mutate his element and become powerful.

And if there were any chance of him encountering them in the future, he would return them their beatings.

Ajax understood why this poison elemental spirit wants to mutate first rather than leave this elemental spirit.

Among all the auxiliary elemental spirits, only Prophis showed some care for him, so he was willing to become his slave. That space elemental spirit also promised him in his mutation.

However, he didn't have any hope in that space elemental spirit, so he didn't hesitate to leave him.

Prophis also knew the reason for his leaving, so he didn't bother about him much as he only promised him to console him.

"I, Bane, the poison type elemental spirit thank the summoning master for forming a contract with me,"

As soon as the contract was formed, Bane bowed in front of Ajax and introduced himself to his summoning master.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head at the bowing elemental spirit.

"Is it considered as me defeating him?"

After the little contracting ceremony was completed, Ajax turned to look at the silver cloaked elemental spirit and asked.

"Yes," Prophis replied, nodding his head.

"Since I satisfied your first condition, what is your second condition," Ajax asked as he thought something was wrong as the space elemental spirit before him agreed without any hesitation.

"Before I say my second condition, let me ask you something," Instead of announcing his second condition, Prophis said, he wanted to ask something.

'Here it comes,' Ajax thought in his head but said, "What do you want to ask?"


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