New Age Of Summoners Chapter 185

173 Elemental Spirit: Bane

From the portal beside Prophis, a figure that was covered in a transparent light purple colored robe came out.

It looked a little shorter and thinner than Prophis.

Ajax sensed a weird elemental essence of nature that he was never sensed before, from the elemental spirit causing him to raise his brows.

"If you can defeat him, with your own wits and strength, I will say the second condition,"

Seeing the frown on Ajax's face, Prohis nodded his head in satisfaction and announced loudly.

Because the elemental spirit he made slave was a rare type of auxiliary elemental spirit that belonged to poison type, but much weaker than any of the auxiliary elemental spirit.

Ajax only frowned a little before using the system to know more about the elemental spirit beside Prophis.


Elemental spirit name:- Bane

Elemental type:- Poison (Auxiliary)

Cultivation:- Level 1 Elemental spirit soldier

Skills:- 1) Poison mist (Level 1)

Skill description:- When the skill was used, a 10-meter radius around the elemental spirit becomes a field of mist that was filled with toxins for 30 minutes, which could even affect the beings of one major realm higher than the elemental spirit.

Cooldown:- One hour

Elemental Spirit Description:- One of the weakest elemental spirits in auxiliary type elemental spirits.

"Another auxiliary spirit?" Ajax was shocked.

He was shocked due to the fact that an auxiliary elemental spirit became a servant to another auxiliary spirit.

However, he understood that Space elemental spirit, Prophis must have used some space-related ability against the poison type elemental spirit, Bane, to dodged its Poison mist.

"Now fight," Prophis acted as a referee for the fight between Ajax and Bane.

As soon as Prophis said that, Bane hovered into the air and his robe, which covered him opened, releasing a light green colored gas which enveloped a 10-meter radius around him.

"Already using your skill," Ajax smirked as he looked at the hovering poison type elemental spirit.

'I will just stay away from him until the skill effect disappears,' Ajax thought to himself.

At present, he doesn't have any cultivation or his spatial blades ability.

He thought he should waste some time until the poison mist disappeared, and then he could use Nite's sword to fight that elemental spirit, which he assumed had a weaker battle prowess.

"Ah, one thing I forget to mention, you should defeat it within 20 minutes," seeing the smirking Ajax; Prophis slowly added another condition to the fight, which made Ajax puke some blood.

"What the heck!" Ajax looked at the Silver cloaked elemental spirit and cursed.

"If you don't like it then you are free to leave," Prophis replied with a smirk on his face.

Although Ajax couldn't see the smirk, he could guess he had one on his face being the silver mask.

However, Ajax didn't leave the fight because he wanted to form a contract with that space elemental spirit, which was one of the strongest elemental spirits in auxiliary type elemental spirits.

'How can I defeat it, when I can't even go closer to it?'

But the problem now was how he should defeat the Poison elemental spirit, which was covered in poison mist.

'Hehe, you dare to come to my region and insult me. Now I will play with you for some time,' the space elemental spirit, Prophis laughed in his heart, looking at the hopeless Ajax.

As he was one of the high-grade elemental spirits in terms of elemental type, Prophis wanted to teach them a small lesson for his earlier insult.

While he was thinking about it, Ajax suddenly thought of an idea, but he was not entirely sure about it.

'Let's try this and find out whether it works or not,' Ajax thought as he went towards the Poison mist, but he didn't enter into it.

"Hey, do you want to leave this elemental spirit world?" he used the most critical weakness of the elemental spirit and asked Bane.

However, to his surprise, he didn't sense Bane's fluctuations as though he doesn't want to leave the elemental spirit world.

'Why is he so silent?' Ajax depressed when he didn't get any response from Bane.

"Huh? Do you want to form a contract with him? Nice try but it will not work, Hahaha," When he saw what Ajax was trying to do, Prophis mocked him and laughed at his futile effort.

'If he doesn't want to form a contract with me then how did this space elemental spirit manage to make him a servant?' Ajax started his thinking about what could make an elemental spirit to work for other elemental spirits?

'Nite, Dabrus, do you know what auxiliary elemental spirits wants other than leaving this elemental spirit world?' as he was unable to find out the exact reason, Ajax asked his two contracted elemental spirits through their contract.

'Summoning Master, I don't know about auxiliary elemental spirits much, but what I like the most is a mutation in my element type,' Dabrus replied Ajax through the same contract.

'Yes, summoning master, other than leaving this elemental spirit world, I like having a mutation in me. But I don't have any hope in having a mutation as the dual element was already a small type of mutation and to have a second mutation, it's almost an impossible thing unless I encounter a great fortuitous treasure,' Nite explained clearly while supporting Dabrus's reply.

'Okay,' Ajax nodded his head in understanding.

Since they were conversing through the contract, Prophis was unable to hear their words.

Every elemental spirit wants two things; one was to form a contract with a strong summoning master, and the other one was to a mutation in their element.

After analyzing the situation, Ajax wanted to talk with that poison type elemental spirit once again.

'Fine then, but if you form a contract with me, I can help you mutate. What do you say?' Ajax said confidently, looking in the eyes of Bane, which were sunken into its transparent face.

Ajax was not just making up some nonsense.

He indeed had a way to mutate an elemental spirit.

Hearing Ajax's words, Prophis, who was standing in front of a portal, nearly fell.

'What? This human has a way to mutate an elemental spirit Impossible,' Prophis looked at Ajax with a face full of disbelief.


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