New Age Of Summoners Chapter 183

171 Auxiliary Elemental Spirit Region

"..." Ajax was speechless at Dabrus's words.

He already knows that Dabrus was an intelligent spirit he had ever seen.

"Actually, I played dumb with that spirit until my last breath and used my skill 'Damage exchange' which caused him, almost his life. With that much damage, he ran away with tail between his legs," seeing the speechless Ajax, Dabrus proudly said about his battle with space elemental spirit.

"No wonder, you have such thick skin," Nite, who was beside Dabrus, said with a mocking tone.

Dabrus didn't give any reply to Nite's mock but looked at Ajax for a compliment.

"Let's enter that region first," However, Ajax pointed at a region in the distance which looked like it didn't belong to any type of element.

"Summoning Master, are you sure, you want to form a contract form that region?" Dabrus and Nite asked at the same time.

"Why? Is there any problem with that region?" Ajax asked them.

Since he wouldn't die here, he wanted to venture more, so he asked them what the problem was with that region.

"Once we, I mean Elemental spirits of different elements, enter into that region, we will face a suppression by that region, and We will be helpless against those elemental spirits in that region," Dabrus worriedly looked at Ajax hoping he wouldn't make him enter that region.

"Is that region that dangerous? What is it called?" Ajax's interest in that region increased.

"It's called Auxialary elemental region which contains some auxiliary elemental spirits that belong to space, time, blood, etc. with separate small regions in that single region," Dabrus became silent to Ajax's question for a moment. Still, when he was about to explain, Nite explained slowly with excitement in his voice.

He was excited because the suppress didn't work against him as his beast type element also comes under auxiliary elements. He felt that he would be the one to protect Ajax and Dabrus when they enter into that region.

As soon as Nite finished his explanation, Ajax also became excited as he knew some things about auxiliary type elemental spirits.

Forming a contract with an auxiliary elemental spirit was a scarce thing to do.

'If I can form a contract with any of the auxiliary elemental spirit, then I can have more chances in the future to go against the Assassin sect.

Although a level 1 auxiliary elemental spirit couldn't do anything against a sect, when it becomes powerful, a single elite elemental spirit general elemental spirit could take a group of elite general realm body cultivators.

So, if he could have one auxiliary elemental spirit at his arsenal, his chances would increase when he goes against the assassin sect.

However, the problem is that it is very hard to form a contract with an auxiliary elemental spirit. What should I do?' Ajax thought about how to form a contract with the auxiliary elemental spirit.

Although many elemental spirits were willing to form a contract with a summoning master, not all elemental spirits would accept a contract that easily.

Because they were placing their lives in the hands of that summoning master, every elemental spirit has specific standards of the summoning master they choose.

Only when they satisfy those conditions, they were willing to form a contract.

However, in Ajax's case, due to his specialty 'Dark Elementalist', the contract with Dabrus and Nite was smooth.

And among all the elemental spirits, auxiliary elemental spirits were the most difficult ones as they have fewer cultivation areas in the outside worlds to cultivate. So their progression in the outside of the Elemental spirit world would be prolonged and time taking process.

For that reason, they set some variety of standards for their summoning master, and only when they were satisfied would they form a contract with him/her.

"Let's do this," Ajax finally decided to go into that auxiliary elemental region to try his luck.

Nite became excited while Dabrus was shocked and worried.

However, he couldn't leave his summoning master on the very first day, so followed behind Ajax and NIte.


The host has entered into an Auxiliary elemental region.


Although the host can only receive a small backlash if he was killed in his spirit consciousness form, his elemental spirits would die if the auxiliary elemental spirits killed them.


Be careful.

"What?" Ajax was shocked by the sudden system notifications in his head.

"Can't I store my elemental spirits in my spirit consciousness?" Although Ajax found it was ridiculous to ask that question, nevertheless, he asked.


Please stop joking, host.

Ajax shook his head at the mock in those words.

"Dabrus, you wait here until we return,"

He turned and looked at Dabrus since he was the one having his strength suppressing by the auxiliary elemental region, he asked him to stay outside the region.

Ajax knew Nite doesn't have any suppression, so he wanted to bring him inside the auxiliary elemental region.

"No, summoning master, even though I fear for my life, I am not a coward," Dabrus resolutely replied to Ajax, who nodded his head in approval.

Although Dabrus had a fear of the suppression by the region, he didn't want his summoning master to think of him as a coward.

Without any delay, Ajax and his two contracted elemental spirits entered into the auxiliary elemental spirit region.


A special quest is generated in the quest tab. Please check it.

'I am waiting for you, my dear quest tab,' as soon as he heard the system notification, he quickly checked the quest tab for the newly generated mission.

Ajax already guessed that system would definitely generate a mission when he decided to enter the auxiliary elemental region. So, he was not shocked by the sudden mission.


Special mission:- Form a contract with any of the auxiliary elemental spirits.

Description:- A real summoning master should have an ability to form a contract with any elemental spirit regardless of the elemental.

Rewards:- 1) A level up for any type of grade 1 elemental paradise.

2)A Chance to draw a lottery that has a 60 percent chance to win a specialty.

Note:- A special lottery in which it has ten slots with six specialties slots and four empty slots.



3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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