New Age Of Summoners Chapter 182

170 Elemental Spirit: Prophis

After his journey to the five elemental world and having learned about the existences of Lightning Dragon Hawk emperor, three-legged fire crow and Netherworld Ice sparrow empress who transcended to the realm higher than King realm, and sealed the older birdman with ease, he felt that he should have that kind of power too.

So from then on, he found another reason to become stronger.

'In this dog eat dog world, strength is the only thing that protects me,' Ajax thought back to the massacre which happened in the Silver orphanage ad clutched his fists.

'If I had my present strength, I could have killed more than half of the assassins from that time...sigh' Ajax sighed as he knows that he couldn't travel back in time.

'However, the one thing I could do on behalf of all the other children who were killed in the SIlver orphanage was to take revenge,' His eyes burned with revenge.

But soon, he calmed down, as he also knows another thing that he was not strong enough to go against an entire assassin sect.

While he was thinking about things like power and revenge, the two elemental spirits started their cultivation.

Soon, many small black particles entered into their transparent bodies with a rapid speed.

It looked like how the sand absorbed a bottle of water that was poured into the desert.

One particle after another continuously entered into their bodies.

In just a few minutes, they broke through to level 2 of the elemental spirit soldier realm.

After another set of minutes, they reached level 3.

Just like that, time as continued to pass as they were breaking through levels with ease.

"System, can I use the elemental spirit stones on them now?"

When he saw how easily they were breaking through, Ajax asked the system about using the elemental spirit stones and increasing their levels not to waste the stones.


When the host was in Spirit consciousness form, he couldn't use inventory.

So please wait until the host wakes up in the real world.

"But, isn't it a waste to not use Elemental spirit stones?" Ajax asked as the system.

He thought that after he let his two official elemental spirits upgrade, their cultivation speed would be increased and could accumulate more essence of nature. But the system reply made him disappointed.


Cultivation, Skills, and inventory will be blocked every time the host visits the elemental spirit world in his spirit consciousness form.

The system can't help with it.

"Okay then, I will use those elemental spirit stones on other elemental spirits then," Ajax shook his head and watched them.

"Enough with the cultivation, now let's begin the search,"

After resting for some time, Ajax stood up with an enthusiastic look and ordered his elemental spirits to begin their search for other elemental spirits.

"Okay, summoning master," Although they were reluctant, they were pretty much satisfied for cultivating and reaching level 6 of the elemental spirit soldier in just an hour.

They reached level 6 quicker because of Ajax's specialty 'Dark Elementalist,' which could increase the cultivation speed of the dark elemental beings by 50 percent.

If not for that specialty, they would have reached level 4 of the elemental spirit soldier at maximum.

Soon they resumed their journey for elemental spirits.

But, the same thing happened just like before.

They didn't manage to find any elemental spirit along the way.

"Damn this world, I am even crossing the dark elemental region but still unable to find any elemental spirits," Ajax cursed as he saw the border of the dark elemental region.

"Summoning master, this dark elemental region is only one of the many other dark elemental regions, so it's not a wonder, in not finding other elemental spirits," the silent Nite replied to Ajax, who was cursing the elemental spirit world.

"So, how many elemental spirits reside in each region?" Ajax asked as he raised a brow when he heard Nite's words.

"In each region, not more than five elemental spirits, however, one can only find three or four elemental spirits as some elemental spirit chose to hibernate," Dabrus replied to Ajax's question immediately.

"Hibernate?" Ajax stopped for a moment before asking, "Is to pass their boring time?"

"Yes, summoning master. In recent years the number of summoning masters visiting the elemental spirit world decreased, and many elemental spirit became hopeless before choosing to enter into a deep sleep to pass the time," Nite explained in detail.

"So that is why Dabrus didn't attack him even when I threw your sword at him," Ajax got a revelation.

Before he formed a contract with Nite and Dabrus, Ajax threw a sword at Dabrus.

However, instead of attacking him, Dabrus actively asked him to form a contract as he wanted to cultivate very badly.

"Yes, summoning master. Due to this, many elemental spirits started playing this slave game," Dabrus, quickly explained his reason behind the fight with Nite and wanted to prove that he was not as cunning as Ajax thinks.

Ajax nodded his head, seeing the pitiful looking Dabrus.

"Wait a minute, so how do you know that all the other elemental spirits started this 'slave' game?"Ajax suddenly sensed something and asked Dabrus.

When Ajax asked this, Dabrus face turned ugly as he remembered something he didn't like, but still, he explained.

"A few days back, I met a space elemental spirit who called himself Prophis, he challenged me to a fight which I agreed instantly. However, when I had a disadvantage in the fight, he said, 'The one who loses the fight will become the slave to the one who wins.'"

Saying until there, Dabrus continued with an angry expression, "He even said, once I become his slave, he will take me with him and challenge other elemental spirits."

"Huh? Space elemental spirit? That wanted to slave other elemental spirits. Interesting," Ajax mumbled to himself.

However, when Dabrus heard these words, he fell on to the ground.

"So, how did you manage to escape from him," Ajax asked Dabrus, as he was the who said earlier that the was in a disadvantage, so he wondered how he escaped.

"Hehe, you already have an answer fro the Summoning Master," When he heard Ajax's question, Dabrus laughed cunningly that made the elemental spirit beside him shiver.


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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