New Age Of Summoners Chapter 181

169 Elemental Spirit: Nite

After checking the information on Dabrus, Ajax came near to the Nite, who was recovering from his earlier battle injuries to check the skills and other things about him.


Elemental spirit name:- Nite.

Element type:- Dark/Beast dual attribute.

Cultivation:- Level 1 spirit soldier.

Skills:- Brute strength (Level 1) (active)

Skill description:- An active type skill that helps the elemental spirit increase all his abilities by two times. Abilities include skills and battle prowess.

Elemental spirit description:- A Dual Elemental spirit of Dark and Beast attributes.

As soon as he checked the information on his first official contracted elemental spirit, the usual holographic screen appeared to inform him with a 'Ding' sound in his head.

However, he was shocked to see Nite's element type.

It was very rare for an elemental spirit to have two elements in them, not to mention the Beast type element, which was even more unique.

'Looks like my luck is increasing day by day,' Ajax was happy, as it was generally known, the beast type elemental spirits were known for their extreme strength and aggressiveness.

However, he was able to form an official contract with the aggressive elemental spirit very easily.

'It's all thanks to my speciality 'Dark Elementalist,' Hehe,' He thought about his specialty and praised it.

Back in the five elemental world, when the spirit beast king's spirit consciousness tried to take over his body, his spirit consciousness mutated a little. However, he gained a specialty 'Dark Elementalist' from it.

This specialty helps him increase the cultivation speed of the Dark-type beings and lessen the hatred of those beings towards him.

Although the process of forming a contract looked effortless, actually it was not.

If any other cultivator were present here instead of Ajax, he wouldn't have finished the process this quickly, and he had to go through some difficulty before convincing the elemental spirit to form a contract.

'Brute strength looks like a common beast type skill,' when he saw the skills section, he thought it was an ordinary skill.

However, when he read the skill description, he was shocked.

'Holysh*t,' he was excited.

The reason for his excitement was that it was not an ordinary skill, but a high level one.

'It will increase his battle prowess as well as his skills by two time his original power, it's an excellent skill,' Ajax thought.

'As long as Nite gets more skills, then the true power of the skill will come out, then he will become even stronger than Volcanis,' He was hopeful of how strong Nite would become in the future.

"Now, we will move to find some elemental spirits,"

After feeling happy for some time with both his newly contracted elemental spirits skills, he started his journey to find some more elemental spirits for his team.

However, Nite and Dabrus were downcasted as they heard his words.

Initially, they were excited about the contract, so that they could cultivate some time in the elemental spirit with their new master, who had some magical ability to increase their cultivation by 50 percent.

But, their master was eager to find more elemental spirits to form a contract (unofficial one).

Nevertheless, they followed behind him with their downcasted faces.

Ajax sensed something was wrong with them and quickly understood their worry.

"You don't have to worry about your cultivation. I have my ways to improve your cultivation in the shortest time possible, so just focus on finding an elemental spirit now," Ajax said with a small smile on his face with a confident look.

"Yes, summoning master," hearing Ajax's confident words, both the elemental spirits' downcasted faces became lively and thanked Ajax respectfully at the same time.

Ajax nodded his head and continued his search for the elemental spirits.

After two hours,

Ajax and his elemental spirits continued their search for the elemental spirits, but they could not find any.

Then only, Ajax understood how lucky he was able to find two elemental spirits and form a contract with them.

However, he didn't lose any confidence and hope.

Along the way, he checked the rewards for the two missions he completed.


Form an official contract with one elemental spirit is completed

Accomplishment rating:- A.


Reward:- A chance to level up any of Host's official elemental spirits' skills.

Note:- The usual single minor realm breakthrough energy orb will be stored in the host's spirit consciousness.


Mission:- Form an official contract with more than one elemental spirit is completed.

The host formed a contracted with a shadow type elemental spirit and a dark/beast type elemental spirit.


Reward:- An Elemental spirit stone (Commander realm) will be sent to the host after he wakes up.

"Okay, rewards are not bad," Ajax felt these rewards were not bad. He assumed he would get even lower-level rewards when the actual mission danger rating was decidedly less than the system assigned 'A' danger rating.

Ajax already had a two elemental spirit stone, which could level up a level 1 elemental spirit soldier to level 1 of the elemental spirit commander.

Now, he got another elemental spirit stone of the commander realm, so he felt pretty satisfied with the rewards.

"Summoning Master, I think it better to take some rest before we continue our search," Dabrus suggested as he was still unable to stop his urge to cultivate.

Seeing the anxious Dabrus, Ajax shook his and looked at Nite, who was also similar to Dabrus but didn't voice his words.

'...' Ajax was speechless at their behavior.

However, he agreed to Dabrus's suggestion.

Ajax knew it was very difficult to stop their urge to cultivate when they could cultivate after waiting for many years.

So, he felt sympathetic towards them and agreed.

At the same time, he felt sympathetic towards all the elemental spirits in the elemental spirit world as they were born in an extremely rich essence of nature.

However, they couldn't cultivate until they were contracted to someone.

He found a place to sit and looked at the elemental spirits who were eager to cultivate.

'I will try to form a contract with as many elemental spirits I can,'

Seeing them, Ajax thought in his head as he continued thinking, 'Offical or unofficial, it doesn't matter, just I want to free them from this rich looking elemental spirit world and let them roam other worlds along with me.'


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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