New Age Of Summoners Chapter 180

168 Elemental Spirit: Dabrus

"Can you form a contract with me next?" when he saw Ajax's face, he felt there was nothing he could do in changing Ajax's mind.

So he quickly changed his question from his initial question, which was to form an official contract with him first.

'Although you may be the first official spirt Nite, I will become powerful than you,' Dabrus thought in his mind as he waited for them to finish the contract process.

Ajax used the same method as before, placing a small imprint in the spirit consciousness of the elemental spirit, which helps the contracted elemental spirits to absorb the surrounding essence of nature and start their cultivation journey.


Congratulations to the host for successfully forming his first official contract.


A mission is completed. Please check the remaining details in the quest tab.

Ajax felt happy as he completed the mission with ease.


Since the host has formed an official contract with an elemental spirit, A skill related to that elemental spirit will be awakened, once the host leaves the elemental world.

"What?" Amidst his happiness, another system notification came.

When he heard that, Ajax felt a pleasant surprise.

When Elder boron explained about summoning, he asked him a lot of question, but he was replied by 'You will know when it's time'.

So, now when he saw that he would awaken a skill related to the elemental spirit, he felt excited and wanted to leave this dream and awaken the skill first.

However, he had to finish another contract before he could leave.

But, he wanted to stay here if he had a chance, as it would be extremely benefiting for his elemental spirits to increase their cultivation levels.

As soon as Ajax and the lion-like elemental spirit formed a contract, the surrounding dark elemental energy gushed into the elemental spirit's body at a visible rate.

He left the Nite, his first official elemental spirit to cultivate at the same place before coming to Dabrus, who looked at the cultivating Nite with jealousy.

However, when he saw that Ajax was coming at him, he was excited as he was finally going to form a contract.

"Before forming a contract I want to clarify to you one thing," Ajax looked at the elemental spirit in front of him and continued seriously, "I don't know what grievance you two has, but once you enter into the team, you have to work together, do you understand?"

Dabrus know there would be something like this, as no one would want their contracted elemental spirits to fight each other, so he accepted it without any hesitation.

His aim to become stronger overridden his enmity with Nite.

"What about you, Nite?" Ajax asked Nite about his opinion.

Nite thought for a moment and agreed.

As he knows why, dabrus, did what he did. So without any hesitation, he acknowledged Dabrus as his teammate.

Every elemental spirit wanted to leave this boring Elemental spirit world, so he didn't want to take Dabrus' chance of leaving the Elemental spirit world.

Ajax nodded his head and quickly repeated the process of leaving his imprint on the spirit consciousness of Dabrus.


Congratulations to the host for successfully forming his second official contract with an elemental spirit.


A mission is completed. Please check the remaining details in the quest tab.

Ajax felt happy as he completed another mission without much difficulty.


Since the host has formed an official contract with an elemental spirit, A skill related to that elemental spirit will be awakened, once the host leaves the elemental world.

Just like before, he got another system notification, explaining to him that he would awaken another skill related to Dabrus after he went back to his world.

'So, for every official contract with the elemental spirit, I will get an additional skill. It awesome,' Ajax now beginning to understand how powerful the summoning profession was.

As he completed his two contracts for soldier realm and the commander realm, he got the mission completion notification.

But he didn't bother about it, as he asked the system, "System, since I completed the official contract, I can leave from here right?"



The system replied with a yes.

However, Ajax asked another question, "System, can I stay until I complete my 12 hours?"


The host can choose to stay in the elemental spirit world to cultivate or can find another elemental spirit to form an unofficial contract.

"What? I can form a contract with other elemental spirits?" Ajax was shocked to know that.

Because he thought when he entered the elemental spirit world through a dream, he couldn't form an unofficial contract.

However, to his surprise, the system said, he could form an unofficial contract or cultivate.

'Should I let them cultivate here or try to find some elemental spirits to form a contract?' Ajax thought about the pros and cons of two options.

He didn't take much time to decide though.

He decided to search for some elemental spirits. But before that, he wanted to check the information on both the elemental spirits, which he formed an official contract.

He first checked the information on Dabrus, who was just beside him.


Elemental spirit name:- Dabrus.

Element type:- Shadow (It's a dark element's sub-attribute)

Cultivation:- Level 1 spirit soldier.

Skills:- Damage exchange (Level 1) (active)

Skill description:- An active type skill which helps the elemental spirit to exchange the damage it received to the opponent who attacked him with an increment in the exchanging damage by the factor of two.

Elemental description:- An elemental spirit which falls under the magic category. Only uses brains and skills to defeat the enemy.

"So, it was talking about the Damage exchange skill earlier. It has the right to be proud of awakening such a rare skill" Ajax nodded his head at Dabrus skill, as it could kill the enemy if the enemy damages Dabrus' half health and when Dabrus uses the damage exchange skill, the enemy might die while Dabru would still standing.

'Although it looked strong, it had some weaknesses, such as if the enemy kills Dabrus in a single hit, there is no use with that skill anymore as Dabrus would be dead.

'And he had to continuously use those symbols with his hands to use that skill which is time-consuming,' he thought, but he was satisfied as it was only his first skill.

In the future, there would be more skills he could awaken.


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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