New Age Of Summoners Chapter 179

167 Official Contract 3

Ajax continued his search for an elemental spirit for nearly 3 hours.

Albeit, he was unable to find any elemental spirits.


Just as he wanted to take a small break in his search, he heard some noises from a nearby ravine.

"What is that sound? It looks like someone is fighting," Ajax became excited at the sounds of the battle and slowly moved towards the direction in which he heard noises.



In the ravine, Ajax saw two dark elemental spirits fought against one another in a tough battle.

Among the two elemental spirits, one spirit looked around 2 meters in height with a dark mist surrounding him. There were no weapons in his hands and using some weird hand symbols to fight.

Whereas the other one looked more like a humanoid lion with a transparent body armour along with a transparent sword of less than 70 centimeters in his hand.

He looked aggressive in his every attack making the other elemental spirit hopeless.

When he thought that the humanoid Lion like the elemental spirit was going to win the battle against the dark mist surrounded elemental spirit, the lion-like elemental spirit suddenly fell on to the ground clutching his head.

"Do you think you can win against me, Dabrus, just because you have the brute force," Dabrus, the tall elemental spirit's previous hopelessness now turned into a mock, as he mocked the lion-like elemental spirit, who had his hands on his head.

"Dabrus, what trick did you use on me?" the lion-like elemental spirit said while gritting its teeth.

"Oh Nite, although we both have the same level of strength (Level 1 of spirit soldier), I have awakened an amazing skill unlike you who awakened a common strength type skill, Hehe," The elemental spirit named Dabrus walked toward the lion-like elemental spirit which he called as Nite.

As he walked towards Nite, Dabrus' laugh became louder and louder.

After he reached Nite, he tossed Nite's sword aside, which was landed beside Ajax.

"Now, if you become my slave, I can let you live otherwise, you can die peacefully. What do you choose?" Dabrus asked while looking at the fallen elemental spirit whose name was Nite.

However, Nite didn't reply to anything. Instead, he looked at Dabrus angrily.

Ajax knew some things about the Elemental spirit world which he gathered from Edmond and others.

Although all the elemental spirits would have only one skill which was awakened just after their birth and only level 1 spirit soldier cultivation, they fight each other to improve their fighting techniques.

Not only for improving the fighting techniques but also to gain a slave.

That's right; the winner could make the loser his slave and make that slave to battle other elemental spirits.

So, Ajax was not shocked by the scene in front of him and continued to watch what that Elemental spirit called Nite would do?

"I know you are very proud but think about it clearly. Do you want to live or die?" Dabrus was not in any hurry. He took his time as he slowly asked Nite once again.

"I will die happily instead of doing other elemental spirits bidding," Nite, the lion-like elemental spirit angrily said to Dabrus.

"Sure, I will help you finish your wish then," As he spoke, Darbus raised his foot to crush Nite.

However, before he could step on Nite, he sensed something behind him and dodged sideways.


As soon as he moved sideways, the sword he previously threw slashed though his previous location with a whistling sound.

"A human?"

Dabrus and Nite, both the elemental spirits were shocked at the sight of a human.

Although it was not an impossible thing for humans to appear in the elemental spirit world, it was a rare thing to consider.

"Interesting," Darbus looked at Ajax and found it was interesting.

Nite looked at Ajax, but he looked visibly angry as he saw his precious sword was in the hands of a human.

As soon as they awaken a skill, all the elemental spirits awaken their inherent knowledge about humans and the contract.

"Human wanna form a contract with me?" Dabrus sensed that this was Ajax's first time forming an official contract, so he wanted to form a contract with him and become powerful.

Dabrus, just like any other elemental spirits, wanted to leave this rich elemental spirit world by forming a contract with humans.

However, when compared with the past, the humans that were coming to the elemental spirit world to form an official contract were becoming rare, so Dabrus didn't want to miss this chance of forming a contract and leave the elemental spirit world.

"Sorry, but I have some issues with you, so I am not ready to form a contract with you yet," Ajax replied in a flat tone.

Despite the fact that he needed to form a contract with an elemental spirit, he doesn't want some cunning elemental spirit as his first official spirit, so he flatly rejected Dabrus' request.

Instead, he turned towards the elemental spirit that looked like a humanoid lion.

"Do you want to form an official contract with me?" Ajax asked with a slight smile on his face.

The reason, he chose Nite over Dabrus to form his first official contract was because he liked the behaviour of Nite, who was proud even at his last breath.

However, Nite didn't give any reply to him.

Instead, he looked at Ajax for a moment, and he felt something in his heart was saying to follow him.

"Okay, I will agree,"

After looking for some more time, Nite nodded his head as he felt calm and relaxed when Ajax was near him.

Nite also wanted to venture the outside world while improving his strength and battling some powerful foes in hand to hand combat.

"Wait," As soon as Nite agreed to Ajax's request, he became anxious.

Originally, he thought that Nite would not agree to Ajax's request, and Ajax would definitely come to him to form an official contract with him.

But, to his surprise, Nite easily agreed to Ajax's request making him anxious.

Dabrus wanted to form an official contract, and in that, he wanted to become the first spirit.

The reason for him in becoming the first official elemental spirit was, the summoners (who forms a contract with the elemental spirit) mostly concentrated on their first elemental spirit and improves its strength when compared to other elemental spirits.

"What do you want?" Ajax asked, turning his head to Dabrus.


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