New Age Of Summoners Chapter 178

166 Official Contract 2


The host need not worry about the falling

Even though you were falling at high speed, nothing will happen to the host.

'Phew,' once he saw the system notification, his anxious heart, calmed down a little.

Soon, he felt his body's falling speed slowed down, and just when he was about to hit the ground, he floated for a moment before stepping onto the ground.


The host successfully entered the Elemental spirit world.


A random mission is generated in the quest tab.

Please check the quest tab to know more.

Ajax carefully observed his surroundings, but he was unable to relate this region to the previous region he visited last time.

The area around him looked like some dark elemental area.

"My guess was right," Ajax exclaimed lightly.

When he was in the five elemental world, he asked the system about the location where he would be sent to, in his dream.

But the system didn't reply to him correctly.

When he saw that he was teleported to the dark elemental area, he thought his guess was right.

However, he didn't think much about it and checked the quest tab for his newly generated mission.

In the quest tab, he already had a mission that was related to the elemental spirit.

That mission was, he had to successfully form an official contract with an elemental spirit within a limited time.

Above that mission, he saw a new mission.


Form an official contract with more than one elemental spirit.

Description:- A summoner can form an official contract for every two major realms until he reaches the Spirit King realm.

Since the host, now has the cultivation of the commander realm, the host can form two official contracts with the elemental spirits.

Reward:- Based on the type of Elemental spirits, the host forms an official contract with.

Danger rating:- C

Mission failure:- Backlash of the spirit consciousness. (During that condition, the host will be unable to cultivate)

"Huh?" Ajax got a new revelation about the summoner with the quest tab's mission.

"So, for every two major realms, I can form an official contract with an elemental spirit," He got excited at the new thing he learned.

"But, why are the rewards for both missions are dependent on the type of the elemental spirit that I form an official contract with?" Ajax wondered what that system was planning to do with him.

"I guess, I will get a reward, to upgrade the strength of the elemental spirits," Ajax thought for a moment.

"I will just figure it out when I get it, right?" he shook his head not bothering about the reward.

"System, why is the danger rating for this mission so much lower than the earlier mission which required only one elemental spirit to form an official contract," after he stopped bothering about the rewards, he asked the system his doubt about the danger rating of the missions.

The rewards could be managed as he knew the system would give him some rewards for completing the mission.

On the contrary, what confused him the most was the danger rating of the mission was way too low.

It was only 'C' which was way too much low when compared to the same mission which was generated by the system earlier.

So he asked the system about the danger rating difference between the two missions which were almost the same.


The danger rating will be assigned based on the cultivation of the host along with the possible highest dangers in the mission.


As for the difference in the danger rating, it was due to the sudden increase in the host's strength, the danger rating of the second mission is very less.

"So, you are saying that a mission got assigned by a specific danger rating, even the system can't change the danger rating of that mission?" Ajax's face had a small smile which was slowly increasing as he expectantly waited for the system reply.



"Hahahaha," once he got the system reply, he laughed loudly as there was no one around him, he increased the pitch even higher.

The reason for his loud laughs was, now he could get an almost free level up in his cultivation if he accomplished the previously generated mission which had a danger rating of 'A', but in actuality, it had less than 'C' danger rating.


However, the host has to complete the mission with at least an 'A' clearance rating to a level up in his cultivation.

Seeing the sudden system notification, Ajax raised his brows and stopped his loud laughs.

'Did I celebrate too soon? Sigh,' Ajax thought that system would do something to his rewards as the rewards were not mentioned yet.

There was nothing wrong with his worry, though.

As it was in the hands of the system to grant him the rewards, he thought he would not be given the exact reward that would be provided for an 'A' danger rating mission.


The system will not bear grudges with the host as he was the master, and I am only a servant.

"What? You are a servant, and I am the master. But why do I get a feeling that was the reverse of what you just said," He shook his head and looked at his surroundings to find which way he should go to find an elemental spirit.

His surroundings were entirely filled with dark and eerie energy with only minimal light.

For others, it might be suicide to stay in here, but for Ajax, it was a Heaven as he could cultivate in every elemental region.

However, he couldn't cultivate as he didn't have any time for that.

Since he had to form an official contract with two elemental spirits, he had to find them quicker.

"I think it's better to go in this direction."

Although there was only a small amount of light he could see some small caves in the distance he didn't sense much dark energy in them and moved towards the other direction.

He took that decision on a simple assumption, that since the dark energy in them was low, then there would not be any chance of finding an elemental spirit.

Despite the fact that this world was called an Elemental spirit world, finding an Elemental spirit required luck and even more luck to be able to for an official contract.

He moved towards the direction in which he sensed the dark elemental energy was rich and abundant.


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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