New Age Of Summoners Chapter 177

165 Official Contract 1

Although he said that, he stood up from the ground with the sword in his aching hands.

He closed his eyes and went through all the mistakes he had done from the past few hours and opened his eyes and slashed at the tree at only his minimum strength.

As he slashed, a bright gleam appeared on the sword, and it went through the average-sized tree just like tofu with a clean cut.


The tree fell with a thud onto the ground.

As soon as the tree fell, a series of system notifications rang in his head.


The sword technique is 100 percent perfection,


Congratulations to the host for successfully reaching the minor perfection stage (or Level 2) in the Mountain splitting sword technique.


Congratulation to the host for successfully stepping into the Sword Dao.

"Phew" Ajax fell on the ground as he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Finally, reached minor perfection stage in the sword technique," lying on the ground, Ajax muttered watching the clear morning sky.

"Wait, I successfully stepped into the sword dao?" Suddenly Ajax came to the sitting position from his sleeping position and read the last system notification once again.

"It's really said I started cultivation the sword dao," He excitedly opened his user interface to check out more details about the Sword dao.

He saw a new section called Sword dao in it, which he focused on knowing more.


Name:- Sword Dao (level 1)

Type:- Fastest

Description:- increase the attacking power when the host uses Swords by 20 percent.

"Good. It's only level 1 and increases the attacking power by 20 percent, it's excellent," Ajax nodded his head.

He already knew about the Fastest type, sword dao. It is the sword dao that mainly focuses on speed, so Ajax didn't bother with it.

With much difficulty, he slowly went to his room and collapsed on his comfortable bed.


"What the hell, he just comprehended the fastest type sword dao in a single night's practice," Udo was on a large tree watching Ajax for the whole night was shocked at the sight of Ajax cutting an average tree with just simple looking sword move.

But what he doesn't know was that Ajax used a sword technique that was converted by the system.

Although the sword technique still looked like a single sword move, there were three movements in each time Ajax slashed at the tree.

One required a full focus and excellent sword skills, to know about them, so Udo was unable to differentiate between the sword move and sword technique.

Even Ajax didn't know that the sword technique, he was using had three moves in it, so there was nothing wrong with Udo's inability to differentiate it.

"How can a genius like him appear in this Zrocheter province?" Udo wondered about the background of Ajax as he was not only good at cultivating but also good in comprehending the sword dao.

Furthermore, he still didn't forget that Ajax had an elemental affinity with three elements.

"There is something wrong with him. Looks like I need to keep a close eye on him from now on," Udo felt something wrong with Ajax's talents and wanted to find out more about him.

While thinking that, he disappeared from his hiding position.


Back in Ajax's room, he slept like a log due to his tired body.

Slowly seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours.

Hour after hour passed by in a flash, like that more than a dozen hours passed.

However, Ajax was still not awake as something was going on, in his head.

He entered into a strange Dream which looked real but he knew that his body was still sleeping.

In his dream, he was surrounded by a void as there was nothing around him which made him helpless.

Furthermore, he was unable to feel any of his cultivation and looked like an average person who didn't cultivate any techniques in his entire life.

'I think this is the process of entering the elemental spirit world through the Dream, that Elder Boron and the system mentioned,'

However, soon he related that this might be associated with the process of an official contract with an elemental spirit.

'But, why my cultivation is gone?' Ajax felt weird at the feeling of an average person who didn't have any cultivation.

Who would like their entire power to vanish all of a sudden? No one, right?

Although it was temporary, he was unable to adjust to a non-cultivator's form.

'What should I do?' as he was wondering about what to do, the almighty system came to his rescue.


The host is about to enter the elemental spirit world through his spirit consciousness; Please stay focused while entering into the spirit world. Otherwise, it may leave an impact on the host's spirit consciousness.

"Hmm," Ajax didn't ask anything, as he already knew that system would definitely help him with the teleporting thing.

Soon a portal formed in the void in front of him, without any hesitation, he hovered into the portal.

The portal that appeared in front of him looked different from the portals he previously entered.

The portals he previously entered were just like a door; however, the current portal which he entered now was like a tube.

As soon as he entered the portal, he felt a sudden headache which made him clutch his head.

Still, he didn't lose his focus and continued hovering towards an exit in the portal.

He managed to find one thing in his hovering towards the exit that once he loses his focus, he might miss the path to the exit and divert to the surrounding void.

So, he bit his teeth to stay focus and moved towards the exit of the portal.

After a few seconds of great focus and endurance, Ajax finally reached the exit and quickly jumped into the exit without any hesitation.

As he jumped, he quickly found himself falling from a height.

"What the..," Before he could finish his words, a system notification came.


The host has successfully entered the Elemental spirit world through his spirit consciousness.


The host will have to find an Elemental spirit within 12 hours. Otherwise, the host will receive a backlash from the 'failed awakening'.

"Okay okay, but first stop me from falling," Ajax didn't focus on the incoming system notifications. Instead, he asked the system to help him from falling.


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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