New Age Of Summoners Chapter 175

163 Sword Technique


As soon as he accepted the system notification, the small sword in his hand shined even more brightly than before and floated into the air slowly before entering into his forehead directly.

When the small sword rushed towards his forehead, Ajax tried to dodge it, but he was unable to escape from its speed and surrendered.

To his surprise, when the small entered into his forehead, there was no pain that he imagined.

Instead, he felt calm and relaxed by the soothing aura, which was released by the small sword, which suddenly appeared in his spirit consciousness after it entered into his forehead.

'How did it appear in my spirit consciousness when it entered into my forehead,'

Ajax doesn't know why, but his mind was calm even after what was supposed to be a shock for him.

As the Spirit consciousness was in his chest area and that small sword entered into his forehead but somehow suddenly appeared in his spirit consciousness. However, due to the soothing aura released by the small sword, he didn't feel any shock or anxiety.

Soon, his mind was filled with some foreign information that came from who knows where.

But he felt the foreign information was about a sword cultivation technique.

Along with the information, some images were flashed in his mind.

In those images, a middle-aged man with a not more than a meter long sword in his hand.

In each image, the middle-aged man had a different stance.

Those images were flashed very quickly, which made them look like a video.

Ajax was focused on those images which were moving very fast and tried to remember every stance.

There were 25 stances in those images, and he remembered all of them as they flashed repeatedly.

Soon, those images flashing stopped after they were repeated for a total of five times each.

"Although there is only one move in those 24 images, it looked long and detailed," Ajax opened his eyes after the images stopped flashing in his head and marvelled at the sword move which looked simple but very powerful in the hands of that middle-aged man.


Do you want to integrate that single sword move into the Sword technique?

Amidst, his awe for the Sword move, Ajax got a system notification in his head about turning the single sword move into a sword technique.

In general, a Sword technique had a set of moves, combining all the moves were considered a Sword technique. But, now the System said, it could convert a single sword move into a sword technique, making the logic behind the sword techniques and sword moves a confusion for Ajax.

"Yes, convert it into a Sword technique."

However, Ajax accepted as he wanted to see how a single sword move could be converted into the Sword technique.


Need 1000 units of the essence of nature for the conversion of the sword move into a sword technique.

Do you want to proceed with the conversion?

"Damn! I know the System won't be that benevolent and freely convert the move into a technique," Still, Ajax unwillingly accepted as he wanted a sword technique that was powerful and could slash through anything.

In the images that were flashed in his head, the middle-aged man slashed through a large tree with ease.

So he accepted for the conversion with the System.


Consumed 1000 units of the essence of nature.


The sword move that was displayed in the host's head is successfully converted into the Sword technique.


Please name the Sword technique.

"What? That's very simple, and you took 1000 units of the essence of nature from my spirit consciousness. Curse you, System," Ajax was not convinced with the deal, which looked very simple.

Ajax was actually saving the essence of nature to upgrade his Abyssal bloodline ability to level 2.

His Abyssal bloodline had to meet three conditions to be upgraded to level 2. In which Ajax had already satisfied two of the conditions, which required him to have at least 3 contracted elemental spirit or spirit beasts, and he should have the cultivation of level of the elite commander realm.

And the final condition was to have 6000 units of the essence of nature.

Although he could have that 1000 units of the essence of nature could be accumulated easily in a day or two, but at least it was not a convincing deal for him.

'Since you consumed 1000 units of the essence of nature for the conversion, let me see how great is the sword technique you converted,' Ajax muttered, not bothering to name the sword technique.

'If I am satisfied with the sword technique, I will give it a name,' he thought as he expected, 'the single sword move was already very powerful, then it's sword technique should be more powerful, right?'

Soon, a holographic screen appeared in front of him.


Item name:- Unnamed sword technique.

Grade:- High-level Heaven grade

Description:- A simple sword move from one of the powerful wandering Swordsman, which was converted into a Sword technique.

Technique Description:- A single sword move, itself a Sword technique, that increases the attacking power by 3 times when reached peak of the sword technique.

Rating:- It's worth the deal.


When he read the rating on the holographic screen, he was angry because the System intentionally gave that rating for him.

Since he was crying for that 1000 units of the essence of nature, he thought System gave him that rating ' It's worth the deal' intentionally.

"Since the attacking power of the sword techniques is three times higher than the sword move, then it's okay then,"

However, Ajax mumbled slowly accepting the conversion of 1000 units of the essence of nature for three times the attack power was good and he didn't mull over about it with the System anymore.


Please name the Sword technique.

"Hmm," seeing the system notification, Ajax thought for a moment for a powerful name that suits the sword technique.

"Mountain splitting."

"Yes, system name it as Mountain Splitting Sword Technique," Ajax quickly thought of a name which he was satisfied and asked the System to add the name to the sword technique.


The host selected 'Mountain Splitting Sword Technique' as the new name for the sword technique.


Mountain Splitting Sword Technique (Level 1)

Need to use the sword technique perfectly, for a total of 100 times to reach Level 2.

Current progress (0/100 times)


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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