New Age Of Summoners Chapter 174

162 Accepting The Sword Inheritance

As Ajax and Paulin left the main hall, Edmond looked at Udo as he seriously said, "I think Hawkpelt family will rise as long as Paulin reaches level 5 of that Auxilary skill, until then we should protect him."

"Yes, once we complete our mission, you will dare to harm anyone under care?" Udo replied with an expectant look on his face.

"If only, they were with me, I would have been the happiest person in this word," However, Edmond shook his head and sighed.

Udo's expectant look on his face dimmed when he looked at his friend, who used to be a very enthusiast and carefree youth back in their time.

'I hope this mission goes as planned. Otherwise, I don't what will he do in his current rage,' Udo prayed that all goes as planned.


After entering into his room, Ajax sat on his bed and checked his contracted spirit beasts who were absorbing the inheritances of their ancestors.

Snow, the Lightning Dragon Hawk was in the mini thunder pool as it continuously absorbed the inheritance orb in its body along with the sparks of lightning from the pool into its body.

Ajax observed its spirit consciousness that was filled with flashes of lightning and bolts of thunders.

In the corner of its spirit consciousness, there were small three particles that looked like sand particles.

Ajax already identified them as the small portions of a Spirit beast King's essence gem which was given by the older birdman.

But using the System, Ajax sealed that particles within Snow's spirit consciousness.

"I will use them slowly after it completed its absorption with the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's inheritance," he thought as he recalled his spiritual sense from the spirit consciousness of Snow.

After checking Sow, he focused on Raweth, the descendent of the three-legged fire crow.

Although he didn't have a suitable cultivation paradise, like Snow, he was very fast in absorbing his tribe's emperor's inheritance.

Lastly, he checked in the Netherworld Ice Sparrow, who he named it 'Sparrow' which was cultivating in the Grade 2:- Dark Elemental Paradise along with the inheritance from the Netherworld Ice Sparrow Empress which was given to it by Ajax.

Ajax got one full inheritance and one-half inheritance from the older birdman as compensation for torturing him with the ghost fire.

"Is it coincidence or he was carrying those inheritances on him for something," Ajax thought about it for a moment and concluded, "Whatever, I got the inheritances, only that matters, right?"

As he was tired by the spar with Paulin, so he didn't want to do anything, for now, so he bathed and slept on his soft bed only waking up in the night.

"Still, one more day for the contract of my first official elemental spirit," Ajax was expectant towards his awakening as he would be 15 years old by tomorrow night, as according to what he knew, the awakening should be tomorrow.

However, he thought back to the mission generated by the System when he upgraded it when he reached the commander realm.

"System, show me the mission details, 'As he forgot about the mission details, he asked the System to show about the mission related to his official contract.


Mission 3:- Successfully contract an official Elemental spirit.

Reward:- Depends on the type of Elemental spirit

Time limit:- 3 weeks (12 days remaining)

Danger rating:- 'A.'

"Why is this mission's danger rating very high?" Ajax was puzzled at the high danger rating mission, as what would be the dangers in the dream.

However, he knew one thing for sure; the system appraisal of the mission was always right.

"Although the actual danger in the mission might be less, it was always correct," Ajax concluded that he should be careful while he was in his dream.

His thought process was like this because his first 'A' danger rating mission in the Five elemental world was completed quickly, just like some 'B' danger rating mission.

However, he wanted to be careful as there was nothing wrong with being extra cautious.

After leaving that matter, he took out the small sword which was given to him by Captian Edmond.

As the small sword appeared in his hand, he observed for some time and fiddled with it.

Suddenly, the small sword shone with a bright light that blinded Ajax for a second.


The small sword is willing to accept you as its master.


Do you want to accept it and complete the inheritance?

As the blinding light went off, Ajax got some sudden notifications from the System.

"Why did it accepted me as its master?" Ajax asked the System.

Ajax didn't understand why it was willing to accept his as its master, so he puzzledly asked the System.


According to the System, the small sword accepted you as it's master based on two things regarding the host.


The first one is that the host has a high cultivation level and is only 15 years old.


The second one is that the host has not cultivated in the Sword Dao, which will make the host could learn the inheritance in the shortest time possible than the one who already cultivated the sword dao.

Ajax nodded his head as he already knew that in the whole Zrochester province, there might not be even one who would have his cultivation at the age of 15.

As for the second one, he tired remember something about the Sword Dao that was explained by Elder Boron on their trips to the spirit gathering circle and the Silver orphanage.

"According to what Elder Boron said, there are many types of Sword Daos. Some focused on Speed type Sword Dao, while some cultivate Sharpest type and some other Sword Daos," after concentrating for a while he remembered some words from the Elder Boron.


Do you want to accept it and complete the inheritance?

Amidst his thoughts of Sword Dao, he once again got the system notification asking him about his acceptance of the inheritance.

"Hmm...Accept it," after thinking a few seconds he accepted as he wanted some weapon cultivation techniques anyway.

'Since the Sword inheritance is divided into three parts and stored in different locations, then this sword inheritance is not a simple thing, and it must be a strong swordsman's inheritance,' Ajax's thoughts were like this when he accepted the inheritance.


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