New Age Of Summoners Chapter 173

161 Sword Inheritance


Paulin nodded his head, seeing the serious look on Edmond and Udo who stood behind Edmond.

Ajax didn't understand what they were talking as he looked at them confusedly.

"Let's go back to the residence and talk then," Edmond nodded his head and went towards their building along with Udo.

Without saying anything, Ajax and Paulin followed them.


In the distance, Lewis had a sad look on his face, whereas Jeff's face was filled with smiles.

"Jeff, you already know that Ajax will win, right?" Lewis asked while gritting his teeth.

"If not, why would I place a bet, fool," Jeff said with a smirk on his face, making Lewis even more sad and angry.

"Who are you calling a fool," Lewis became angry not because he was called a fool but because he lost his valuable 2000 spirit stones.

"Stop playing and join us," As they were about to fight, Udo's loud voice made them stop their little fight.

"We will settle this in our next spar," Lewis angrily left to join Edmond and others after finishing his words.

Jeff shook his head and followed him.


Soon they entered the main hall of the building,

Along the way, everyone remained silent as they were wondering why the usually smiling Captain Edmon looked serious.

But they didn't dare to ask anything and remained calm.

After entering into the main hall, Edmond turned back and said, "Lewis and Jeff, go back to your rooms to cultivate your strength and breakthrough to the commander realm."

Even though Edmond's words were in a low pitch, all squad members heard his words.

"Wh..," Before Lewis could ask his question; he was quickly pulled away by Jeff.

Seeing both Jeff and Lewis leave the main hall, Udo cleared his throat before he continued saying, "Paulin, where did you learn that technique?"

"Huh?" Paulin paused for a second and said, "It was taught by my grandfather when I was young, but recently I gained enlightenment in that technique and reached level 2 of my family technique".

Paulin looked sad when he explained about the technique that his grandfather taught him.

"So, that's how it is. Good," Edmond praised Paulin at his dedication for that technique.

Edmond knows that technique was not an easy one to cultivate and in that he was enlightened on his own, which showed how dedicated Paulin was for that technique.

"Paulin, just improve that technique to level 3 before the champion's contest, you will definitely end up in top 10," Edmond encouraged Paulin with that auxiliary technique he displayed in the spar earlier.

"I will try my best, Captain Edmond," Paulin confidently replied to Edmond.

"Okay, but be careful of using it before the champion's contest, it will harm you, just like how it destroyed your family," Udo, who stood at the side, warned Paulin about the greedy nature of the human as they would do anything for the item they want.

"I know, Elder Udo," Paulin politely replied to Udo.

Ajax simply watched as they conversed with each other about some matters which he felt confused, but he was clear of one thing that Paulin also suffered the same tragedy as him or similar to that. So he didn't ask fearing it might make Paulin sad.

"Okay, since Ajax won in the spar, I will reward him with an item," Edmond changed the topic from Paulin's technique to Ajax's reward, which he promised to give to the winner of the spar.

When he heard Edmond's words, Ajax became excited and looked at him with expectant eyes.

"Take this," Edmond took out something from his space ring that looked like a small sword.

"What is this Captian Edmond," Ajax asked as he took that little sword which was only a few inches into his hands.

"It's a sword inheritance from a wandering sword cultivator. Do you wish to take this inheritance? Although it might look small, with that you can reach the level 5 swordsman." Edmond slowly explained seeing the curious Ajax.

Hearing his words, Ajax shuddered and closely observed the little sword in his hand.

'This little thing is that powerful,' Ajax thought as he examined the little sword.

There were many professions in the world, and swordsman was one of them.

A swordsman was the one who used a sword dao to increase his cultivation instead of following the general route of achieving strength by accumulating the essence of nature in their spirit consciousness.

In their case, they increase their Sword Dao level by level by fighting with their sword alone, and with each level, they would reach one step closer to the one with the sword realm.

Although it was not difficult to increase the sword dao in their body, it was not easier either.

However, many cultivators were willing to learn an extra profession such as swordsman, spearman, saberman, to increase their battle prowess.

Edmond already reached level 6 in the sword dao, and he has the battle prowess higher than his original cultivation.

"Yes, I will take this," Ajax excitedly took it as he lacked some battle techniques.

"Remember, no need to rush when cultivating the techniques in that sword inheritance," Edmond warned Ajax about the sword inheritance.

"I will remember, Captain Edmond," Ajax nodded his head and used the system to check the little sword in his hand.


Item name:- Sword Inheritance (Part 1)

Description:- A Sword Inheritance that was intentionally divided by a wandering Sword cultivator and placed them in different locations. Only when I successfully inherit a part of the sword inheritance, can reveal the next part's location.

Inheritance Progress:- 0/5 sword dao level.

'What? It's only a single part?' Ajax was shocked to see some unexpected information on the holographic screen.

But he didn't show the shock on his face as he didn't want to tell everyone that 'I have a system which can explain and give some good rewards', so he kept quiet.

"Okay then, leave now and take rest. However, after two days, you two have to go to the mercenary guild and take some missions," Edmond ordered them to complete some mission while forming a two men party.

"We will do as you say, Captain Edmond," Paulin and Ajax both said at the same time.

Both of them know that what Captain Edmond was making them do was for their own good, so they nodded their head in unison.

After agreeing to Edmond's words, Ajax and Paulin left to their rooms to rest as they were tired after their weekly spar.


3000 power stones =3 chapters/ day

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