New Age Of Summoners Chapter 172

160 Weekly Spar 2

"Don't tell me he learned his family technique," Edmond shockingly asked Udo, who similarly opened his mouth in shock.

"How did he manage to learn it? Didn't his family techniques were all destroyed by them?" Edmond continued his questions, but Udo was unable to answer Edmond, as even he didn't know that Paulin learned his family's secret technique.


As they were in shock, Paulin opened his eyes and touched Glacius lightly.

With his touch, Glacius felt that the power within him was rising slowly and he quickly broke one minor realm after another until Glacious reached Level 7 of the Elemental commander realm.

"Huh? A strength enhancement technique?" Ajax was somewhat shocked at the technique used by Paulin.

Since it was an auxiliary cultivation technique which would help increase anyone's cultivation technique.

Paulin didn't stop there; he lightly touched himself.

Soon his cultivation level increased just like how Glaciouos strength increased.

However, unlike Glacious, Paulin's strength rose by only four minor realms and stopped at the peak of the commander realm.

"Woah, an excellent skill," Ajax marvelled at the auxiliary technique Paulin used.

'Slait, can you handle that elemental spirit?' Ajax communicated through the contract.

'I can hold him. If he was careless I could even defeat him,' Slait replied, seeing the blue and white elemental spirit in front of him.

'Good then, I will fight with Senior brother Paulin,' Ajax and Slait chose their fighting partner and split to fight individually.

Ajax used his level 2 cloud steps and took out a mortal grade artifact sword as he rushed towards Paulin.


He threw the sword at Paulin before he could reach him and quickly used his spatial blades from behind me.


'Zeek Zeek"

Seeing this Paulin used his ability steel hardening immediately, albeit, some spatial blades penetrated the metal that was formed on his body while some blades were deflected.

"Ajax, you spatial blades skill improved a lot than our last spar," while saying those words, Paulin rushed toward Ajax with the sword thrown by Ajax earlier.

"But, you also improved a lot than our last spar," Ajax used another sword which looked exactly like the sword in Paulin's hands.


Paulin used the sword in his hands to defend the incoming slash from Ajax.



Paulin and Ajax continued playing with their swords which made 'Clang~' sounds continuously.


As Paulin continued to defend Ajax's sword attacks, he suddenly disappeared from Ajax's sight.


"The same technique doesn't always work, Senior brother Paulin," Ajax stopped Paulin's incoming sword attack from the behind with his sword.


Paulin smirked at Ajax's words and used another sword which appeared out of thin air.

Ajax knew that he couldn't defend the other sword, so he jumped back and used spatial blades using 2000 units of the essence of nature that made the metal layer on Paulin's body disappear.

Seeing his ability of metal hardening was cancelled by Ajax's spatial blades, Paulin became serious as this was his first time that the metal hardening ability was cancelled by anyone other than him.

'His ability became this strong?' Paulin thought to himself before focusing on the Ajax's movement technique.

'His technique seems simple, but I can't predict his movements at all,' with each sword in his hand, Paulin rushed towards Ajax.


Just like before their swords clashed and ended in the draw.

As they were fighting, similarly, their Elemental spirit's started fighting each other.


Slait first used an Earth clone, and a similar-looking Slait appeared from the ground.

After that, the main Slait used Sand dunes making Glacious movements unstable.

Glacious directly used Cavalry when he saw the Sand dunes on the ground.


As soon as he used Cavalry, a transparent white and blue coloured horse appeared in front of Glaciouos and neighed.


Glacious mounted the horse and rushed towards Slait and its clones while jumping Sand dunes and slashed at Slait.

Just when the Ice sword was about to slash Slait, a brown cloured shield appeared protecting Slait form the incoming slash.


Slait smiled slightly at the futile effort of Glacious slashing at his level 3 Earth Shield.


As he slashed three times with his level 7 elemental spirit commander strength, Glaciouos's summoned horse was suddenly sucked into the ground by the sand dune.

Before Glacious could do anything, his horse already sunk into the Sand dune, causing him to cancel his 'Cavalry skill' and jump from the horse to the Sand dune free area.

After cancelling the skill, the half-sunken horse disappeared from the Sand dune.

Just as Glacious landed on the earth, he was punched by the Slait's clone which had the same strength as that of Slait. I.e., peak level 3 elemental spirit commander realm.

Although his keen battle senses already sensed that punch, he was unable to dodge as he just landed on the earth and blasted away with that punch.

With that single punch, Glacious was unable to stand as he cancelled the skill in the middle, it took a heavy toll on him which made him knocked down completely ono the ground.

"I lost."

Seeing his contracted elemental spirit had lost the battle with the earth elemental spirit, Paulin gave up.

Even though it was a tie between him and Ajax, with the support of earth elemental spirit Ajax would win the battle for sure, so he just admitted defeat.

In actuality, Glacious had very high attacking power but that earth elemental spirit, which had a perfect defending skill that made it survive the ferocious attacks of the Glacious.

Ajax accepted the win for the battle as it was his contracted elemental spirit that made him win, so he thought it's okay.

However, he was not satisfied with his fighting style and wanted to cultivate some fighting techniques as he could not use Spatial blades every time as it cost him so much essence of nature.

'Clap clap'

Edmond stood up from the ground and came towards them while clapping his hands.

"Both of you battled well, but Ajax you still lack some fighting techniques," Edmond slowly explained Ajax's drawbacks in his fight and helped him correct.

"What you need now is some good fighting techniques. Don't worry about them; I will help you get some fighting techniques," Edmond continued his advice to Ajax.

Next, he looked at Paulin and said, "Paulin, I think we need to talk. Don't you think so?"


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