New Age Of Summoners Chapter 171

159 Weekly Spar 1

Although it sounded like an order, Udo knew that Edmond was worried some unforeseen events would disrupt his plan, so Udo nodded his head as he would complete his mission as quickly as possible.

"Ajax, are you ready?" Paulin asked Ajax after he finished his warm-up.

"I am always ready, senior brother Paulin," Ajax replied with a confident look in his eyes as he stretched his body.

"If you are ready, then why the hell are you waiting. Start the fight already," Udo's loud voice was heard by Ajax and Paulin.

"Let's start then," as soon as he said that Paulin rushed at Ajax like a rank 3 spirit cheetah.

Spirit cheetahs were a special type of spirit beasts which were called as Fastest beasts in their own realm, and no other spirit beasts could be compared with them.

"Come on," Ajax entirely focused his eyes on the rushing Paulin whose speed was breakneck.

"If this is your full speed, then I am disappointed," Even though Paulin's speed was breakneck, Ajax was able to keep track of his opponents movements.


As he was keeping track of the Paulin's movements, Paulin disappeared from his sight and appeared behind him and punched him.


Ajax didn't expect that Paulin's speed would be increased by that much all of a sudden and was unable to dodge his punch.

After receiving the punch form Paulin, he was blasted 10-12 meters while rolling on the ground with the impact from the punch.

"Are you satisfied now?" Paulin knew Ajax was safe when he saw Ajax stood up very quickly and was looking at him surprised.

"Yes. Now I will show you my speed then," with that he used the same tactic of Paulin and rushed in a zig-zag manner with his Cloud steps which he got from the inheritance, and he rarely used it before.

However, he was prepared beforehand for this weekly spar and upgraded his movement technique 'Cloud steps' to level 2 using 1000 units of the essence of nature.

Just like how Paulin used his speed, Ajax used his speed and appeared behind Paulin; However, when he was about to land his punch on Paulin, his hand was caught by someone who appeared out of nowhere.

"What?" as he was solely focused on Paulin, he missed one main point that Paulin also had an Elemental spirit of spirit commander realm.

As soon as he was caught, Ajax used his spatial blades on the elemental spirit that grabbed his hand from behind.

However, the elemental spirit dodged them by leaving his hand.

"Ajax, my elemental spirit and I have trained together for many hours daily, and we are perfectly in synchronization with each other, and also he has a very keen battle sense, so be careful and don't hide your strength,"

Paulin advised Ajax about him and his elemental spirit perfect coordination and asked Ajax to use his full strength.

"Sure," as he said that he summoned Slait from his inner world.

"We will win, Brother Ajax" As soon as it came, it shouted in his cute childish voice making Edmond and Udo laugh.

As for Lewis, he was laughing even louder, as he was now 200 percent sure that he was getting 500 free spirit stones.

Jeff frowned when he saw the small chubby elemental spirit in front of Ajax which was shorter than Ajax's height.

"Ajax, you got some cute elemental spirit there," Paulin looked at Slait interestingly and said to Ajax.

However, Glacious raised his transparent brows as he looked at Slait.

He sensed that the little spirit in front of him had a strength higher than him.

'Master, there is something wrong with that little thing, be careful,' Without wasting any time, Glacious transmitted his thoughts to Paulin making him alert.

'Glacious, use Ice sword,' Paulin ordered Glacious to attack Slait who stood in front of Ajax.

Hearing his master command, the sword in Glacious hand, turned from liquid (Water) to solid (Ice) state.

Paulin knew that the Water element was weak against an Earth element, so he quickly changed his water sword to Ice sword.

'Sand dunes'.

Seeing the incoming Glacious, Ajax smirked as he ordered Slait to use sand dunes.

With the sudden formation of a sand dune on his way, Glacious was unable to find momentum and his speed decreased a lot which in turn reduced his attacking skill's might.

Seeing that he was losing his momentum, he quickly jumped back to dodge.

"Senior brother Paulin, although it has keen battle senses, before elemental advantage and a higher level of strength it was impossible to win," Ajax replied to Paulin.

There was a term called 'an elemental advantage'.

Fire always had an advantage over the wind but weak against Water.

Similarly, Water had an advantage over Fire but weak against Earth.

Likewise, every element had an advantage over another element and disadvantageous over another elemental.

Their elements mostly decided the battles between the elemental spirits unless the elemental spirit with the disadvantage had more strength than the other elemental spirit with an elemental advantage; it's impossible to win the battle.

In this case, Slait had an elemental advantage over Glacious along with a higher strength of a minor cultivation level.

If Glacious wants to win the battle against Slait, then it's cultivation should be at a minimum of Level 5 of the Elemental spirit commander realm.

"I know about this advantage and do you think I didn't plan against this when I already know that your elemental spirit was an earth type," Paulin smiled mysteriously as he closed his eyes and mumbled something before opening his eyes again.

Although the information about the elemental spirits was rare, Paulin knew about it from the blessing of the Summoner King in the inheritance ground. The latter bestowed the basic knowledge about summoning to all the participants of the final round.

"Hmm," Ajax's excitement rose when he heard Paulin's words

Ajax wanted to have some blood rushing fights, so he was excited to look at what Paulin had prepared for his elemental disadvantage.

Under the tree, Edmond observed the fight between Paulin and Ajax, and he was impressed by both.

But what shocked him, most was Ajax's elemental spirit that had reached the peak level 3 of the elemental spirit commander realm.

As he watched them fight for a while, they stopped and exchanged a few words after which he saw what Paulin was doing and shocked even more than before.


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