New Age Of Summoners Chapter 170

158 Be

"Come on, Slait. Show me your human form," Seeing Slait waking up from his cultivation, Ajax asked him to transform into his human form.

"Sure," Nodding his head, Slait closed his eyes and concentrated on his transformation.

Within a few seconds, his transparent body turned real with a blinding light around his body.

After the blinding light subsided, Ajax saw the final form of Slait.

Slait looked like a ten years old boy with baby skin and chubby cheeks which made Ajax pinch them.

"Slait, you are so cute," while pinching Slait's cheeks, Ajax said to him with a smile on his face.

"Ouch...It hurts," Slait quickly freed himself from Ajax's hand and cried while holding his cheeks in his hands.

Seeing the crying Slait, Ajax stopped his pinching and apologised to Slait.

Only after apologising, Slait finally calmed down.

"Slait, rest well. Tomorrow we have a battle which we should win, okay?" Ajax told Slait to rest while explaining the details for tomorrow's battle.

"Okay," guarding his cheeks, Slait reverted to his spirit form and entered into the inner world.

Seeing his action, Ajax lightly shook his head while holding back his urge to pinch his cheeks again.

"I will cultivate to gather some essence of nature into my spirit consciousness until tomorrow then," As he completed all things, for now, he wanted to cultivate to fill his spirit consciousness.

Soon he entered into cultivation with spirit stones in his hand.

After his cultivation reached Level 4 of the commander realm, his cultivation speed at which his absorption of the essence of nature from the surroundings also increased by a huge margin.

Along with the Heaven and earth elemental refining technique, the absorption speed became very fast.

Without knowing, he spent a whole day in the cultivation, and he only woke up the next morning with a bright look in his eyes.

"System, how many hours did I cultivate this time?", Ajax asked the system about the time.

It was a usual thing for him to ask the system about his cultivation time.


The host spent a whole 24 hours in seclusion this time.

"What? I spent the whole day?" Ajax was shocked as this was his first time spending a full day in the cultivation (gaining the essence of nature).

Previously his highest time for spending in cultivation without stopping in the middle was 12 hours, but now the duration directly became doubled.

"It's good," Ajax thought it was a good thing, because as the time for his cultivation increases, then that means his foundations were very stable.

"I have to get ready soon and go to the ground for the weekly spar Senior brother Paulin," with that Ajax quickly entered his bathroom and freshened up quickly.


In the training ground behind the Hazegroove mercenary squad's residence,

Edmond and Udo were sitting under a tree as he looked at the Ajax and Paulin who were warming up his muscles before the fight.

As for Lewis and Jeff, they sat under another tree with some snacks in their hands.

"Jeff, let's bet on who will win. What do you say?" Lewis asked as he ate some snacks.

"If you don't go back on your bet like last time, why not?" Jeff snorted at Lewis.

"Sure, I bet my 1000 spirit stones on Paulin, is that okay with you?" Lewis cunningly looked at Jeff.

"Hmm...what is the ratio then?"

Jeff was no fool as he knew what Lewis was thinking, but he acted as he took the bait after pondering for some time.

"Of course 1:1," Lewis righteously said with a serious look on his face.

"Then keep your spirit stones with you then" Jeff scoffed at Lewis and turned his attention to the ground which looked peaceful at that moment.


"1:2, if Ajax wins I will give double the amount you placed, what do you say?" Lewis hurriedly increased the ratio for Ajax as he had full confidence in Paulin.

"I have 500 spirit stones at the moment if Ajax wins give me 2000 spirit stones otherwise no need for any bets," Jeff continued his act as he already knew what Lewis would do next.

"Okay, for you I will painfully accept the ratio," Lewis looked sad, but inside he felt overjoyed at the free 500 spirit stones.

"But, I want to keep our deposit in the hands of Captain Edmond; otherwise, you will go back on your bet just like the last time," Jeff slowly added a condition to their bet.

Hearing Jeff's suggestion, Lewis instantly agreed.

He was sure he would get those spirit stones back anyway and placed his deposit of 2000 spirit stones along with Jeff's 500 spirit stones in Captian Edmond's hands and returned to their place to watch the spar between Ajax and Paulin.

'Just wait for some time, Lewis, you will cry for your 2000 spirit stones,' Similarly, Jeff smiled in his heart looking at Lewis who had a smile on his face from time to time.

Seeing his son fool Lewis, Udo shook his head as he was the one who said that Ajax had a 70 percent chance to win the fight with Paulin, yesterday.

"Looks like Lewis will be crying for sometime after this Spar," Whereas Edmond had a smile on his face as he watched Ajax and Paulin.

Although he knew Paulin was not weaker, he felt Ajax had more hidden skills under his sleeve.

Moreover, he thought that Ajax seems very different from the time they met in the edge of the cursed abyss to now, where his strength reached level 4 of the commander realm.

"Sigh," so he remembered someone when he looked at Ajax and sighed.

But soon his face was filled with hatred for a moment.

"Udo, how's our mission doing so far?" All of a sudden, Edmond asked Udo about some mission calming his hatred.

"It's going better than we expected and we need only four more months or so before it completes," Udo answered in a whisper that only Edmond could hear.

"Still four months? From the actions of sects and main families, we don't have that much time. Speed up the process; we need to complete that mission before the Champion's league starts. Do you understand?" Edmond was not satisfied with Udo's reply and asked him to speed up the process.


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