New Age Of Summoners Chapter 168

156 New Mission

As he was pondering about what to do, he got a system notification.


A new mission is generated in the quest tab. Please check the quest tab.

"As expected, the notification came sooner than expected," Ajax already had a feeling that he would get a system mission relating to Raweth's little brother.


Mission name:- Save Raweth's brother.

Description:- Raweth's little brother has a unique health problem, which needs to be treated immediately. According to this world's time, he can only leave for not more than 16 days.

Note:- As the host has low strength, the system will be giving an item for the mission.

Reward:- A Mysterious reward box.

Danger rating:- B

Time limit:- 3 days

Mission Failure:- Raweth's death.

Note:- 1) The host need not use his reward of the ten-day stay in the five elemental world.

2) The host can return to his original world whenever he wants.

"What?" Ajax was shocked.

He was not shocked by the mission relating to Raweth's little brother, and he was shocked by the Danger rating as it had only a 'B' rating and the mission failure was not aiming at him; instead, it was Raweth's death that caused various doubts in him.

'I think, maybe it's related to the Notes below the Mission failure,' Ajax silently thought in his head.

"I will help you. Now get up," Before checking the item given by the system, he promised Raweth and asked him to stand up from the floor.


Item name:- A level 3 Strength potion (Quest item)

Description:- It helps the user or his elemental spirits to increase their strength by three major realms for 10 minutes.

Limitation:- strength can't be increased beyond peak elite general realm.

Side effect:- The consumer will be in a weakened state for a month.

"Woah! A three major realm increment in the state," Ajax excited seeing the item given by the system.

"Although there is a side effect, it's not a bad exchange for a three major realm increment in the strength," he was very much satisfied with the level 3 strength portion.

'I didn't even use my level 1 strength portion, but now I got another one which is much better than it,' he thought about the old strength portion in his inventory and shook his head at the comparison.

"We will go after some preparation, until then cultivate in my inner world," as he said, Ajax threw a small ball at Raweth.

Although he didn't understand Ajax's exact words, Raweth caught the red and black coloured energy ball which Ajax threw at him.

As he observed the energy orb in his hand, Raweth was shocked and asked Ajax, "How did you get this?"

"From that older birdman who was trying to kill you," Ajax replied and continued speaking,

"You don't need to worry about your little brother, I will help you save him but before that just absorb the remaining inheritance along with your earlier half inheritance and improve your strength."

"Thanks, I will not forget your favour, sir," Raweth replied with a bow.

Ajax nodded his head and quickly sent him into the inner world to cultivate.

"What the hell just happened now? I summoned him out to introduce myself and explain about the contract, but the whole situation changed to what was not expected," Ajax shook his head and sighed bitterly.

Raweth still doesn't know that he had already formed a contract with Ajax and his life was already in Ajax's hands.

However Ajax was softened by the pleas of Raweth for his little brother and along with the system mission, he was eventually accepted for Raweth's request. He didn't bother to explain to him about the contract.

"Whatever, since I can return whenever I want, why not try another trip to the Five elemental world?" Ajax thought after pondering his present situation.

Since he now had two powerful trump cards, he wanted to accomplish the mission with the worst reward in his opinion.

His first trump card was the quest item, level 3 strength potion, which could increase the strength of the consumer by three major realms.

And another one, which was the most important one, that he could return whenever he wanted.

"Should I go after my weekly spar with senior brother Paulin tomorrow or should I wait until I successfully contract my first official elemental spirit which is in two days?"

Ajax thought of his trip to the five elemental world and finally concluded to visit after his awakening.

"Putting aside these things, how can I improve the cultivation of Slait and Spirus?" After deciding about the five elemental world trip, he planned about his elemental spirits cultivation.

"I should try to improve the cultivation of Slait first. Otherwise, I can't summon him in tomorrow's fight," Ajax worried about summoning Slait tomorrow as he had the cultivation of the peak elite elemental spirit soldier and that might cause Paulin suspicious of him.

Because if he used the elemental commander realm spirit stone, how could he still stay at the peak elite elemental spirit soldier realm?

So Ajax could only summon Slait if he reached the Elemental spirit commander realm.

Amidst his thoughts, Ajax suddenly remembered the partial elemental spirit commander stone he had in the inventory.

Soon he summoned Slait and took out that partial commander spirit stone.

"Slait, let's try to improve your strength," Ajax don't know how much could he increase Slait's strength, but I might help me at least break through the barrier and let him enter the elemental spirit commander realm.

The logic behind his theory was, an intact elemental commander spirit stone could help an Elemental spirit increase its strength from the level 1 elite spirit soldier to level 1 Elemental spirit commander.

Since Slait was at the peak of the elite spirit commander, the broken elemental spirit stone should be enough for him to break through to the elemental commander realm.


As soon as he heard Ajax's words, the little chubby Slait nodded his head vigorously.

"System, use this broken elemental," before he could finish his words, he suddenly got an idea which made him stop his words.

"What, if I try that. I think it will increase his chances even more for the elevation of his strength," Ajax muttered as he thought about something.

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