New Age Of Summoners Chapter 167

155 Awakened Raweth

According to the middle-aged man, the organisations which would not even bother about the appearance of High-level Heaven Grade artifacts, but now the item that was mentioned by the Ancestor would cause an all-out war.

Just imagining it made the middle-aged man shudder.

"What do you think of that item? Just find that I will explain about it in detail," the Ancestor closed his eyes entering back into his cultivation.

The middle-aged man nodded his head as he left the room silently.

'I have to find that item,' he continuously muttered in his head as he left the room.

After he left, the Ancestor who closed his eyes earlier opened once again.

Those eyes were filled with killing intent, but he closed once again while muttering something.


Next day,

"Ajax, are you in there?" A loud voice woke up Ajax from his peaceful sleep making him irritated.

However, he opened the door as he already knew who was shouting at him in the very morning.

"Lewis, why the hell you are shouting that loud in the morning," Ajax said to Lewis, who looked excited as usual.

"I am here to deliver Captian Edmond's words. If you don't want to hear, then I will get going now," Lewis shook his head as he turned to leave.

"Wait wait wait" Ajax quickly stopped the leaving Lewis and requested politely, "Oh Almighty Lewis, please say what Captian Edmond asked you to say."

"Thay's better," Lewis proudly turned back and motioned his hand while saying, "I will say the words but just stay some distance away from me."

"He said that you should cultivate in your room until your weekly spar with senior brother Paulin starts," once he said that, Lewis ran off into his room without turning back.

"You," Ajax attentively listened to his words, but when he heard Lewis's words, he was flabbergasted.

He thought that it was something essential but little did he know that Lewis just fooled him once again to wake him early.

This was not the first time for Ajax to be fooled by Lewis, so he shook his head and went back to his room.

His earlier sleepiness disappeared into thin air after he entered the room.

'Should I improve my strength now? Or wait sometime before upgrading it?' He thought of the energy orbs which he obtained from the system after completing the 'A' and 'A+' danger rating mission in the five elemental world.

From the 'A+' rating mission, he got an energy orb which could increase his cultivation level by three minor realms whereas the energy orb he got from the other mission could improve a single minor realm.

Although he could increase his body cultivation by the four minor realms using these two orbs, he feared Edmond would think about him as a demonic cultivator.

Earlier, he saw the coldness in Udo's eyes when he looked at him, so he quickly related that Udo already suspected him as a demonic cultivator.

However, Edmond smiled as usual, and there was no change in his expression when he talked with him.

'Sigh...Increasing the cultivation was also not good these days,' Ajax sighed as he said that.

After pondering for a moment, he finally concluded that he would use that energy orbs when he was in danger until then he let him store in his spirit consciousness.

"Hm... Snow also has some essence gem particles in her body right?" Suddenly he thought of the essence gem particles in the body of Snow which were given to her by the older birdman in the ancient ruins.

However, seeing that Snow was immersed in absorbing the inheritance in the Mini thunder pool, he didn't disturb it and laid down on his bed.

As he laid on his bed, he felt a movement in his inner world.

He checked into the inner world and saw that Raweth woke up from his unconscious state.

He summoned him out of the inner world to introduce himself.

As soon as he was summoned, Raweth looked at his surroundings in confusion as he didn't know how he got here and bowed to Ajax immediately.

He still remembered one thing, a human placed his hand on him and did something to him, which was why he could survive the crisis he was facing back in the five elemental world.

So, when he looked at the same human who saved him back then, he bowed to him sincerely.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ajax quickly stopped Raweth from bowing.

However, Raweth was dead set on showing his gratitude for saving him.

"Where am I? Can you show me the direction to the Fire crow tribe?" As bowing, Raweth asked slowly, checking his surroundings.

Hearing his words, Ajax was flabbergasted and looked at him puzzledly before explaining, "We are not in the Five elemental world."

"What?" hearing Ajax's words, Raweth was shocked and asked quickly, "Where are we then?"

"We are in a Zrochester province of the Human world," Ajax revealed the province name slowly which caused panic in Raweth.

"How to go back to my tribe? My little brother is waiting for me there. He is very sick, and I have to take care of him. Please can you send me back?" Raweth quickly asked Ajax to let him send back to the Five elemental to see his little brother.

"Sorry, I can't send you back at the moment, and even if we go back there, it will be a suicide for us," Ajax said with a bitter smile on his face.

Although he had a chance to go back to the five elemental world, he could not go back there to die in the hands of the older birdman.

"Please, my little brother has only a year or so to live, please do something. After my brother passes away, I will become a slave to you," Raweth kneeled and slammed his head onto the floor.

Seeing the kneeling Raweth, Ajax felt something in his heart.

He didn't have any blood relatives, but he knew the feeling of losing someone close to you as he lost his brothers from the Silver orphanage, living with only a hope that they were alive.

But in Raweth's case, it's a blood relative, who would die soon but was unable to see him in his last few days.

'What a pity,' Ajax wanted to help him, but if he entered into the five elemental world, he would die.

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